Monday, March 1, 2010

in like a lion

Happy March everyone. It's not very lionish out right now (just windy) but I was desperate for a title. Few things for ya today.

First: it's finally March, which means Spring Training games start within the next week. Yay! I have gone without baseball long enough. I'll try to cut down on the obsession posting about the "5" but now I won't be so pressed on something to write about.

Second: that Duck tape prom dress will have to wait. There is no way in Davy Jones' locker that I will be able to make something like that for May 8th. I don't have the time or the patience to make it in that time. It'd be a good summer project, so I might consider it again when school ends, but I'm not promising I'll even do anything with it. Again, I'll keep you posted.

Third: apparently I am a strange person. Or at least I have a strange personality. We were doing various personality things in sports psych today and my teacher thought my combination of answers was not so much weird, but he didn't think that he'd want me on a team playing against him. Mostly because I hold grudges and I get mad/offended very easily, not so much because I'm any good. I don't really see myself as an intimidating person (there's only so intimidating a 5'5" girl can be), but I must have some intimidating traits somewhere in here...

And finally: I hate my skin sometimes. It breaks out. It's dry. And whenever I touch anything remotely sharp, ie: a bathroom counter or a razor, it won't stop bleeding. I'm not a hemophiliac, but it's kinda annoying that I have to count my shaving successes based on how few cuts I have on my leg. The most recent one especially makes me mad: it's in the middle of my leg, so it's not anywhere near a knee or an ankle or any protruding bone, and it hurts to move, between the bandaid and the scab. It's not even a slice! It's just a "oh darn my hand slipped and I have a dotted line running down my leg." Conditioning is going to be fun trying to work around this.


fencer_22 said...

you have my sympathy although francly i can't relate, and what is it with you and injuring your legs?

mandachan said...

i have no idea. between the shaving mishaps, the grounder-related injuries and my other idiocies, i'm surprised my legs haven't revolted yet.