Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i has news

I has all sorts of news.

Good news: I didn't get cut. Neither did anyone else in first session, oddly enough. But that means I'm in. (yay!)

Not stellar but not horrible news: It's the same shpeel as last year. For all intents and purposes, I still suck, but because I hustle and follow instructions and think/act positively (not sure where they pulled that one out from), I'm supposedly a good role model and I'm a good person to have on the team. Part of me secretly thinks that "good role model" also includes being the example of what you're not s'posed to do (fielding grounders, for example) and being the only one on the team who knows how to do the book...
But yeah. I won't be starting (that's my goal for towards the end of the season), and I probably won't be subbing much either, which kinda sucks, but at this point I know better than to see professional softball in my future and I'm just in it now to have fun.
Also on that note, I'll have practice 6 days a week, so my posting will be thrown off a bit. I've been really good about it, too, because in case no one noticed, I've been posting at least once a day since the end of January so I think I at least deserve a hi-5 or a cookie or something.

Not so good news: I might've said this earlier, but now it's officially official that Alex will start the season on the DL. And as much as I'd like to fool myself into thinking he'll be ok for April 9th, that ain't gonna happen. Oh well. I can root for him and make faces at him while he's sitting on the bench :)

That's all. I'm going to finish my homework and contemplate what I should do about my soreness.