Friday, March 26, 2010


I didn't fail my essay, I just got 5 points taken off, so I got a 92. To be honest, I didn't think it was worth a 97, but hey, I'm happy I did good.

So. Now for what I was going to post about yesterday but got too sidetracked by my English idiocy to write about.

Yesterday was Career Day at school, where we go to a few little class seminarish things and people in a certain profession talks to us about their job and all sorts of fun stuff. We fill out a survey beforehand so they can place us in things we're interested in, and so far I've been pretty satisfied with my classes. This year was probably the best, though. I had media relations, which was meh, but I also had reporter too, and a reporter from the local paper came in and talked to us about all sorts of things that go on with the paper. She kinda put me on the spot 'cause I was the only person in the room who was on the school newspaper staff, but it was questions about what I like about it, what's hard, what kinda stuff I write about, interviewing people, etc.
The best part was that I stayed after the session for about 5 minutes so I could talk to her one-on-one about internships and stuff, and she said that she might be able to get me an internship for the summer 'cause they're always looking for guest columnists and high schoolers to job shadow and stuff. Shweet!

Um... I think I had something else to talk about, but my mind just totally blanked out. I sorry. It might come to me later, but who knows, so if not, enjoy your evening.

7:13pm- Ooh wait I have something else. It's the weather again. It sucked during practice. As in really sucked. As in I had to wear my earmuffs the entire time and I got hit in the face with a throw but I only half felt it 'cause my face was numb. And it was fairly muddy so we were slipping and sliding in the outfield and tearing up the place with cleats during hitting practice. And I tripped in the outfield making a catch (I still made the catch but I fell in the doing so and twisted myself into a quasi-pretzel. As if getting hit in the face with a throw wasn't bad enough.)


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eh, it's just part of the "i have to make a fool out of myself at least once during practice" routine.