Tuesday, March 16, 2010


For starters, I left my flash drive at school after presenting my powerpoint on Iran for Current Issues class. So I have to do my bio outline on Google Docs. It won't be as pretty, but it'll have to do.

Second, I found this article on AOLNews about the Virgin Airlines Flight from Hell, in which a 5-hour LA-to-NYC romp turned into an 16-hour torture session as the flight was held in an airport 80 miles outside JFK while waiting for the winds to die down. Sheesh. And I thought that my trip home from Washington 3 summers ago was bad.
(For those of you who don't know the story, I was out visiting my grandparents, and 'cause I was flying by myself, my first flight home got changed 'cause I couldn't fly after a certain time, the second flight was delayed because of mechanical issues and wouldn't leave til after the certain time UMs can't fly after, and the third flight was a few days after the bridge in Minneapolis collapsed so the president was in Minneapolis and they had to shut the airport down which sucked 'cause that's where my layover was and I almost missed my flight home because of it. It sucked. And then I came home to a houseful of people I didn't know 'cause my parents had a party without me.)

Third, I finally finished this book series I've been reading since... I don't know, Decemberish, maybe November. I'm not sure what the series itself is called, or if it even has a name, but they're by John Marsden, there's 7 books in all and the first book is called Tomorrow, When the War Began. (And no, that isn't an accidental verb tense fail, that's the title of the book.)
The basic gist of the series is that this group of Aussie teenagers go camping for the weekend out in the bush and when they come back, they find that Australia has been invaded by some other country. So they go around being all epic and vigilante-ish and stuff, blowing up bridges and harbors and service stations and all sorts of fun stuff.
Some of the Aussie lingo was a bit hard to understand (luckily there's a glossary at the beginning of each book), and there were a few risqué scenes in there that I kinda fast-forwarded through, but in whole they were all very good reads and I'm bummed they had to end. I believe there might be a second series, I'll have to go back to the library to check, or make my library connection go check for me.

And that's my story. And I'm sticking to it. Bye :)


Ellie said...

The winds were disastrous. I lost power on Saturday afternoon and still don't have it Tuesday night. There are trees and power lines down everywhere. My town, which is usually ignored, has been on the news twice.

And Con-Ed just said "You should probably get comfortable somewhere else"

mandachan said...

yeah, we had some pretty hefty winds but we didn't lose power. hope it comes back soon.