Saturday, March 20, 2010

another last

This time it was my last batting cage appointment before tryouts. It won't be my last batting cage appt ever 'cause I'll probably wind up there a few more times during the season (or in general if I don't make the team), but it was my last hurrah before it really counts. I did pretty good.

Oh, and the Red Sox's prospect that had brain surgery, Westmoreland, is out of ICU, so that's good. Get well soon, dude!

And now I have to go eat lunch so I'll cut it off here. Bye! :)

1:25pm- One last thing: I was poking around for any info on Alex's thunb status, and the Kansas City Star says he's playing catch and starting to hit off the tee. Hillman doesn't want to push him, but he's farther along in healing than the team expected he'd be. Unfortunately, he probably won't be on the active roster when the season begins. That's mostly fine with me, as long as he's ok for the Red Sox/Royals series on the 9th.

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