Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i don't get it

This has happened at least once. We get a nasty storm (usually snow but now rain too) and everyone around us has either a delay or no school, and we have to go in. I realize that we're on a hill so there's at least a bit of drainage, but we got the same amount of rain as the coastal areas and we have roads closed too and people that had to get rafted out of their houses. Yet somehow while everyone else in the county has no school, we had to go in. (We had a scheduled half day 'cause of staff development, but still.)

Anyway. I have practice from 2:30 to 4:30, so I'm gonna work on homework now. 6 days til Opening Day! Can't wait! :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

great googly moogly

A rain day. I can't believe they actually pulled us out of school for rain. Don't get me wrong, we're in the middle of a BARS, and my yard is flooding despite being on the top of a hill, but this is just insane. Snow days, fine. Power outage, whatever. Too hot, k cool. No heat, well that was the school's problem. But rain? Great gorram. I'm glad I didn't have to take that bio test today, but now that means I stayed up late to finish my questions for nothing :P

I wouldn't've had softball practice today even if it was only raining a little since we would've been confined to the little gym so it would've been varsity only, but I knew better than to not bring my softball stuff 'cause then the sky would've magically cleared up and we would've had practice. I just left it in my locker so I'd have less stuff to carry in the torrential downpours.

Um... um... yeah I have nothing to talk about now. I'm going to try and dry off now.

Monday, March 29, 2010

tonight is gonna be a late one

I had softball practice from 2:30-4:30 which is fine but then we had to go to my stepdad's mom's house for her birthday and I basically just got home. And of course I have a massive AP bio test tomorrow that I have to do essay questions for. Ughhh.

And with that, I should go. It's gonna be a late night tonight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

this is why i will never have kids

Having a little sister pretty much ruins anyone else's argument towards the wonders and joys of parenthood. Sure, people change, but I can tell you that because I don't like little kids as a teenager, the chances of me liking them as an adult, especially with my experiences with a sister 11 years my junior, is pretty slim.

I mean, she's tolerable sometimes. We'll sit down and watch Nickelodeon together. That's about it. The rest of the time, she's just... ugh! She doesn't listen to me. Ever. She's more attitudinal than many highschoolers I know. She doesn't understand that weekends = sleeping in, or at least being quiet so everyone else can sleep in.

My parents went to my cousin's wedding this weekend, leaving me in charge of Sam. My stepdad's mom came over to keep an eye on us, but that almost made it worse 'cause they always ganged up on me. I realize that I'm pretty much always wrong, but I live in this house! I know the rules! I know that Sam has to take her medicine. I know that she has to go to bed before 8. I know that she shouldn't be watching TV all day. I know that not every light in the house has to be on at all times.
But noooo, I'm always wrong. Magically now that my parents aren't here for a bit, the house rules under the Miranda rights: everything I say can and will be used against me. So instead of having a little bit of order, Sam's going around hooting and hollering like a banshee in public, pissing and moaning 'cause I turned the TV off, complaining about every little thing. And somehow I'm the bad one for reprimanding her for acting like a brat.

Now, does anyone else want a little sister?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

internet search history

I admit, I'm kindof a computer junkie. It bothers me to go more than a day without checking my email (heck, it bothers me to go more than a few hours without checking it). I blog pretty much every day. I read at least 3 webcomics regularly. I toodle around on Facebook quite a bit, especially when I have homework I don't want to do. Just all sorts of examples of internet addiction.

I was bored the past few days at various points, and I was experimenting on what letters in the URL bar will bring up what. Obviously, if I type in "D", I'll get the blog first, then, then Drowning in Turtles (sorry for not posting recently) and Disco Hayes' blog. "M" will get me to MyLifeIsAverage and then my email. "Q" and "X" get me Questionable Content and xkcd, respectively. And the letter "I" gets me to the Kansas City Royals injuries page. I'm not sure I like that.

Other fun stuff comes from that Google Analytics site. In addition to all the stalkerish stuff they have on there, like where visitors live and what kind of internet connection they use, they also have where your traffic comes from, like from referring sites (and where), direct traffic or search engines. The keywords are kinda fun to look at too. Not surprisingly, "divided loyalty" is one of the keywords that has brought someone to my site. Duuuuh. The other ones were Eri Yoshida (the sidearm knuckleballer from Japan), Ryan Westmoreland (the Sox prospect that recently had brain surgery), Tomorrow, When the War Began (the first book of that series I just finished), "cancelled flights from ege march 19 2010," and my personal favorite, "for your birthday i grew you a cat", which was from a comment Ellie made regarding awesome birthday cards we've seen.
Speaking of Google Analytics, that would be a good segway into realizing how many other blogs I owe thanks to, partially for dealing with my nonsense and partially for being a good reference for other people. So thanks to the Amateur Geek, Fencing Insanity, Ooh Shiny! and Mr. Met is My Brother for being awesome like that :)

Friday, March 26, 2010


I didn't fail my essay, I just got 5 points taken off, so I got a 92. To be honest, I didn't think it was worth a 97, but hey, I'm happy I did good.

So. Now for what I was going to post about yesterday but got too sidetracked by my English idiocy to write about.

Yesterday was Career Day at school, where we go to a few little class seminarish things and people in a certain profession talks to us about their job and all sorts of fun stuff. We fill out a survey beforehand so they can place us in things we're interested in, and so far I've been pretty satisfied with my classes. This year was probably the best, though. I had media relations, which was meh, but I also had reporter too, and a reporter from the local paper came in and talked to us about all sorts of things that go on with the paper. She kinda put me on the spot 'cause I was the only person in the room who was on the school newspaper staff, but it was questions about what I like about it, what's hard, what kinda stuff I write about, interviewing people, etc.
The best part was that I stayed after the session for about 5 minutes so I could talk to her one-on-one about internships and stuff, and she said that she might be able to get me an internship for the summer 'cause they're always looking for guest columnists and high schoolers to job shadow and stuff. Shweet!

Um... I think I had something else to talk about, but my mind just totally blanked out. I sorry. It might come to me later, but who knows, so if not, enjoy your evening.

7:13pm- Ooh wait I have something else. It's the weather again. It sucked during practice. As in really sucked. As in I had to wear my earmuffs the entire time and I got hit in the face with a throw but I only half felt it 'cause my face was numb. And it was fairly muddy so we were slipping and sliding in the outfield and tearing up the place with cleats during hitting practice. And I tripped in the outfield making a catch (I still made the catch but I fell in the doing so and twisted myself into a quasi-pretzel. As if getting hit in the face with a throw wasn't bad enough.)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

well, i was having a good day...

...until I realized I had gotten so sucked into reading for English last night that I forgot to submit my poetry explication to and now I'm probably going to fail it because even though I handed it in physically on the day it was due, I didn't hand it in to the plagiarism site so now I'm a bad person and my grade is going to drop and dammit why did I have to do that?!


Practice was ok. I kinda sucked at the beginning with grounders and diving, but I didn't do bad on the position work (they threw me in as a sub at second base and luckily both the hits to me were liners so I didn't have to worry about fielding them as grounders and risking getting hit in the face without my mouthguard, which was in my locker).

I'm going to go sit in my emo corner and mushroom now that my day was ruined by my own idiocy >:P

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i has news

I has all sorts of news.

Good news: I didn't get cut. Neither did anyone else in first session, oddly enough. But that means I'm in. (yay!)

Not stellar but not horrible news: It's the same shpeel as last year. For all intents and purposes, I still suck, but because I hustle and follow instructions and think/act positively (not sure where they pulled that one out from), I'm supposedly a good role model and I'm a good person to have on the team. Part of me secretly thinks that "good role model" also includes being the example of what you're not s'posed to do (fielding grounders, for example) and being the only one on the team who knows how to do the book...
But yeah. I won't be starting (that's my goal for towards the end of the season), and I probably won't be subbing much either, which kinda sucks, but at this point I know better than to see professional softball in my future and I'm just in it now to have fun.
Also on that note, I'll have practice 6 days a week, so my posting will be thrown off a bit. I've been really good about it, too, because in case no one noticed, I've been posting at least once a day since the end of January so I think I at least deserve a hi-5 or a cookie or something.

Not so good news: I might've said this earlier, but now it's officially official that Alex will start the season on the DL. And as much as I'd like to fool myself into thinking he'll be ok for April 9th, that ain't gonna happen. Oh well. I can root for him and make faces at him while he's sitting on the bench :)

That's all. I'm going to finish my homework and contemplate what I should do about my soreness.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

home, finally

School then tryouts then home only for dinner then piano lessons then band concert. Phew.

Anyway. Tryouts were ok. It was all hitting, so I wasn't totally suckish but I didn't do stellar. And I got hit in the back of the head with a Nerf ball.

The concert was awesome. It was kinda weird being on the audience side of the concert, since I'm usually the one playing, but since I had English this semester, that conflicted with band (ironically enough, my band teacher is my English teacher's husband). The cool part was that it was a combined concert with my old school district, so I got to see quite a few people I knew. The only problem is that only two of them recognized me and I probably freaked out a few people by being all "Hey good job" when I haven't lived there in almost 4 years. Oh well. It was still really fun.

And I really need to get off the computer so bye :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

i'm torn

Well, I got "the boot, part one." Hopefully there will not be a part two. But I got sent down to first session. Part of me is glad because this will put me with players that are closer to my level, and I'll look slightly less buffoonish with JV-ish players as opposed to upper JV and/or varsity players. The other part of me is pissed at myself for even trying to persuade myself that I had a fighting chance in second session. If I make the team, JV is where I will be. I probably won't even be starting, though that is my goal by the end of the season.
Assuming that someone with my (lack of) experience can play at the varsity level is just absurd. I mean, it's not like I'm dumb as a rock. I understand the concept of pretty much everything we do. I just can't do it. Especially in game-like situations. I can field (sometimes). I can throw. But when you put it all together, I choke. Mostly with infield, since I've had too many softballs to the face, throat, chest, shins, ankles, etc. I know that shouldn't stop me. But it does.

Oh well. To quote Jayne from Firefly, since I'm allowed to do that now that I've seen the first episode, "Saw that comin'."


Tryouts are this afternoon. Good lord.

Now, I have the day off today due to a staff development whateverness (which is a bit strange seeing as they're usually half days on Wednesdays, not whole days on Mondays...). I should be spending today relaxing, finishing my homework, yadda yadda yadda. Instead, I'll probably be freaking out the entire day. Yeah, I made the team last year. But that doesn't guarantee me a spot, especially in how I was essentially the lowest of the low on the team, and how many freshmen are better than me (all of them). And yeah, I have a game plan so I'll be prepared for whatever happens, but that doesn't mean I want to have to take advantage of that!

Heck, I was so worried about it, I had a dream about it last night. Except it was more like conditioning, and the fitness center didn't look like the one we had at school, and for some reason we were told to pick out a jersey to wear. And I got into a fight with a sophomore over my #4 jersey. Not like punching kicking biting fighting, more like "No, I had this first, I'm oldest, give it back" pulling and tugging at the jersey fighting. And the sophomore I was fighting with is playing tennis. So I'm not sure where that came from.

I'm going to go eat breakfast now. Hopefully my nerves will have stopped freaking out before 4:45 when I have to leave. I highly doubt that. Fingers crossed that I don't die (or that at least I get sent down to first session where I'll look slightly less stupid).

And happy birthday to the Indians' bullpen! (Well, at least Masterson and Joe Smith)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

this made my day

The EGE is visiting his sister up in Massachusetts this weekend, which explains why he's not posting much (if at all). But he did have time to send me a hilarious picture.

Preemptive explanation: His sister goes to Gordon College, which is north of Boston. Of course, being the immature little snot that I am, I can't help but laugh every time either of them mention it. It's a bad habit and I'm sure they've wanted to smack me for it at least once.

Why this is relevant: He sent me a picture of a parking spot sign, one of the fake ones that people put on the door to their room. Ok, fine, whatever. The kid's name on the spot is Alex Gordon.

Now you know why this made my day.

(obviously, this is a different Alex, but it still made me laugh, between the name itself and where it was found)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

another last

This time it was my last batting cage appointment before tryouts. It won't be my last batting cage appt ever 'cause I'll probably wind up there a few more times during the season (or in general if I don't make the team), but it was my last hurrah before it really counts. I did pretty good.

Oh, and the Red Sox's prospect that had brain surgery, Westmoreland, is out of ICU, so that's good. Get well soon, dude!

And now I have to go eat lunch so I'll cut it off here. Bye! :)

1:25pm- One last thing: I was poking around for any info on Alex's thunb status, and the Kansas City Star says he's playing catch and starting to hit off the tee. Hillman doesn't want to push him, but he's farther along in healing than the team expected he'd be. Unfortunately, he probably won't be on the active roster when the season begins. That's mostly fine with me, as long as he's ok for the Red Sox/Royals series on the 9th.

Friday, March 19, 2010

last day

I'm kinda glad that today is the last day of conditioning, except it was s'posed to be a weightlifting day (which I'm slightly better at) but instead it's a running/agility day. Bleck. Inhaler, I am your servant.

I'm really nervous for tryouts next week. There are a lot of freshmen this year and a lot of people who are better than me. Then again, I've only been playing for... hopefully this will be my 3rd year, so pretty much by default everyone is better than me. Except at doing the book. The book is mine :)

Because tryouts start on Monday, posting will be light but hopefully still regular since I'll get home after dinner on Monday and probably around dinnertime the rest of the week, depending on what session I get thrown in. So basically I'll still have time to keep you updated if something monumental happens, but it'll probably be a week of one-liners or some other small thing. With luck, I'll make the team, but that would mean that the blog would be one-liners and such until June. If I don't make it, I'll probably ask the coaches if I could manage either varsity or JV (since I basically managed for JV last year), and if that doesn't happen, I'll just have to get a job.

I'm going to stop pigging out on chocolate Goldfish and Nutella, so enjoy this lovely almost-spring day. I'll be back.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

i officially have nothing to say

I am really bored. And I have homework that I really don't want to do. And I have conditioning that I really don't want to think about. Especially since I ran out of long shorts so I had to bring a pair of short(er) shorts to wear. And I am not a happy camper.

Oh well. I haven't heard anything spectacular in the baseball realm so I guess I'll just have to leave you with this.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what a lovely day

There I go again, being all old. Oh well. It balances out my immaturity.

But seriously. It's really nice out. It's like 60 degrees, a little breeze, nice and sunny, perfect weather for softball or just hanging around outside. And of course I have a 2-page response for English to do for tomorrow. Ugh.

So. Few things for you today.

1, that flight I told you about yesterday was Flight 404. 404 - Landing Site Not Found?
(I'm sorry, that was lame)

2, one of the Sox's prospects, Ryan Westmoreland, had brain surgery this week to fix a "cavernous malformation". Yikes. They say he's doing fine, but that's some pretty hefty stuff to have done. And Lowrie has mono. Get well soon, guys!

3, happy St. Patrick's Day! As far as I know, I'm not Irish at all, but I wore my green Boston Hooligan shirt and green socks and a few green bracelets so I wouldn't get punched. Yes, the rule is that people get pinched when they don't wear green on St. Paddy's Day. But this is high school we're talking about.
And while I'm on the tangent of today, happy birthday to my friend Mike. And also to Matty B. Keep up the awesomeness, you two :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


For starters, I left my flash drive at school after presenting my powerpoint on Iran for Current Issues class. So I have to do my bio outline on Google Docs. It won't be as pretty, but it'll have to do.

Second, I found this article on AOLNews about the Virgin Airlines Flight from Hell, in which a 5-hour LA-to-NYC romp turned into an 16-hour torture session as the flight was held in an airport 80 miles outside JFK while waiting for the winds to die down. Sheesh. And I thought that my trip home from Washington 3 summers ago was bad.
(For those of you who don't know the story, I was out visiting my grandparents, and 'cause I was flying by myself, my first flight home got changed 'cause I couldn't fly after a certain time, the second flight was delayed because of mechanical issues and wouldn't leave til after the certain time UMs can't fly after, and the third flight was a few days after the bridge in Minneapolis collapsed so the president was in Minneapolis and they had to shut the airport down which sucked 'cause that's where my layover was and I almost missed my flight home because of it. It sucked. And then I came home to a houseful of people I didn't know 'cause my parents had a party without me.)

Third, I finally finished this book series I've been reading since... I don't know, Decemberish, maybe November. I'm not sure what the series itself is called, or if it even has a name, but they're by John Marsden, there's 7 books in all and the first book is called Tomorrow, When the War Began. (And no, that isn't an accidental verb tense fail, that's the title of the book.)
The basic gist of the series is that this group of Aussie teenagers go camping for the weekend out in the bush and when they come back, they find that Australia has been invaded by some other country. So they go around being all epic and vigilante-ish and stuff, blowing up bridges and harbors and service stations and all sorts of fun stuff.
Some of the Aussie lingo was a bit hard to understand (luckily there's a glossary at the beginning of each book), and there were a few risqué scenes in there that I kinda fast-forwarded through, but in whole they were all very good reads and I'm bummed they had to end. I believe there might be a second series, I'll have to go back to the library to check, or make my library connection go check for me.

And that's my story. And I'm sticking to it. Bye :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

this is way too much fun

(I'm talking about that Google Analytics thing)

Anyway. I'm staying after. I have nothing of importance to blog about. And I should be doing homework. So instead I'll send you to Laura's new blog, Ooh Shiny!.

'Tis all. Hasta luego.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm sure I'm way behind the ball for having just discovered this, but Google Analytics is probably one of the coolest things I've found. You put the HTML stuff on your site and it runs statistics on how many visitors you have, how many visits you have per day, unique visits, pageviews, how long they stay on the site, where they came from, all sorts of stuff. It's kinda creepy and stalkerish but in a really cool way! :)

Oh, and Daylight Savings Time is a PITA. I changed my clocks last night (with the exception of my phone that changes automatically and my watch which I can't figure out how to change), and I woke up at 10:30 this morning, which was really only 9:30 in my inner time, which threw me off. And then we ate breakfast around 11 (or 10), and then I had to leave the house to get to a coaches clinic for rec league at 1 (12), so I wasn't really hungry at the time so I didn't end up eating till I got home at 3:30 which was really late for me to be eating and ugh I hate Daylight Savings Time.

Anyway, Happy Pi(e) Day, and Happy St. White's Day (crap I need to buy a present for that dangit...).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

sorry 'bout that

I was in so much of a rush that I didn't even bother to capitalize. I know, I put amateur journalists across the world to shame. I don't care.

Anyway. The SATs were ok. I mean, no one really wants to get up at 6am on a Saturday to take a 5-hour test. But it wasn't really that bad. Just... long. And boring. And I got the munchies really badly in the middle of it (thank goodness for snacks).

Oh, right, I still need to do a proper birthday post for the EGE. I have some recent pix from when I went over to his house last night for dinner (yay chicken curry and rocket cake), but I haven't put them onto my computer yet. We were having fun taking pictures of hats for the hat thread on the xkcd forum, and even though I'm the queen of hats (baseball, slightly ridiculous and otherwise), I made him his own SRH from two t-shirts and a recipe in a book I have. It's pretty awesome. It has a mohawk and everything. I was worried that he wouldn't like it, but then I realized that if he didn't like it, I could keep it :)
He loved it anyway, in addition to the random series of notes/letters/whatever and Tootsie Rolls I taped to the inside of his locker (I was bored during study hall), so even though the gifts were a bit unorthodox, they worked. Which is good, 'cause I didn't have a backup plan.

So. That's pretty much it. Enjoy your weekend. Or, if you're a New Englander, enjoy the indoors while this storm rampages on like a swirling vortex of terror until Tuesday.

Friday, March 12, 2010

super fast post

since i'm not s'posed to be on 'cause i have to take the sat's at buttcrack hour tomorrow morning and i need sleep and i had a drivers ed appt this afternoon before conditioning and then i went over the ege's house for his birthday. happy birthday dude, i'll have a better post for you tomorrow. i really have to go to bed now so bye!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

no more nomah

Well, technically he hasn't been with the Sox since he got traded in '04, but the guy had been in the majors for 15 years, 9 of those with the Sox. And come on, he went through the hassle of signing a contract for one day just so he could say that he retired with the Sox. You can't tell me that doesn't take guts. Sure, it sucks that Nomar didn't get to be a part of the '04 World Series awesomeness, but he's a character.

And who can forget the constant unstrapping and restrapping of his gloves between every pitch? :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

maturity is overrated

Yesterday was so much fun!

First off: roster. Laura hosted the hooflah, and the attendees were me, Eliz (she plays softball with me), the EGE and Tang (that's obviously his last name but we had to differentiate between the two Davids).

We only ended up watching the first episode, but it was a double-episode so it was about an hour and a half, and I caught some of the things my friends reference, so that's good. Laura was right, it definitely has a "space western" feel to it.

Then we got bored and went outside to play wiffleball, but the backyard was all muddy behind where "home plate" (which was a piece of cardboard) was, so it took forever for us to return the pitch. It was also kinda hard to play an 18-person game with 5 people... but we managed, and I had a really nice line-drive hit straight past second base.

Then I noticed that there was a playground kinda diagonally across from Laura's backyard, so I was all like "Ooh! Ooh! Let's go to the playground!" 'Cause you know, I'm 5. But luckily everyone else wanted to go too 'cause wiffleball was getting a bit boring. One of the highlights of the day was that we started walking to the playground (the long way since I didn't want to get yelled at for cutting through peoples' yards), and I didn't really feel like walking that far (which really wasn't that far) so I took a running start, leaped onto the EGE and made him carry me most of the way there. I was quite impressed that I didn't knock him over, as I weigh a good 10 pounds more than he does.

We went on the swings, and then the two Davids found sticks branches that had fallen out of a nearby tree and, as any boys would've done, started swordfighting with them. I mostly stayed out of the way so I wouldn't get hit, but at one point I felt compelled to tackle one of them and instead I slipped in the mud and fell. I only really fell on my butt, so it didn't hurt that much, but it was an instant sogification, and I put my arms up, which I thought was the international sign of "I fell, someone please help me up." 'Cause wet pants aren't fun and I didn't feel like getting any of my other clothes wet to get myself up, and after all, the guys were standing right there.

I'm not sure if they even looked at me. They just kept babbling on about getting someone's camera for the epic duel about to ensue. Eventually I was like "Screw the camera, someone help me up!" and only when Laura came to my rescue did someone even acknowledge that I had been lying on the ground for a good minute. I climbed up on the playscape, and because it was a nice, sunny day, I flipped over on my stomach in an attempt to dry out my derrière while the boys fought.

Eventually the playground lost its luster, and since all of us had endured some form of injury (the Davids had whacked the living daylights out of each others' knuckles with the tree branches, Laura got hit with a stray stick, Laurel got her hand pinched in the swings and of course I had my wet butt), we went back to Laura's house for a lovely game of Apples to Apples.

Now, I can't think of a better group to play Apples to Apples with. You kinda need a group of good-humored people, preferably those who won't protest when, say, someone puts down Hitler for the "sappy" adjective card (which happened). It just has to be silly. I mean, I won "colorful" with plane crashes, and I'm sure that if I had put down Europe for "American," I would've won just because of the ridiculosity of it (ironically enough, we had pulled the "European" card earlier in the game and I was like "Grr! Why couldn't've I had the Europe card then?!")

There was a pigpile on the couch at one point, which kinda sucked since I was on the bottom, but I was cold anyway so it wasn't too bad. I had to leave around 4:20 'cause I had to get up to the high school for conditioning, so that kinda stunk (mostly 'cause I didn't really want to go to conditioning), but other than that, it was a lot of fun, and we have to get together again sometime for more Firefly and more silliness. Thanks, guys! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

oh. haha.

I remember my last idiocy that I was s'posed to write about yesterday but forgot. I was messing around with my iPod on Sunday night and I pushed the "screen lock" button, which would've been no big deal... except that I had forgotten the 4-number combination to unlock it... Luckily I didn't have to try every one of the 10,000 possible combinations because I thought of what other 4-# combinations I've had in the past for things and I finally figured it out this morning.

This is one of those lessons of "don't shut something unless you know you can open it again." Same rule goes for doors and other lockable things.

Hmmm... what else, what else... oh, right, I'm going to a "shindig" today with a few friends and they're going to make me watch "Firefly", which, for those of you who don't know, was a show that was aired on Fox but they were apparently stupid and aired the episodes out of order so no one watched it and it got cancelled. It's the forerunner the movie Serenity and my friends quote both of them all the time so it's starting to drive me nuts to be out of the loop. I'm excited 'cause even though we obviously can't get through the whole season between 11 and 4, I'll at least have some clue as to what they're referencing.

And as a parting thought, I still hate bloody noses. I don't care if it's genetic or if it's the weather, it makes it impossible to type efficiently and I don't like getting woken up at buttcrack hour in the morning by them. Just saying.

Monday, March 8, 2010

miscellaneous idiocy

Spring Training has lost a bit of its luster since Alex broke his thumb and won't be able to return to the team til after the Red Sox/Royals series, so instead I'll post about random stupid things I've done or seen lately.

On Saturday, we had the party for my stepdad. The EGE came over so I wouldn't feel totally outcasted at my own house, so we hung out and did nothing, and then after he left, he realized he left his wallet at my house. At that point, it was almost 1am and I didn't feel like searching for it, so instead I spent most of my Sunday looking for his wallet, inside, outside, all over the place. He even came back over to look for it. And then around 4:30 or so he calls me to tell me it had fallen out of his pocket in his sister's car on the way to the party and had never brought the stinkin' thing to my house in the first place.

Then, today was Senior Skip Day at school, so practically everyone in my current issues class wasn't there, so instead we worked on our projects due on Friday and got bonus points for knowing who sings certain songs. Meaning we did absolutely nothing all class.

Then I was trying to open my locker with friends complaining that I didn't capitalize "Iran" on my Iran project poster (my theory: I hate capitalizing, and they don't like us anyway), and my locker wouldn't open no matter how many times I tried the combo. Then I realized that I was trying to open the locker next to mine.

Ok maybe I thought I had more idiocies to write about than this. Oh well.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

it never fails

Alex just can't get a break, can he? He gets thrown into the majors in '07 with everyone calling him the second coming of George Brett, and he doesn't live up quite to expectations. '08 went well til he screwed up his hip the day before my birthday and spent the end of August and the first half of September on the DL. The first game of '09 has him tearing his labrum and going into surgery a week later, missing half the season, getting demoted to Omaha when he comes back and finally seeing the light of day towards the middle of September. You would think that the baseball gods would give him a break in 2010, right?

Noooo. Of course not. They've just started official Spring Training games and Alex shatters the tip of his right thumb sliding headfirst on a steal attempt at second. Which means he'll be out 3-4 weeks. Which means no more Spring Training for him, and because he can't throw or bat with the busted thumb, no one knows when he'll be back. And of course the first Red Sox/Royals series is the first weekend of the season.

I was reading the article (which Ellie sent to me through Facebook, so thanks to her for showing me that) and it was kinda sad how Alex was all bummed out 'cause he can't really do anything anymore, and he even stayed in the game because he didn't want to look weak by sitting out. Quote from the article: "I didn't want to be hurt," he said, tearfully. "I didn't want them to know the truth, I guess." :'(

At this point, I feel really bad for him, but it's like "same crap, different year." The baseball gods just don't like Alex. They don't like me, either, but they really don't like Alex. All I'll say is that I can't help but admire Alex for all the injury crap he's been through and how he's kept his head up through it all. Hang in there, dude. It'll all come out in the wash.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

taking a break

I've been helping prep for my stepdad's b-day party all morning and I've been given reprieve for the moment, so I'll use it to say hi.


I know, Spring Training is in full swing, but I don't really feel like reporting on EVERY game. Is that ok? I mean, it gets a bit repetitive after a while. (Besides, if I start posting all-baseball, especially focusing primarily on my "5", I know at least one of my readers will revolt.)

Oh, and I was listening to the radio this morning while prepping and I got rickrolled. It made me laugh. And I was so tempted to call a few friends and hold my phone up to the radio to rickroll them too, but I was nice and I didn't. So instead I'll rickroll you guys now with the video. Mwahahahahaha :)

So yeah. Enjoy your Saturday (it's really nice out here, don't know about everywhere else)

Friday, March 5, 2010

hooray for bad grammar

Not going to type in complete sentences. Tired.

K. Royals got butts handed to them by Rangers, 13-3. 3-run HR Salty (and error), double and run Alex.

Twins over Sox something to something. No Ellsbury.

Weightlifting no fun. Shoulder hurt. Leg wouldn't cooperate.

Need to eat dinner. Bye.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

so... close...!

Spring Training games are starting either today or tomorrow! Yay!

Just a short one for you today, I have homework to do.

The Sox did their annual doubleheader against BC and Northeastern, and obviously the Sox won both games (poor Northeastern got hammered, BC actually put up a good fight) but that's like throwing a college team against a rec league team in terms of the hierarchy, so that's ok. And the Royals had the 2nd of two intrasquad games. I'm not sure how Alex or Ellsbury did since I don't feel like searching for the box score and it's early and the games don't count.

Oh, and you know how I mentioned Eri Yoshida, the sidearm knuckleballer that was the first girl to be signed by a team in Japan a while back? She came to a training session yesterday to work with Wakefield, who is her idol. According to the video, he was very impressed with how much she was able to reduce the spin on her ball and how much movement it had. And heck, who better to teach the knuckler than Wake?

So yeah. I should probably finish my homework soon. Hasta luego.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

barenaked ladies

Get your minds out of the gutter, you perverts. I'm talking about the band.

I was listening to my iTunes thing yesterday and "Pinch Me" came up. This song always brings back good memories because it came out when I was too young to remember song names, so I would always associate songs with some of the words in the song. The song bite I remember: "I could hide out under there / I just made you say 'underwear'". Thus, the song became "The Underwear Song," and it stayed like that until about 2 months ago when I actually bothered to figure out what the song was called.

Now, what does this have to do with baseball? Absolutely nothing. Except that I was poking around AZ Lyrics yeseterday and saw that their first album is called "Gordon." So you know where my mind went.

(you knew there had to be a segway into baseball somewhere in there)

On that tangent, I was having a hard time finding Spring Training pics of Alex. I found a bunch of the other 4, but not him. For about a half a second, I legit thought he fell off the face of the earth. But then I found some yesterday on the Kansas City Star website of the Royals' intrasquad game.

He had a really nice diving play during the game, Hillman is seeing a significant difference between this year and last year. Good to know Alex's hip is holding up.

The throw for the out.

Alex also got a single in two at-bats. The final score was 6-zip but I don't know which side won.

Gum nom nom!
(sorry, couldn't help it)

Batting cages! Where I'll be this afternoon! Except it's snowing out (AGAIN) so I'll be inside. And not in Arizona.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wow. just.... wow.

I know, I hate posting twice in one day. But this is too priceless to wait to post about.

Presenting... The Wizard of San Francisco!

Yes, that is repeat Cy Young Winner Tim Lincecum. Yes, he is posing for a commercial for one of the Giants' promotions this year. And yes, he is wearing a Snuggie.

Oh come on! This is classic! They even have a video of the photo shoot. I would embed it but I didn't find it on YouTube so I'll just give you the link 'cause I don't know how to embed it. Oh well. Enjoy :)

yay for being a lazy butt

If you read The Amateur Geek (which I know most of you do, since I only have so many followers and half of them came from that site), you already know that it's CAPT week. This is one of the upperclassman perks I've actually been able to use. Normally, I would have to take the normal bus, which comes way too early, into school and sit in the cafeteria til 12 'cause my parents leave the house before I do and therefore cannot drive me in late. Fortunately, I have friends (or, more accurately, their parents, since none of my friends can legally drive me) that are willing to let me mooch a ride so I don't have to get there at some ungodly hour and sit there for 4+ hours.
I admit, I kinda took advantage of this and didn't finish my homework last night, and I'm kinda kicking myself for allowing myself to do that, but hey. I got to sleep in past 6 today. I'm pretty happy right now.

I'm gonna go make myself a hot breakfast, which, aside from oatmeal, does not happen ever on the weekdays. Bye :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

in like a lion

Happy March everyone. It's not very lionish out right now (just windy) but I was desperate for a title. Few things for ya today.

First: it's finally March, which means Spring Training games start within the next week. Yay! I have gone without baseball long enough. I'll try to cut down on the obsession posting about the "5" but now I won't be so pressed on something to write about.

Second: that Duck tape prom dress will have to wait. There is no way in Davy Jones' locker that I will be able to make something like that for May 8th. I don't have the time or the patience to make it in that time. It'd be a good summer project, so I might consider it again when school ends, but I'm not promising I'll even do anything with it. Again, I'll keep you posted.

Third: apparently I am a strange person. Or at least I have a strange personality. We were doing various personality things in sports psych today and my teacher thought my combination of answers was not so much weird, but he didn't think that he'd want me on a team playing against him. Mostly because I hold grudges and I get mad/offended very easily, not so much because I'm any good. I don't really see myself as an intimidating person (there's only so intimidating a 5'5" girl can be), but I must have some intimidating traits somewhere in here...

And finally: I hate my skin sometimes. It breaks out. It's dry. And whenever I touch anything remotely sharp, ie: a bathroom counter or a razor, it won't stop bleeding. I'm not a hemophiliac, but it's kinda annoying that I have to count my shaving successes based on how few cuts I have on my leg. The most recent one especially makes me mad: it's in the middle of my leg, so it's not anywhere near a knee or an ankle or any protruding bone, and it hurts to move, between the bandaid and the scab. It's not even a slice! It's just a "oh darn my hand slipped and I have a dotted line running down my leg." Conditioning is going to be fun trying to work around this.