Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ellsbury changed his number! Not that it'll ruin my day, but he changed his number! No one came and took it, either. He just up-and-changed it. And it's not even close to what he had. 2 is nowhere near 46. Now I'm gonna have to get a new shirt. hint hint ;)
3:11pm - Ooh! Ooh! I found why Ellsbury changed his number. He had the #2 through high school and had been doting on it but bench coach Brad Mills wouldn't part with it, so when Mills left to go manage, Ellsbury called the equipment manager, who had talked to him already and had #2 reserved for him.
A few other guys also changed their numbers, like Buchholz (I don't remember what his was but now he has #11 and I know that's not what he had last year.)

I was right about the whole 2-Ramon-Ramirez-pitchers thing, the team is differentiating them by middle name. The original Ramon, who we got from the Royals, will just go by his name, and the one we got from the Rays will go as Ramon A. Ramirez. So he's special and gets his middle initial. I was wondering how they would duke this out.

I haven't found any spectacularly interesting spring training pix so I'm sorry.

Oh, and apparently Dan Haren's wife had a little baby girl a month or so back, Ella Dani Haren (nice play on names there). Congrats on the new addition and also for getting the Opening Day nod :)

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