Friday, February 19, 2010

slim pickings

Both for spring training pix and for my jar of Nutella. I can see the bottom and I'm getting more stuff on my hand trying to reach the bottom than I am getting on the cookie. Good thing I have a BJ's-size jar waiting for me in the pantry when this one is done.

And instead of starting my prom ranting this early (it's still 12 weeks away), I'll just tell you about an article I had to write for Sports Psych. We had to write an op-ed on whether youth sports is worth it. Most people in our class have been in a sport for quite some time, so most of them will take the "yes" route. Guess which way I took this. We had to use a bunch of articles to prove our point, and it had to be at least 2 pages, so mine was a half-page of complaining about how youth sports screwed me over, and then 2 pages on how it screwed everyone else over. I'd put it on here for you to read but it'd be too long, kinda boring and quite honestly overkill. But if you're interested, I can post it tomorrow or whatever.

For parting thoughts, Shaun White really needs a haircut. I mean, really. He was on the cover of ESPN magazine and I did a double-take 'cause I thought he was a girl. I'm not supporting the buzz-cut movement, but keep it reasonable.

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