Monday, February 15, 2010

random thought

Since I'm kinda tired and should go to bed soon (shut up, if you had a 5-year-old sister you would understand).

Actually this sorta has to do with my sister. My mom bought her Kidz Bop 17 for yesterday. Now, not only does that give me a blast from the past seeing as I remember owning the first Kidz Bop (the first 4 actually), but it also makes me realize how my sense of music recognition has changed. When I was little, songs were just songs, and it didn't matter who sang them. Now, I can tell the difference between the Kidz Bop version and the real version. Except for with "One Time" by Justin Bieber, 'cause his voice is too high so you can't really tell the difference between him and the kids singing the Kidz Bop version.

'Tis all. Hasta mañana.


The EGE said...

I am proud to say that I never, ever, owned nor listened to any Kidz Bop.

mandachan said...

says the almost-17-year-old who plays with bendaroos. i don't want to hear it, mister.

The EGE said...

In my defense, it *was* calculus.

mandachan said...

yeah, written in bendaroos