Friday, February 5, 2010

quasi-important tidbits for the day

Just a random list of things I've thought about recently.
  • It should not take me 3 minutes to find my jar of Nutella. You would think that when I put it back in the pantry last time, my brain would've remembered where I put it.
  • Having glasses, light hair and blue eyes and being pale does not automatically make two people siblings. I have been mistaken as a sibling of many of my friends, and I can sorta see a half of a sneeze of a resemblance, but only in the aforementioned features and certainly not enough to have been from shared genes. You guys are cool and all, but we're not siblings.
  • The so-called "classics" in American literature are as boring as all get-up. I mean, I have to read roughly 30 pages of that Ben Franklin autobiography (in tiny print), which isn't a lot, per se, but it's so unbelievably dull! I got barely any reading done yesterday 'cause I watched the fencing practice instead of reading (to save my butt, I would've rather gone to the fencing meet than done most other assignments because I love watching it, not because it was my only alternative)
  • And have I told you that I love getting college mail? Sure, I throw most of it away, but I just love getting mail so I don't care that I end up chucking it.
That's it. Off to weightlifting later and then SOS after that. Have fun :)

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