Saturday, February 13, 2010

protesting the system

(This will be the first of a 2-part series this weekend)

Everyone knows what tomorrow is. Right?
It's February 14th.
There is nothing special about tomorrow. It's one of 365 (sometimes 366) days in a year. So why does everyone make a big stink about it? It's all about commercialism. And it's ridiculous. I don't know how many times I've seen people walk into school with balloons and teddy bears and big boxes of chocolate for their significant other. Like you honestly need a specific day out of the year to say "Hey, I love you." In case you haven't heard, you're allowed to say that on other days of the year too. And the whole balloon/teddy bear/chocolate/rose mess is just out of control. What happens if your love is allergic to latex? Or flowers? Or milk? Maybe they have a deathly fear of bears? Does that mean you can't show them how much you care about them? Cards aren't much better, 'cause you know, "nothing says 'you're special' like a mass-produced sentiment written by someone else." (for more fun anti-Valentine's Day cards, including one i posted back in '08, visit here)

In whole, the whole Valentine's Day mess is BS. Total and utter BS. And because of this BS, I'm revolting. Sure, I'm not celebrating "Singles' Awareness Day" tomorrow, because that wouldn't be accurate, but for cripes sake is there anything wrong about not wanting all this materialistic crap? We're having a few people over tonight for what may or may not be considered an anti-Valentine's Day party (which I said). We will be eating pizza and chips and pigs in a blanket and all sorts of awesome food that are magically taboo on 2/14 because "it's not fancy". We'll be watching the Olympics and Star Wars because none of us will be able to agree on movies anyway and romantic comedies, while they are great, are not the thing to be watching at such a party. And if the only presents I get are a brown-and-black card that says "Everyone dies alone" and a Loch Ness monster made out of pipe cleaners, then by George, that'll be perfectly fine by me.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow! *cheesy smile*


fencer_22 said...

hey not sure if i am that anti valantines day but still you should probably check out my special valantines day post tomorrow you may get a kick out of my stroke of poeticness

mandachan said...

alright, will do :)