Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oh geez

Apparently Mike Cameron showed up to Spring Training without his batting gloves and Theo ratted him out for it. Wow. Talk about an epic fail.

And I'm kinda mad 'cause we're s'posed to get not one but two snowstorms this week (Mother Nature just won't stop, will she?), and it was snowing/raining/slushing/icing earlier today, and all the conditioning sessions for the other sports got cancelled... except for softball. It's not so bad for me today 'cause it's weightlifting and that doesn't aggravate my asthma but I've been having shoulder problems lately and all the arm work makes it worse. And more people are coming so that's more opportunity to make myself look silly. I sure hope this pays off.

Oh well. Hopefully I'll have more content soon.

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