Monday, February 22, 2010

news post

Sheesh, I am really slacking on the baseball content lately.

I was reading AOL News for articles for my current issues journals, and I've come across some offbeat stories.
The one I found yesterday was about this one college prep school in Arizona where the guys are being taught etiquette. I understand, etiquette and proper whateverness is important, but this is being taken to a new level. Their teacher is having them revive chivalry by standing when their female counterparts enter the room, holding the doors and seating them.
Now, even though I've known my fair share of rude people, this would drive me up the wall. For starters, having everyone stand when you enter the room just says "Hi! We noticed you left! How was your bathroom trip?" And that's just awkward. Second, I've known enough people and I don't trust anyone to pull out a chair to seat me because I've had it pulled out from underneath me far too many times. And third, shouldn't it be equal-opportunity etiquette? It works both ways. Girls can be and often are big jerks to guys. And you don't see anyone bothering them about it.

One I just found this afternoon is about redesigning the hot dog "because it's a choking hazard." Anything is a choking hazard. For crying out loud, air is a choking hazard, as I have found out numerous times. Hot dogs don't need to be redesigned so little kids don't choke on them, there's an easy, magical solution to it. It's called "chewing your food." Or cutting it into bitesize pieces and then chewing it. Your choice. They're going to go through a whole huge mess over redesigning foodstuffs all because parents aren't smart enough to cut up their kids' food or tell them to chew.

In whole: seriously? Sort out your priorities, would ya?

In other news, happy birthdays to James Blunt, Drew Barrymore, (posthumously) Steve Irwin and the "Miracle on Ice."

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