Saturday, February 27, 2010

mother nature just won't back down, will she?

If you go to AOL News and click on "Top Stories", you'll see what I mean. Blizzards in the Northeast (we got lucky here), earthquake in Japan, and now a massive earthquake in Chile? Sheesh! The world is still recovering from the 7.0-magnitude Haiti earthquake, and because the scale is exponential, the Chilean one is over 500 times stronger than that one. And Haiti got hit really badly. So not only does the Pacific region have to worry about the Japan earthquake (which was a 6.9), they have to worry about tsunamis from the 8.8 Chilean doozy.
"A tsunami warning is in effect for neighboring countries of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica as well as farther-flung Hawaii, Australia, Russia and Pacific nations. A tsunami advisory was issued for the coast of California and an Alaskan coastal area from Kodiak to Attu islands, The Associated Press reported."

By George. That's all I can say.


Laura said...

the gods are angry.

fencer_22 said...

so stop pissing them off Laura

mandachan said...

nice guys