Wednesday, February 24, 2010

more silliness

For starters, look what I found! (obviously the caption is mine)

"Free hugs!"

Now for some silliness but in the sense of "these guys are idiots." You all know Sluggerrr, the Royals' mascot, right?

K well now you do. He's a pretty cool mascot. He even steals cotton candy from the vendors at games and throws them to people (love that video, at 0:38). But apparently the fans aren't a fan of his food throwing because some guy is suing the Royals for getting hit in the eye by a Sluggerrr-pitched hot dog. Yeah, getting hit with stuff isn't fun, but is it worth suing the team over? You can't tell me that a hot dog gave this guy cataracts, he probably had an existing condition. But nooo, he has to go and possibly get the mascot replaced. This is the most ridiculous thing since.... eh, probably Monday, when we had 2 fire drills during the same block, within 6 minutes of each other (that was just insane).

Oh well. The world's problems are caused by stupid people, I can't fix that. Happy birthday to Mike Lowell and happy half birthday to me :)

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