Thursday, February 4, 2010

i could

I could be working on something semi-productive right now, like reading Ben Franklin's autobiography for English class or getting articles for next week's current issues journals. I could be calling it an early night and prepping for bed. And I could be a good supportive friend and attend the student-produced drama production tonight.

But I'm not. Homework is not what I want to be doing right now. I had conditioning this afternoon and showing up to SOS in my post-conditioning glory wasn't gonna happen. (Though, going to bed early does sound kinda tempting...)

Still no news on the *insert bad word of choice here* arbitration mess with the Giants. Get the lead out! Spring training is in 15 days! (thank you Ellie for the countdown)

Oh, and one last thing: I was thinking (surprise, I know), and I realized that we have not had a snow day yet this school year. We've had 90-minute delays, maybe early dismissals, but no real snow days. That makes me mad. I don't really want to be snowed in. But we can't go this year without a snow day. It just doesn't happen. New England has to throw some of its lovely surprise weather at us at some point. If it doesn't, I'm all for a school-wide no-show day to revolt from the lack of snow days.


Ellie said...

At least you've had delays. I haven't had a snow day since 2008.

mandachan said...

what?! that's insane! i've never not had a snow day! (at least til this year, but i'm hoping that'll change real soon)