Monday, February 1, 2010

"excuse me while i kiss this guy"

Don't get too excited, Laura, no first base was involved in the making of this post.

Today's post is courtesy of's word of the day, which today is "mondegreen." For those of you unfortunate souls who don't know what a mondegreen is, it's a botched up music lyric based on what someone heard. The title of the post is a mondegreen of a Jimi Hendrix song where everyone swears that he says "excuse me while I kiss this guy" when the actual lyrics are s'posed to be "excuse me while I kiss the sky." I've found a few sites of mondegreens, and a lot of them are really funny and make perfect sense, like how there's this one song about a pink Cadillac where I always thought they were singing about "pink cabinets", which didn't make sense in the context of the song but if you know the song, it kinda sounds like that.

So yeah. Mondegreens are a lot of fun. Here's the two websites I found, and there's more out there. Enjoy!

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