Saturday, February 6, 2010

come on.

DC and the Mid-Atlantic got hammered with snow. We're right in the path the snow storm is s'posed to go. I think I've seen a half of a snowflake so far today. And it's a Saturday. WE NEED SNOW DURING THE WEEK!

In more important news, Lincecum is going to an arbitration hearing to decide his salary, so now that it's at least decided that he is indeed going to have a hearing, I have no idea when or how it's going to pan out so I'll keep you posted.

And as a last thing, I hate driving on the highway. I hate it with a passion. I loathe it. (Unadulterated loathing...Let's just say I loathe it all...) Give me tchotchke little back roads and an extra hour of driving time before you make me drive on the highway again.

(ps: the italicized quote is from "What is This Feeling?", it's on the Wicked soundtrack, it's been stuck in my head all week and it fits my utter distaste for driving 65mph)

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