Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bring on the snow

We're s'posed to get about a foot, so methinks we're not gonna have school tomorrow. I sure hope not. We need a snow day. Though part of me knows that there's a chance that Mother Nature will spite us dear New Englanders and send the storm where it's not s'posed to go just so we can get mad and so anyone who didn't do their homework gets screwed. Seriously, the best way to not have a snow day is to not do your homework (conversely, the only way to ensure a snow day is to do all of your homework).

That being said, I'll definitely post tomorrow. One, because I have a reason to ^_^, and two, because I'll have nothing better to do all gosh darn day. Come poke me if you want, my email is in my profile (hint: blog name + favorite number + rocketmail)

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