Sunday, February 28, 2010

i am so tempted to try this

Duck®, the company that makes Duck Brand duct tape, just might have a solution to my prom woes. They hold a contest every year and give out scholarships for anyone who makes a prom dress/suit combination out of Duck tape. This is just incredible. I mean, look at these outfits.

All made out of Duck tape. It's just... wow. It's incredible. I know that anything I made would be nowhere near this good, but my gears are turning. I might just have to try this.

That's all :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

mother nature just won't back down, will she?

If you go to AOL News and click on "Top Stories", you'll see what I mean. Blizzards in the Northeast (we got lucky here), earthquake in Japan, and now a massive earthquake in Chile? Sheesh! The world is still recovering from the 7.0-magnitude Haiti earthquake, and because the scale is exponential, the Chilean one is over 500 times stronger than that one. And Haiti got hit really badly. So not only does the Pacific region have to worry about the Japan earthquake (which was a 6.9), they have to worry about tsunamis from the 8.8 Chilean doozy.
"A tsunami warning is in effect for neighboring countries of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica as well as farther-flung Hawaii, Australia, Russia and Pacific nations. A tsunami advisory was issued for the coast of California and an Alaskan coastal area from Kodiak to Attu islands, The Associated Press reported."

By George. That's all I can say.

Friday, February 26, 2010

oh, NOW it's snowing

I love how, for the majority of the snowstorms that were s'posed to hit and make lots of snow days, they either don't hit in the right spot, they're nowhere near as powerful as they're s'posed to be, or they hit at a time that will not affect whether we have school. Like I said yesterday, New England is weird.

Anyway, because of this bit of snow, I don't have conditioning today. I'm glad, because my sides hurt so bad. I'm not sure if it's from yesterday or the batting cages on Wednesday, but all I know is that it hurts to laugh :(

Not much to say here. I'm going to go find something a bit more productive to do. Enjoy the rest of your day :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

new england is weird

Another day, another snowstorm. Except this week was s'posed to hit us with 2 snowstorms. What have I seen so far? A bunch of fat little snowflake flurries on Tuesday, but other than that, it's all been rain. And lots of it. I've been meaning to drive past the middle school field just to see how badly the field has flooded, since it floods really badly in storms like these. A few years back, it flooded so badly that the water washed out part of the JV field, which is about 3/4 of the way down the field from where it always starts flooding; that part of the field had water around 4 feet deep and Matt from Fencing Insanity went legit kayaking in the field. The track around it is a little under a half mile, so you can picture how much of a mess this water was.

Now that I'm done talking about the weather like a stereotypical old person, now for your funny picture of the day (this may or may not become a regular thing, we'll see)

"Ok, got my hands out... Guys, what's the next step to the Macarena again?"

Nothing much to say here. The library is closed today for a staff meeting, which means I had no place to go, so I was gonna just not go to conditioning, but I was able to get a ride for 4:40. Part of me is glad, since I know I need it, but part of me didn't want to go anyway.
I have a little cluster of popped blood vessels between my left thumb and pointer fingers from going to the batting cages yesterday, but that's no big deal. I did ok for not having hit since like October, but there was a string of like 3 or 4 pitches that I just must've gotten my timing right or something 'cause I hit all of them straight-shot, line drive towards what would've been center field. It was the weirdest thing 'cause I'm not much of a power hitter (granted, I'm not a frequency hitter either, or even a hitter at all during most of my at-bats, but you get my drift).

Guess that's it. I should probably do my current issues homework now. Ta ta :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

more silliness

For starters, look what I found! (obviously the caption is mine)

"Free hugs!"

Now for some silliness but in the sense of "these guys are idiots." You all know Sluggerrr, the Royals' mascot, right?

K well now you do. He's a pretty cool mascot. He even steals cotton candy from the vendors at games and throws them to people (love that video, at 0:38). But apparently the fans aren't a fan of his food throwing because some guy is suing the Royals for getting hit in the eye by a Sluggerrr-pitched hot dog. Yeah, getting hit with stuff isn't fun, but is it worth suing the team over? You can't tell me that a hot dog gave this guy cataracts, he probably had an existing condition. But nooo, he has to go and possibly get the mascot replaced. This is the most ridiculous thing since.... eh, probably Monday, when we had 2 fire drills during the same block, within 6 minutes of each other (that was just insane).

Oh well. The world's problems are caused by stupid people, I can't fix that. Happy birthday to Mike Lowell and happy half birthday to me :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oh geez

Apparently Mike Cameron showed up to Spring Training without his batting gloves and Theo ratted him out for it. Wow. Talk about an epic fail.

And I'm kinda mad 'cause we're s'posed to get not one but two snowstorms this week (Mother Nature just won't stop, will she?), and it was snowing/raining/slushing/icing earlier today, and all the conditioning sessions for the other sports got cancelled... except for softball. It's not so bad for me today 'cause it's weightlifting and that doesn't aggravate my asthma but I've been having shoulder problems lately and all the arm work makes it worse. And more people are coming so that's more opportunity to make myself look silly. I sure hope this pays off.

Oh well. Hopefully I'll have more content soon.

Monday, February 22, 2010

news post

Sheesh, I am really slacking on the baseball content lately.

I was reading AOL News for articles for my current issues journals, and I've come across some offbeat stories.
The one I found yesterday was about this one college prep school in Arizona where the guys are being taught etiquette. I understand, etiquette and proper whateverness is important, but this is being taken to a new level. Their teacher is having them revive chivalry by standing when their female counterparts enter the room, holding the doors and seating them.
Now, even though I've known my fair share of rude people, this would drive me up the wall. For starters, having everyone stand when you enter the room just says "Hi! We noticed you left! How was your bathroom trip?" And that's just awkward. Second, I've known enough people and I don't trust anyone to pull out a chair to seat me because I've had it pulled out from underneath me far too many times. And third, shouldn't it be equal-opportunity etiquette? It works both ways. Girls can be and often are big jerks to guys. And you don't see anyone bothering them about it.

One I just found this afternoon is about redesigning the hot dog "because it's a choking hazard." Anything is a choking hazard. For crying out loud, air is a choking hazard, as I have found out numerous times. Hot dogs don't need to be redesigned so little kids don't choke on them, there's an easy, magical solution to it. It's called "chewing your food." Or cutting it into bitesize pieces and then chewing it. Your choice. They're going to go through a whole huge mess over redesigning foodstuffs all because parents aren't smart enough to cut up their kids' food or tell them to chew.

In whole: seriously? Sort out your priorities, would ya?

In other news, happy birthdays to James Blunt, Drew Barrymore, (posthumously) Steve Irwin and the "Miracle on Ice."

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I don't feel like doing a real post, so I'll do a picture post with silly comments/captions/whatever. So sorta like LOLcats or NHLOL or whatever, but without all the work of putting the captions inside the pic.

"Leapfrog, anyone?"

"Kiss it! I SAID KISS IT!!!!"

Ok, not all of these are Olympic pictures, but I finally found some spring training pix

Giant 'Tek? Or mini baseball?
(mini baseball)

This one doesn't get a caption, it's just a cool picture.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ellsbury changed his number! Not that it'll ruin my day, but he changed his number! No one came and took it, either. He just up-and-changed it. And it's not even close to what he had. 2 is nowhere near 46. Now I'm gonna have to get a new shirt. hint hint ;)
3:11pm - Ooh! Ooh! I found why Ellsbury changed his number. He had the #2 through high school and had been doting on it but bench coach Brad Mills wouldn't part with it, so when Mills left to go manage, Ellsbury called the equipment manager, who had talked to him already and had #2 reserved for him.
A few other guys also changed their numbers, like Buchholz (I don't remember what his was but now he has #11 and I know that's not what he had last year.)

I was right about the whole 2-Ramon-Ramirez-pitchers thing, the team is differentiating them by middle name. The original Ramon, who we got from the Royals, will just go by his name, and the one we got from the Rays will go as Ramon A. Ramirez. So he's special and gets his middle initial. I was wondering how they would duke this out.

I haven't found any spectacularly interesting spring training pix so I'm sorry.

Oh, and apparently Dan Haren's wife had a little baby girl a month or so back, Ella Dani Haren (nice play on names there). Congrats on the new addition and also for getting the Opening Day nod :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

slim pickings

Both for spring training pix and for my jar of Nutella. I can see the bottom and I'm getting more stuff on my hand trying to reach the bottom than I am getting on the cookie. Good thing I have a BJ's-size jar waiting for me in the pantry when this one is done.

And instead of starting my prom ranting this early (it's still 12 weeks away), I'll just tell you about an article I had to write for Sports Psych. We had to write an op-ed on whether youth sports is worth it. Most people in our class have been in a sport for quite some time, so most of them will take the "yes" route. Guess which way I took this. We had to use a bunch of articles to prove our point, and it had to be at least 2 pages, so mine was a half-page of complaining about how youth sports screwed me over, and then 2 pages on how it screwed everyone else over. I'd put it on here for you to read but it'd be too long, kinda boring and quite honestly overkill. But if you're interested, I can post it tomorrow or whatever.

For parting thoughts, Shaun White really needs a haircut. I mean, really. He was on the cover of ESPN magazine and I did a double-take 'cause I thought he was a girl. I'm not supporting the buzz-cut movement, but keep it reasonable.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

and now for a nice post

A lot of my posts have been ranty and angsty lately. May it be because I've been feeling cranky and pubescent and I don't know why, and I'm going to take it out on people I like? (Please tell me you know where that's from.) I'm not sure. But I'm going to try to have a nice happy post today.

...yeah, sorry. The only thing I can think to talk about is my next ranting subject: prom. But instead I'll look for some Spring Training photos to post up here in the near future. After homework and snack, of course. Enjoy your day free from my ranting :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i am such a bad person >;)

Today is Ash Wednesday. Practicing people aren't eating meat today. So what did I do for lunch? I bought nachos. Nachos with taco meat goodness. My excuses as to why I can get away with this:
  1. I don't celebrate this Lent crap.
  2. Even if I did have to celebrate it, I'd give up celebrating Lent for Lent.
  3. Dietary restrictions are not a reason to celebrate in any religion.
  4. I'm a heathen anyway. Atheist, food-and-present-ist, whatever you want to call it.
I should probably get to working on my current issues homework now. I spent this afternoon driving and I have a total of 9 5-sentence paragraphs due tomorrow.

And Spring Training is ready to start so I shall keep you posted there :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oh right

I knew I had something else to post about. The Daytona 500 was on Sunday.

I know, I know. "They're making another left turn! They're making another left turn! Come back in 2 hours, you won't miss a thing!" But there were a few interesting things this year.

First of all, everyone was all hyped up 'cause Danica Patrick was s'posed to race. I was actually looking forward to it too. I mean, kudos to her for breaking the gender barrier. Unfortunately, she broke her car in the doing so on Saturday and didn't even get to race on Sunday, so that kinda sucks. Better luck next year, Danica.

Second, what was with that ginormous pothole? They don't just POOF! out of nowhere. It had to have been there before. Yet they just happened to notice it and make an issue out of it during the race. At least rain delays have the possibility of people going tarp sliding -- oh wait, that's only baseball (darn)

Third, I don't think the racing gods like me either (in addition to the softball/baseball gods). I've been half paying attention to the Daytona 500 for the past 3 years, and the people I know always get the short end of the stick. 2 years ago, I was watching it with my grandparents and rooting for Mark Martin with them, and then he loses by 2-hundredths of a second. Last year, I was rooting for Kasey Kahne and Joey Logano, and poor Joey crashes in the 81st lap. This year, I'm rooting for them again and not only does Kasey crash towards the end, complete with a mini-fire under his car, Joey does too.

And finally, what happened with those last two laps? I swear, that was worse than the Connecticut Sun/New York Liberty game I went to where the score was really close and they took like a bajillion timeouts and purposely fouled each other to make the game go longer (turns out they went into OT so it was kinda a waste, but you get my drift). Yeah, cautions happen, fine, whatever, but this was like driving fine, someone bumps someone else, caution. green flag, someone crashes into the wall, caution. And then after the cautions, that Jamie McMurray guy came out of legit nowhere to win it. I walked away from the TV for like 10 seconds with a few people I know in the lead, and I come back and see him win it.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, I couldn't find any good ones.

Monday, February 15, 2010

random thought

Since I'm kinda tired and should go to bed soon (shut up, if you had a 5-year-old sister you would understand).

Actually this sorta has to do with my sister. My mom bought her Kidz Bop 17 for yesterday. Now, not only does that give me a blast from the past seeing as I remember owning the first Kidz Bop (the first 4 actually), but it also makes me realize how my sense of music recognition has changed. When I was little, songs were just songs, and it didn't matter who sang them. Now, I can tell the difference between the Kidz Bop version and the real version. Except for with "One Time" by Justin Bieber, 'cause his voice is too high so you can't really tell the difference between him and the kids singing the Kidz Bop version.

'Tis all. Hasta mañana.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

me pissing and moaning, part two

See, I told you there'd be another one.

So. Last night. Watched the first Star Wars and did not fall asleep but instead laughed at all the things I remembered seeing in Spaceballs. Ate awesome homemade pizza and nachos and such. Got an awesome Sierpinski heart (see this comic). And watched one of the smartest and mature people I know play with Bendaroos. Anti-Valentine's Day party well spent? I think so.

The following pictures are part of a poem I had to write in 8th grade algebra, oddly enough. That being said, I had to include a certain number of math terms. And even though our teacher was all perky and loved the holiday, I was in a pissy mood when I wrote this, so I'm quite honestly surprised that I got a 100 on it. It's emo and geeky and everything a valentine poem really shouldn't be. Which is probably why I think it's so awesome. (click on the pix to make them bigger)

I guess I'll be nice and end my rant there. It's like beating a dead horse at this point. Happy Chinese New Year instead! :)

(also happy birthday to Rob Thomas)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

protesting the system

(This will be the first of a 2-part series this weekend)

Everyone knows what tomorrow is. Right?
It's February 14th.
There is nothing special about tomorrow. It's one of 365 (sometimes 366) days in a year. So why does everyone make a big stink about it? It's all about commercialism. And it's ridiculous. I don't know how many times I've seen people walk into school with balloons and teddy bears and big boxes of chocolate for their significant other. Like you honestly need a specific day out of the year to say "Hey, I love you." In case you haven't heard, you're allowed to say that on other days of the year too. And the whole balloon/teddy bear/chocolate/rose mess is just out of control. What happens if your love is allergic to latex? Or flowers? Or milk? Maybe they have a deathly fear of bears? Does that mean you can't show them how much you care about them? Cards aren't much better, 'cause you know, "nothing says 'you're special' like a mass-produced sentiment written by someone else." (for more fun anti-Valentine's Day cards, including one i posted back in '08, visit here)

In whole, the whole Valentine's Day mess is BS. Total and utter BS. And because of this BS, I'm revolting. Sure, I'm not celebrating "Singles' Awareness Day" tomorrow, because that wouldn't be accurate, but for cripes sake is there anything wrong about not wanting all this materialistic crap? We're having a few people over tonight for what may or may not be considered an anti-Valentine's Day party (which I said). We will be eating pizza and chips and pigs in a blanket and all sorts of awesome food that are magically taboo on 2/14 because "it's not fancy". We'll be watching the Olympics and Star Wars because none of us will be able to agree on movies anyway and romantic comedies, while they are great, are not the thing to be watching at such a party. And if the only presents I get are a brown-and-black card that says "Everyone dies alone" and a Loch Ness monster made out of pipe cleaners, then by George, that'll be perfectly fine by me.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow! *cheesy smile*

Friday, February 12, 2010

hey! it worked!

My complaining must've done something, 'cause our beloved "Freak" is back with the Giants for 2 years and $23mil, plus various incentives for potential innings pitched, being an All-Star, MVP, etc. Regardless, that's a hee-uge raise from the $650K he got last year. I'm just happy that he's staying with the Giants and that the Stankees didn't sneak up under the radar and scoop him up.
Thanks going out to my dad for texting me that today :)

In other news, the Olympics start tonight! Yay! I've always liked watching the Olympics. And we're having a few people over tomorrow night, which may or may not be for an anti-Valentine's Day party. I know that at least one of those people coming over can never agree with me on movies, so the Olympics are sounding pretty nice right about now.

I guess that's it. Gotta go to weightlifting later and then I get to stay at the school to sell food and stuff at the basketball game tonight. Enjoy the rest of your day :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


At the request of a follower whose name shall not be released (*coughEGEcough*), I'm going to tweak my blogging approach just a smidge and refrain from overtly obsessing over my 5. Note that this does not mean I'll stop being a fan, 'cause then I'd have nothing to talk dividedly loyal about and the blog would be pointless. But I'll try to not do the mindless guy-obsessed freak thing.

And of course, now that I have to be professional in talking about baseball players, the first thing I find to write about is one of those 5 20-something-year-olds that I'm specifically not s'posed to focus on. But Lincecum's arbitration negotiations are going nowhere fast, and it's starting to piss me off(fa-fa ;P). Last year he earned $650K. The Giants are offering $8mil for next year. His agent wants $13mil. They brought the mess to arbitration. The Giants proposed 3 years, $37mil. Timmy's agent's goons want upwards of $40mil. It doesn't end.

My take on the scene: cut the crap and sign already before the Stankees scoop him up, dammit!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

here's that extra post i promised you

Part of the reason why I'm bummed to have a snow day today is that I wasn't able to wear my Alex jersey for all to see. And probably shake their head at. I'm wearing my shirt anyway.

Happy 26th birthday, Alex!

The full-size pix were way too big for the post to be efficient, but you can click on the pix to see them full-size.


Yeah, we finally got our snow day. But the circumstances are ridiculous. Sure, I looked at the radar map, and it's a doozy, but the school announced the snow day last night. Before a snowflake had even been seen. I set my alarm this morning anyway 'cause I wanted to hear it on the radio (just to make sure), and even though I was only half awake when I climbed down my ladder and trudged over to shut my alarm off, I could see fully well that we had not gotten any snow. It's been snowing a bit since I finally rolled out of bed again around 8:30, but honestly? New England is a strange, strange place.

I'll have another, more interesting post later. I know I hate posting more than once a day (I've fought with the EGE over this) but the other post has absolutely nothing to do with weather and I didn't want to ruin the next post with my snow day rant. So be on the lookout for that.

Hasta luego!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bring on the snow

We're s'posed to get about a foot, so methinks we're not gonna have school tomorrow. I sure hope not. We need a snow day. Though part of me knows that there's a chance that Mother Nature will spite us dear New Englanders and send the storm where it's not s'posed to go just so we can get mad and so anyone who didn't do their homework gets screwed. Seriously, the best way to not have a snow day is to not do your homework (conversely, the only way to ensure a snow day is to do all of your homework).

That being said, I'll definitely post tomorrow. One, because I have a reason to ^_^, and two, because I'll have nothing better to do all gosh darn day. Come poke me if you want, my email is in my profile (hint: blog name + favorite number + rocketmail)

Monday, February 8, 2010

fútbol americano

Disclaimer: As a baseball blog, I will work to inform you, strictly unbiasedly, about the Super Bowl last night.

The truth: The above statement was a bold-faced lie. (Get it? "Bold-faced" lie? And it was bold? *Sigh*, never mind....)

Anyway. I didn't watch the game as I couldn't care less about it, but I will admit I was rooting for the Saints on the basis that my friend is a hee-uge Saints fan. And also on the premise that the EGE had said they wouldn't win 'cause they were down 10-zip in the first quarter. Now, I knew better than to use the 10-zip deficit as a guarantee that the Saints would lose, because I've seen weird things happen during the Bowl *cough2008Patriotscough*, so needless to say I was happy to see that I had been right about something for once.

Now, all I have to do is wait a few more days for Snowmageddon 2 and Spring Training to start! Yay!

(And yes, I realize the accenty U in the title isn't the same font.)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Whoever wrote this UrbanDictionary definition for the Super Bowl gets a hi-5:
"30 second clips of men running in between commercials"

I couldn't've said it any better. Go whoever. I don't care at this point. 1 month and 29 days til Opening Day.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

come on.

DC and the Mid-Atlantic got hammered with snow. We're right in the path the snow storm is s'posed to go. I think I've seen a half of a snowflake so far today. And it's a Saturday. WE NEED SNOW DURING THE WEEK!

In more important news, Lincecum is going to an arbitration hearing to decide his salary, so now that it's at least decided that he is indeed going to have a hearing, I have no idea when or how it's going to pan out so I'll keep you posted.

And as a last thing, I hate driving on the highway. I hate it with a passion. I loathe it. (Unadulterated loathing...Let's just say I loathe it all...) Give me tchotchke little back roads and an extra hour of driving time before you make me drive on the highway again.

(ps: the italicized quote is from "What is This Feeling?", it's on the Wicked soundtrack, it's been stuck in my head all week and it fits my utter distaste for driving 65mph)

Friday, February 5, 2010

quasi-important tidbits for the day

Just a random list of things I've thought about recently.
  • It should not take me 3 minutes to find my jar of Nutella. You would think that when I put it back in the pantry last time, my brain would've remembered where I put it.
  • Having glasses, light hair and blue eyes and being pale does not automatically make two people siblings. I have been mistaken as a sibling of many of my friends, and I can sorta see a half of a sneeze of a resemblance, but only in the aforementioned features and certainly not enough to have been from shared genes. You guys are cool and all, but we're not siblings.
  • The so-called "classics" in American literature are as boring as all get-up. I mean, I have to read roughly 30 pages of that Ben Franklin autobiography (in tiny print), which isn't a lot, per se, but it's so unbelievably dull! I got barely any reading done yesterday 'cause I watched the fencing practice instead of reading (to save my butt, I would've rather gone to the fencing meet than done most other assignments because I love watching it, not because it was my only alternative)
  • And have I told you that I love getting college mail? Sure, I throw most of it away, but I just love getting mail so I don't care that I end up chucking it.
That's it. Off to weightlifting later and then SOS after that. Have fun :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i could

I could be working on something semi-productive right now, like reading Ben Franklin's autobiography for English class or getting articles for next week's current issues journals. I could be calling it an early night and prepping for bed. And I could be a good supportive friend and attend the student-produced drama production tonight.

But I'm not. Homework is not what I want to be doing right now. I had conditioning this afternoon and showing up to SOS in my post-conditioning glory wasn't gonna happen. (Though, going to bed early does sound kinda tempting...)

Still no news on the *insert bad word of choice here* arbitration mess with the Giants. Get the lead out! Spring training is in 15 days! (thank you Ellie for the countdown)

Oh, and one last thing: I was thinking (surprise, I know), and I realized that we have not had a snow day yet this school year. We've had 90-minute delays, maybe early dismissals, but no real snow days. That makes me mad. I don't really want to be snowed in. But we can't go this year without a snow day. It just doesn't happen. New England has to throw some of its lovely surprise weather at us at some point. If it doesn't, I'm all for a school-wide no-show day to revolt from the lack of snow days.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

500 posts!

(And of course I commemorate it by accidentally posting just the title. I win.)

I know that since the blog has been up for 2+ years, I should have way more than 500 posts but you know what, I was busy and I didn't always have something to talk about. You're lucky I posted that much. So shut it.

I will shamefully admit that ranting yesterday was actually quite fun, even though it could've warranted me a slap in the head for not having self-confidence.

And now I think I'm going to make myself a glass of mocha milk while I finish (start?) my current issues homework. Ta ta :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

this is a rant post

So, if you're not a fan of my time-to-time complainotron sessions, you might as well leave now.

...Ok, if you haven't already left, I'm going to start my rant now.

About this whole softball conditioning thing. It's great, don't get me wrong. I'm so glad the coaches sponsor this because I know that I wouldn't've made the team last year if I hadn't done it (since my committal was the only thing that saved my derrière last season), and I also know that I'm not the only bum who benefits from it. What I don't like is that regardless of me showing up 4 days a week, I'm still sore after the plyo days, even though my asthma prevents me from going all the way through the drills. Exercise-induced asthma is the devil's spawn.

Another thing that bothers me is that conditioning, in it's nature of being aerobic and sweat-inducing and whatnot, is s'posed to lose weight. That's also good for me, 'cause even though I'm not necessarily overweight, having extremely skinny friends does a number to my existing lack of self-esteem, so the 5 or 10 pounds usually gives the illusion that I'm in shape and makes me feel like I've accomplished something in my suffering.
Unfortunately, the weightlifting we started this year undoes all that work. Yeah, the added weight is muscle, and muscle is a lot more compact than... shall we say, the "mush" it's replacing, but the whole weight gain mess was one of those "Things I Need to Know" for 100 deals. And weightlifting is easier than the other conditioning stuff for me, so I'm essentially screwing my conscience over by doing this. I'm honestly not sure, but I kinda really don't like it.

At this point, my options are to 1) stop the softball process and give up entirely (which isn't an option, since I want to play and I need something on my letterman jacket), 2) to do more of the conditioning bit and eat less to get back to where I want to be scale-wise (and my asthma doesn't accommodate for the exercise part) or 3) suck it up. I think #3 is the least of 3 evils.

And that is the end of my rant. Carry on.

Monday, February 1, 2010

"excuse me while i kiss this guy"

Don't get too excited, Laura, no first base was involved in the making of this post.

Today's post is courtesy of's word of the day, which today is "mondegreen." For those of you unfortunate souls who don't know what a mondegreen is, it's a botched up music lyric based on what someone heard. The title of the post is a mondegreen of a Jimi Hendrix song where everyone swears that he says "excuse me while I kiss this guy" when the actual lyrics are s'posed to be "excuse me while I kiss the sky." I've found a few sites of mondegreens, and a lot of them are really funny and make perfect sense, like how there's this one song about a pink Cadillac where I always thought they were singing about "pink cabinets", which didn't make sense in the context of the song but if you know the song, it kinda sounds like that.

So yeah. Mondegreens are a lot of fun. Here's the two websites I found, and there's more out there. Enjoy!