Tuesday, January 5, 2010

well this sucks.

Pues, ese me lanza un curveball. Y no me gustan los curveballs.

So. That softball meeting yesterday. You know how conditioning last year was two days a week? Yeah. Try four days a week this year: one of plyos (jumping and stuff), one of normal conditioning things and two of weight-lifting. I understand that our coaches want us to be fit but I don't think this is the best way to go about it. And they changed the time, so not only would someone have to pick me up off the floor with a shovel if I went all 4 days, I have no way of getting there either. I'll probably just drop the varsity coach an email being all like "Yo, I can't go every day unless someone is willing to drive me and pick me off the floor with a shovel, so could you give me some suggestions as to lighter stuff I could do at home on my own?"

Another curveball thrown at me today: I was s'posed to go to a freshman girls basketball game on Thursday to do interviews for a journalism article, and my across-the-street neighbor told me this morning that due to lack of people, they're cutting the freshman team. Great. So now I have to get a ride to either the JV or varsity game that night and hope to goodness that the upper-level coaches will let me into the locker room to do interviews. And there's another email to write; keeping my fingers crossed.

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