Sunday, January 10, 2010

that was scary.

My parents made me drive to the grocery store in town to practice my driving earlier today. Fine, no big deal. I didn't really want to leave the house 'cause my hair was a mess and my face is still puffy.

So. First mistake I made was getting into the wrong vehicular. My stepdad had to get some things at the store, so I assumed that we were taking his truck. I got the mirrors all situated and then my mom decided to tell me to take her car. Again, not a big deal but I would've liked to know that before getting all the mirrors situated and crap.

Then it took me like 10 minutes to get out of the driveway. Since I've only been on the real road once, I was a nervous mess and I was convinced I was gonna crash into everything and die. So my stepdad didn't let me leave the parking spot until I stopped being a mess.

And of course the first thing I had to do was a stinkin' 3-point turn to turn around and get out of the parking spot, trying to not hit the snowbank as well as the truck. It didn't help that the only 3-point turns I've done were with absolutely nothing around me. So that took a few tries.

Driving on my road is a bit scary. The EGE will attest to this. It's quite possibly the worst road in the area to start driving on. It's up. It's down. It's left. It's right. It's narrow. And it's surrounded by stone walls, phone poles and the occasional deer herd. But luckily we took the long way to the grocery store and avoided the really nasty part of my road.

In light of my driveway meltdown, my stepdad then made me turn into one of the local playing field parking lots to work on reversing and getting my directions right. All I can say is that it is a darn good thing there were no cars there 'cause he had me steering the car all over the place for about a half hour.

The road bit was ok, except there were cars up my butt and that pissed me off. And then I had to accelerate up a hill and freaked out 'cause the speed limit was 45 and I was going 50.

Shopping, grocery store, hardware store, blah blah blah. That's not important.

I had to start my venture home with 2 left turns on the busiest streets in my town, which was a little scary and I sat there longer than I really needed to 'cause I freaked out whenever I saw an oncoming car, regardless of whether I could've pulled out or not. We went the other way home, which meant I had to go on another ugly and busy road to get to the ugly part of my road to get home. Again with the threats of deer and stone walls, but this time with the added danger of having a full propane tank in the trunk.

But I made it home safe. I just hope I get more comfortable with this whole driving mess. And fast.

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