Monday, January 11, 2010


This nice, full jar of Nutella is almost too pretty to open...

Anyway. I shall dig into the Nutella as I open with some of the first big dirt of 2010.

It has come to the Red Sox' attention that Dice-K's not-so-greatness last year wasn't just a fluke. He had a groin injury and decided to not tell the team about it. Not good. Let's hope it wasn't a huge important injury or he just screwed his team out of a lot of moolah.

Also, Mark McGwire finally admitted to taking 'roids. I thought we already established this! Oh well. Another year, another big leaguer admiting to juicing. It gets old after a while.

And another reason why Facebook has its good moments: this group :)

I should probably get off the blogosphere and work on my essay Qs since I have a history essay thingy on Wednesday before the exam on Thursday, and then I have my AP bio midterm on Friday. And I should probably ice my face some more to get some of the swelling down.
Ta ta :)

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