Thursday, January 21, 2010

oh my flying spaghetti monster

This is a variation of a more vulgar term my friends use. But it fits.

Well first of all, the traditional January 20th dream thing didn't work. I still don't know why I even bother at this point.

Also, I did some softball weightlifting on Tuesday for conditioning stuff, and I realize I'm going to be sore the first few days after but my goodness I cannot even walk correctly, it hurts so bad. Legwork seemed to be the thing of the day, which is fine, but my coach had me start out with squat supersets with 25s on each side of the bar and I had never gone to a weightlifting session before so needless to say anything between my hips and knees is in excruciating pain right now. And of course half my classes are upstairs. I know that I'm screwing myself out of a workout by not going to conditioning today but my theory is that if I can't even function normally without being in pain, I sure as heck should not be pushing myself even further into the realms of agony by running and jumping and shuffling and all that lovely junk. 'Cause right now, I'd rather deal with my parents yelling at me than not being able to do nearly anything at conditioning through the muscular torture.

Luckily, my book order came in, so that makes today a little better :)


Laura said...

what's the january 20th thing?

mandachan said...

it's this old kinda stupid ritual thing that people did to predict their future spouses. i'll send you the wikipedia link.