Wednesday, January 20, 2010

not bad.

Alex avoided arbitration by agreeing to a $1.15mil deal for one year. Good to know he's not going anywhere.

(he gets a hi-5 for being silly and throwing Bloomquist under the bus)

Lincecum has yet to agree to a deal but rumors say he's asking for $13mil and the Giants are looking for $8mil, but I was reading Sports Illustrated yesterday while on my lunch break and it said that his agent might be looking for $23mil and 1 dollar just to spite CC Sabathia's $23mil deal, which is a record for a 1-year pitcher deal.

Also, I got an email saying my book order has been shipped so yay :)

And I've decided that this semester is going to suck only because of English class. I've been historically eh in English class on the principle that if I'm going to read something, I am going to read it to enjoy it and not find all the symbolism and extra meaning that the author might not have even put in there. It didn't help that my teacher gave like seventy bajillion handouts today and our first unit is on Puritans and Separatists and all sorts of religious crap that I'm so not into as a modified atheist. Grrr.


Laura said...

I was good at that unit! Who do you have for English? I can always help you if you need it! especially with finding hidden symbolism and all that crap!

mandachan said...

i have park and i am going to die. i hate finding symbolism.