Saturday, January 2, 2010

new camera, or fun with dominoes!

So far, I'm only aware of two frequent readers of Divided Loyalty that are friends with me on Facebook, so they probably have already seen these. Especially seeing that one of those two readers was there when I took the pictures. These were me testing out my new camera.

This is my dog. She's made guest appearances on here before. And she doesn't really argue when I try to take pictures of her. Or when I blind her with the flash.

Our new invention, Domino Jenga. The EGE came over for a mini New Years Eve whateverness since my parents also invited people over, and we got mad bored so we decided to play Jenga with our dominoes. The towels were to dampen the noise when they crashed into the hardwood floor. (And there's Sage again.)

Best. Move. Ever. I honestly have no idea how I even managed this. I went to take the middle one (of the row of 5) and the other two just kinda fell out, and magically it stayed together. Domino Jenga skills, I has them.

I also had a pretty good one of the EGE taken at a really weird angle but I'm not sure if he'd let me post that on here. If you really want to see it, shoot me an email and if I like you, then I'll friend you and you can see it on Facebook.

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