Saturday, January 9, 2010

i lied.

Turns out the Xanax was only to chill me out before the surgery. Now for other fun that occurred yesterday in my epic adventure of teeth removal.
  • Not being able to drink or eat anything all morning sucks.
  • Don't try to take medicine if you can't drink anything or if you can't conjure up enough spit to make it go down. Half of the Xanax pill dissolved before I could swallow it 'cause it kept getting stuck to my tongue or the roof of my mouth, which is weird since I'm usually pretty good at taking my Zyrtec in the morning sans water or spit.
  • When you're hooked up to a heart rate monitor, don't laugh or hiccup. It'll make your heart rate spike and the machine make scary beeping noises, which could potentially make you laugh/hiccup harder. Notice the vicious cycle? I don't even remember what got me started laughing but watching the line on the screen was enough to keep me going for a while.
  • Novocaine in my gum didn't hurt as much as when I got it into my cheek when I got bit by a dog a few years back, but since I flinched a little when they put it one my right side, they put another one in to numb me up more, so the right side of my bottom lip was still numb when I went to bed.
  • I don't know if this was just me or what, but the laughing gas didn't really do anything. I was awake the entire time and could hear my music and the Dremel drill thing in my face and everyone talking about how much of a "weenie" I was. Thanks, guys.
  • Talking with facial swelling, a mouthful of gauze and numbness from jaw to jaw and my right eyebrow down was kinda hard and funny to listen to.
  • The "wisdom teeth diet" should be a legit diet: you can only eat mushy things like soup and yogurt and applesauce and stuff, and for things like ice cream and ramen noodles, it takes you so long to eat that you just get tired of trying to eat after a while and not even half the thing is gone. Most of it ends up all over your face and lap anyway.
  • On that note, this "wisdom teeth diet" isn't all that bad. I mean, ramen noodles, tea, ice cream, milkshakes, yogurt...
And hey, all this gets me out of doing most of my chores. Nothing wrong with that :)

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