Sunday, January 17, 2010

and now for an off-topic post

For Christmas, I usually get a whole bunch of gift cards 'cause I'm really hard to shop for. We already went over this. This year seemed to be the year of Barnes and Noble. Now, I'm totally game for book gift cards. I love Borders, B&N, all those places. But the only problem with B&N is that there aren't any around here. When I get other gift cards, I think nothing of asking for a mini mall trip to buy stuff, as the mall is only about a 20-minute drive. The nearest B&N stores are between 55-75 minutes away. Now, I realize that the relatives that gave me the gift cards live near these places but I don't, so it's really inconvenient.

Now, enter the magic of online shopping. Shipping and handling usually sucks, but since if I'm going to place an order, I'm going to buy more than 25 bucks of stuff (and with books, that ain't a hard number to reach), I usually score free shipping. Sometimes I luck out with promotions, like today, and get my stuff for a discount or the member price. Either way, I don't have to bother someone to drive me an hour just to get a book, and I save some gift card moolah.

As for the actual books, I got the newest book in the Warriors saga (yes, I realize these are kid books but I've been reading the series since 6th grade and they keep coming out with more books; this is the 19th), a book on how to draw people (this one is one of the few I found that isn't filled with nude models, which is great) and another book on how to revamp old T-shirts (the Generation T series, I already have the first one).

They'll be in sometime this week or next week. I'm not too worried, it's not like I need them for anything.


Ellie said...

There's a couple of pictures of Alex here (and there's a bunch of other Royals too)

mandachan said...

wow. that is great. thanks for the link :)