Thursday, January 7, 2010

2-year anniversary!

Woo! The Internet has dealt with my nonsense for 2 years! I feel special.
Now, for the important part. Last year’s recap anniversary post sucked and was completely outdone by the one on The Amateur Geek, and while I know I can’t top that, I’m gonna try, dangit. Here goes.

2009 At a Glance
(in no particular order)
The 2009 season had its ups and downs. I sat waiting patiently for Spring Training and Opening Day through the cold winter. I pissed and moaned about sucky trades. I went through the heartbreak of DL trips, demotions and ah hem a run-in with the Washington State Police. I said goodbye to the local minor-league team (and also pissed and moaned about their move and name change). I saw a team come back from losing their top pitching prospect to making a darn good postseason run. I rooted for the meteor in the World Series from Hell. I saw not one but two of my boys steal home. I got scorned for wearing “wrong” or mismatched baseball paraphernalia, and I’ve purposely worn the so-called “wrong” baseball paraphernalia just to piss people off. I’ve celebrated birthdays, awesomeness days and days where I had nothing to talk about with picture posts.

A lot happened in real life too. I survived another grueling round of conditioning and actually had it pay off this time. I made the school softball team as a 4th outfielder and stats monkey, and even though I sucked (one hit all season), I actually accomplished something for once. I’ve had more injuries, respectable, unusual and just plain stupid, than I’d care to admit. I had the infamous “study of awkwardness” and started a webcomic about it. I lived through sophomore year with no major casualties. I finally turned 16 and got promoted to “upperclassman”. I got my permit and have not crashed (yet. Then again, I also haven’t gone over 20mph.) I got rejected from NHS, a.k.a the Nasty Horrible Society, and got the kick in the pants I needed to do something about my lack of public involvement. I became a published journalist though classmates will say that I tend to get stuck with boring topics like natural disasters and standardized testing. I've grown away from old friends and towards new friends, and I also lost a classmate (never forget. MRB #23). And finally, I found out that sometimes, the best thing for you has been right in front of you the whole time, messing with his graphing calculator and launching rockets into oblivion

Even though the views show that I could be a heck of a lot better at blogging, I really appreciate the few views that I do get ‘cause at least I know someone is reading and my hard time-consuming work isn’t totally going to waste. I also want to thank the EGE because even though his blog pisses me off sometimes, it gives me something to attempt to beat. Not to mention that he’s dealt with my nonsense both on- and offline, which is a lot to handle (trust me). Thanks also going out to Ellie for having an awesome blog and for being my go-to person when I want to talk baseball :)

Here’s to another year of divided loyalty baseball and even more nonsense!

And to start off the new "season" of Divided Loyalty, I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow! Fun! With that being said, I'm going to keep the posting to the minimum this weekend, as posting while on Xanax is probably not a good idea. Thanks again to everyone and I'll be back on Monday.

(btw, happy birthday to Jon Lester and K-Rod)


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Thanks for the shout-out! I wish I had some way of remembering the day of my first blog post instead of knowing that Marlon Anderson's birthday was 2 days ago.