Friday, December 31, 2010

that went by fast

It's kinda crazy how fast the year seems to go by when you think about it. I remember having such a hard time writing "2010" on my papers, now I'll have to think about writing "2011."

Oh (non-existent) God. I graduate in 2011. In June. That's in 6 months. *whimper* I don't know if I'm ready.

Ok, well before this either turns into a year-recapping post (because you'll get one in a week), or an existential crisis (because I have far too many of those), I'm off to eat lunch, whip out some homework/projectness stuff and then to Laura's for a New Year's Eve-ish thing.

So if I don't post right at midnight like I've done in the past, gott nytt år! :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010


My laptop is on its last leg. I've been without antivirus stuff for so long that it doesn't want to reset. We might not be able to fix it. I has a sad.

I'll probably either try to cut down on my stack of books to read, work on my gov homework or my public speaking project, then I'm going to see HP7 later. So yeah.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

back to the desktop

Now I remember why I use my laptop for posting. Using the desktop suuuucks. It's kinda old and really slow. But it's better than nothing.

Calc study group today. Wooo. I haven't even touched the stuff since the last day before break, so I guess this'll jumpstart my brain a bit.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Just as a little forewarning, my dad will be taking my computer for the next few days because something got screwed up (and ahem my computer has been without antivirus for a few months) and he needs to reset it and redo all the updates. I'll try to get on the desktop to post, because it's been almost an entire year of posting at least once a day and I don't want to ruin it now, but if something happens and the desktop doesn't want to cooperate (i.e. it's not opening iTunes right now which is pissing me off), then either I'll have the EGE do a guest post or you just won't get a post.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Fingers crossed that it won't take long.

working on it

I have roughly half of my gov packet done, some more of my Ithaca essay and still haven't done much for my public speaking project. I'll get around to it.

The EGE has invited a few peeps over today for a snowball fight. I hate to be like this, but I'm not really looking forward to it for a few reasons:
1, because this is not snowball snow. I was out there long enough shoveling yesterday to know that this is the powdery crap, not the sticky stuff.
2, because even if it was snowball snow, for some reason my throwing fundamentals go out the door in a snowball fight and then I can't throw for crap and then I get mad (and sore).
3, because our group of friends gets together fine when we're in our element. Which is in school. And we're not in school right now. So when there's more than two of us together, someone is always left out and someone usually starts arguing and, depending who is there, two of those someones always starts making out, and then we have to get out the squirt guns. And as much fun as it is to get people with squirt guns when they clearly aren't paying attention, having to deal with the tonsil hockey gets really old really quickly.

I don't mean to sound like a jerk, 'cause I have a great group of friends, but the impending snowball fight will just end in disaster. I can see it already.

Monday, December 27, 2010

bad timing

Why does it always seem like we get snow when school isn't in session to cancel? We only had one snowday last year, even with the two Snowmaggedons, because all of our snow happened on weekends or days off. This year isn't off to a much better start. No clue how much we got 'cause I haven't had a reason to go outside, plus it was mad windy so it all drifted anyway.

And I forgot my Zyrtec when I slept over my dad's on Christmas night, so I'm all stuffy and sneezy today :P

And my brain apparently didn't want me to sleep last night 'cause I went to bed and couldn't fall asleep 'cause I had too much going on in my head. I had at least 2 story ideas running through my head, as well as 3 songs stuck.

Well, since I don't plan on leaving the house except to (ugh) shovel a little, hopefully I'll get my gov homework done, maybe my last Ithaca scholarship essay and some of my public speaking stuff.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

i shouldn't find this funny

But of course I do. It figures, the "big snowstorm of the year season" just has to be during Christmas break when we're all off anyway. And it just has to hit right after Christmas so it screws up anyone trying to get to or from the East Coast, not to mention that I won't be able to drive to work tomorrow because I will not be able to see the road. But the little weather alert thingy on the Weather Channel site says this:
Oh teh noes. Not the Christmas decorations. Never mind the blizzard conditions, what ever shall we do about the knocked-down Christmas decorations? Good to know where your guyses' priorities lie...

Anyway. If I do wind up getting snowed in at my dad's house, I have 4 books, a laptop and How to Train Your Dragon to keep me entertained, at least for a while.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

4 christmases

Just like the movie. I'm wiped.

Merry Christmas to all and to all screw it I'm tired, I'll see you in the morning.

Friday, December 24, 2010

you know

You know you're in a geeky relationship when your significant other not only knows down to the day how long you've been going out, but how long you've been going out in terms of pi.

You know you have a good group of friends when you come up with the world's worst pun and they laugh at it and hi-5 you for it.

You know you have a great group of friends when a minor argument at a Christmas party usually results in a wrestling match and teaming up against someone to put wrapping paper down their shirt.

You know you're in for a busy 2 days when you have 4 Christmases to attend and that's not even all the ones you've done in the past.

And you know you're failing at what could've been a cool post idea when you can't think of a good last one to make it a nice number of things. So happy Christmas Eve, I'll probably be back on late tomorrow night.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

good and bad

Good: Three things here.
  • The first is that the DADT repeal was signed yesterday.
  • The second is that I went with my stepdad for Christmas shopping stuff the other night and we went to a local Indian place for dinner and I got chicken tikka masala and it was amazing and I'm eating the leftovers right now :)
  • The third is that I got my fourth college acceptance, this one from Quinnipiac.

The bad thing is that this leaves my BU letter for last. And most likely that will be a rejection, so I don't know if the fates just don't understand the concept of "saving the best for last" or what, especially considering I'm leaning most towards Ithaca right now and I got that one first...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

took them long enough

The guy who caused the car crash that killed Nick Adenhart and some of his buddies finally got convicted for the murder and faces "51 years to life in prison" for the murders and driving without a license and driving under the influence and all that crap.

But hey, it's officially break now, so let's not be quite so morbid. Even though I have a slew of scholarship essays to write.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 down, 2 to go

College acceptances. Got "yay"s from Ithaca, Emerson and UConn, still waiting on Quinnipiac and BU. I doubt I'll get more than a "haha nice try" from BU, and I probably won't go there anyway, but I figured it was worth a shot anyway.

Now that my thesis is done, I'll have more time to work on scholarship essays. Joy. That'll keep me busy during Christmas Break. Plus the books I got out of the library yesterday. I swear, I'd never be able to work at a library or bookstore, I'd wind up reading half the stuff there while I'm working. I meant to go in there to kill some time before running errands, and I wound up spending over a half hour in there just wandering through the stacks. I weeded my choices down to four books: one is the book sibling to the Fortune Cookie Chronicles website, two about writing (I've been trying to expand my writing from the cliché teenage crap I usually write) and one about supernatural stuff and other magic things and their impact on American society.

And I missed the lunar eclipse last night. I wanted to see it, but I didn't really feel like getting up at 1am to see it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

almost forgot about this

Not sure why, I've done it the past two years. Happy Triple David Birthday Awesomeness Day!

(For those of you not in the know, I had been poking around on Wikipedia a few years back and found out that Davids DeJesus, Wright and Cook all have birthdays today. Kooky, huh?)

I'd post more (check out Ellie's post for Davids 2 and 3), but I have a thesis paper to finish. Though the funny thing is that two other people in my journalism class that also have gov this semester are also writing their papers on journalism censorship. My guess is that our teacher will be sick of Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier by the time the semester ends.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I was playing MLB 2K6 with my friend Tyler earlier, and we were laughing about how most of the guys on those teams are either on another team or retired, and it reminded me of the trade I saw this morning. The Royals gave Greinke to the Brewers for some prospect package of 4 guys. I know that he's not exactly spectacular under pressure, but for crying out loud he was the face of the franchise after DeJesus left.

Oh well. At least it wasn't Alex. No word on him lately. I think his contract last year ($1mil and change) was only for last year, but I'm not sure. Obviously if he gets the boot, I'll be in the know.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

pick your battles

Kindof an ironic title, considering the Senate just agreed to advance legislation regarding repealing DADT.

I know I'm bent on equality, but does a person's sexual orientation really affect their ability to serve their country? The typical lame response is that guys aren't comfortable knowing that some of their comrades might look at them "like that," but women are allowed in the armed forces, and no one complains about them looking at their male comrades "like that", or vice versa, right? At this point, the military should be happy anyone wants to get involved anymore, with all these different wars going on, and kicking them out over something like that is just absurd.

The sooner DADT gets repealed, the better. It's bad enough it was signed in the first place. Members of the armed forces shouldn't be required to hide such a large part of themselves in fear of getting kicked out of their job. Discrimination like that is pretty much illegal in every other profession, if I'm not too mistaken. This is the 21st century, society should be better than to prevent innocent people from working and serving their country over which gender they're more attracted to.

The now-famous quote from the late Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater sums it up perfectly. "You don't have to be straight to shoot straight."

Friday, December 17, 2010


Family Christmas shindig tonight. No post.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

because i'm a journalist, dammit

Maybe it's just me, but I thought that it's common journalism sense that if you agree to an interview, the article written about whatever the interview is about can include anything from the interview. As long as they're not making stuff up, it's fair game, right?

It seems that everything I write or do for the school newsmagazine gets me yelled at. Must be a monthly "Let Me Piss Off Everyone In the School" thing. It's not fair. I don't intentionally piss everyone off. I guess I'm just wrong about everything. Sure would explain the constant displeasure with anything I do. Doesn't make life any easier.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i could never be a housewife

Why? I start to go stir-crazy after about an hour of cooking.

And yes, I did just put that pun in there, completely accidentally.

As a Nasty Horrible Society member, I had to go to two freshman homerooms to collect money for our holiday toy drive. Mine were amazing. The agreement was that if they brought in $35 each, I'd make stuff. By the end I had $111. And per their requests, I spent the afternoon making chocolate cupcakes (with vanilla rainbow chip frosting), brownies and chocolate chip cookies. I am all baked out.

And now I get to do calc homework, and then go shopping at Target for all the money we got from the toy drive. Not to mention that I have to get up early tomorrow for the meeting at 7. Ugh.

But hey, I guess the cookie dough bits were worth all this...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

oh my.

For our winter production (which is a bunch of student-written short plays rather than one long one), we have to audition with monologues. So you know where the problem is already. I can do fine practicing a song or lines by myself, but if I have to do it in front of anyone, forget it.

I was browsing around online for monologues to perform, to no avail. They're either too long or really boring. Or really raunchy, like this one that I found from Not Such Stuff, a play of a bunch of Shakespearean female characters basically ranting. The one I saw was Juliet's, and oh dear was it raunchy. Talk about the tradition of double-entendres. I could never do this, between the length of memorizing (600+ words) and the fact that I would not be able to keep a straight face through it.

Also, Cliff Lee did not go to the Yankees, thank goodness. He signed with the Phillies instead. Not an ideal choice, but better the Phillies than the Yankees.

Monday, December 13, 2010

well that was anticlimactic

I went partial Christmas shopping today after my job interview (didn't get anything because of when my birthday falls and college and stuff, but the guy was really nice). I also got some t-shirts for a public speaking project (long story). And tried on some random clothing to kill time. And then I got stuck behind some idiot going 40 on the highway and almost got hit several times myself. I realize that I get passed a lot when I'm going the speed limit, but 40? Really?

Meteor shower tonight/tomorrow morning. I'll try to either stay up late to watch some of it. Or get up early, since those magical they people say it's going to be the best viewing at around 6am tomorrow.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

rain > snow

Sure, driving in the pouring rain really sucks (especially when you're in a bad mood, but that's aside the point), but I would so rather have all this rain than the snow that the Midwest is getting pounded with. This is like Snowmageddon last year. Minnesota got hammered with 2 feet of snow. And the Vikings' stadium roof caved in. No joke. They have one of those inflate-o-dome roof things, and there was so much snow that the Teflon just broke.

Also in the snow department, the world's largest sno cone was made in Texas last week. 24,095 pounds total, with 12,546 pounds of shaved ice and 1,568 gallons of syrup, making for over 50,000 8-ounce servings. That's a lot of sno cones.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

naps and chocolate

We got our Christmas tree today, but I was mad tired when I came home so I crashed in my recliner instead of doing my calc homework. It was only for a half-hour, tops, but I felt a lot better afterwards. Then again, I also ate some hazelnut chocolate after I got up, so it might've been that too...

No other big news in baseball.

And my holiday political correctness rant was distributed on Wednesday, and the only bad thing I heard was that there was a funky layout screwup that chopped off the last 5 words or so. But even one of the really religious girls in my calc class said that she liked my article and her mom did too. Here's the full text:
In Waterbury, just about an hour and a half away from dear old Ledyard, the principal of one of their twenty elementary schools reportedly banned celebration of and decorations depicting winter holidays. According to Fox News, the argument that the principal and school superintendent supported was that "this is not a church, it's a school and it's a public school,” and school activities have to “include every child.”

With the holiday season coming up, it has become a major point of contention over whether there should even be a “holiday” season. As the United States diversifies culturally, more groups are objecting to celebrating holidays, as it seems impossible to accommodate to all faiths, particularly those that denounce holidays of any sort. Holidays are a vital part of human cultural society and the celebration of such should not be banned in any sense.

Instead of sanctioning holidays and preventing everyone from celebrating anything, what would be the harm in celebrating all holidays? What schools, towns and the nation should do is teach about the holidays on an educational level and not a proselytistic level, and provide the option of not participating for skeptics who aren’t comfortable with partaking in other traditions. This way, the cultural aspect is not lost, no one is forced into conversion or religiously offended, and there’s still an opt-out feature if things get iffy.
Political correctness, especially regarding religious subjects, is a hotly-debated issue across the country and around the world. In the attempt to make sure no one is insulted or left out, and to ensure the separation of church and state, officials are going so far as to restrict the rights of everyone, and that is not acceptable. It is a First Amendment right for US citizens to be able to practice whatever religion they well please, and laws that ban holidays are infringing on that right.

As a devout atheist, I fully support the separation of church and state, and the preaching-like style of many holiday-based lessons is something that bothers a lot of people, including myself. But the world as it is today has a strong base in religion, so denying current and future generations of the right to freely celebrate holidays is denying them the knowledge that society is built upon. Proselytization is not the answer, but neither is complete censorship of these holidays; objective education, and the choice to act upon such, is.
And that is my story. And I'm sticking to it.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Not much today. It's kinda late and I should've posted earlier when I had time. Oh well.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

on fire

Because signing A-Gon wasn't enough, the Sox signed Carl Crawford, took him right under the Angels' noses. Deal was 7 years and $142mil. As long as Ellsbury is still in the outfield, I'll be ok. The Sox also offered a deal to catcher Russell Martin, no word on that.

The Royals also signed Melky Cabrera to a 1-year deal.

'Tis all for now, but obviously the Carl Crawford signing, plus the A-Gon signing, are pretty big, so suck it up.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

heating up

Jeff Francoeur signed with the Royals for their first "big" acquisition this offseason. He got a 1-year deal for $2.5mil, with a $4mil option for 2012.

Also, I apparently have no since of direction, 'cause I went to the mall with the EGE but we had to go the back way due to construction, and I had to lead even though I didn't know where we were going, and I was looking for the wrong street and ended up in a really sketchy part of town I had never been in. And then I got my head practically ripped off for it.

Luckily, we made it to the mall safely, I tried on all sorts of random crap just for the ridiculosity of it, and I also have a job interview on Monday (a local Chili's is reopening and I filled out an app before I went to the mall/got lost).

And I'm officially a moron, because I went to the mall today in a non-shopping mindset and kinda mad because I wouldn't be able to buy Christmas presents for friends 'cause I don't have money. When I got home, guess who found a $100 mall/Visa giftcard in her bag? It was still in there from my "going-away" party at the dentist office before school started, but because my giftcards are in a separate wallet in my bag (no room in my real one), I never remember they're in there. I guess we'll just have to make a return trip sometime soon.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

hypocrisy is the end-all

I had Florence and the Machine's "Dog Days Are Over" stuck in my head yesterday for pretty much the entire day. I mean, it was the last song I heard in the car before I got to school, and it is my ringtone. So when I got home, I watched the music video.

And then I read the comments. This is what always kills a good mood, the comments. Someone had to be a big jerk and be all "Blarg, they did this on Glee and now it sucks." Granted, I didn't like the version they did on the show, but that doesn't mean that the entire song is ruined. Luckily, someone after them kinda went off on them for doing the whole hipster thing and being all "Oh, other people like this song so now it's not cool." Nonconformity is cool and all, but not quite like that.

The way I see it, jerks that pull off crap like that are only being hypocrites. They think that mainstream music sucks because it's mainstream and a lot of people listen to it. (hmm, I know some people like that...). Thus, they're letting the musical tastes of other people dictate what they listen to, which is the exact thing that they try to avoid. So when they're all priding themselves on listening to unique stuff and not listening to what other people tell them to, they're also shunning what could be perfectly good music, simply because someone told them about it.

Besides, on the hipster train of logic, "the best band in the world is nonexistent." So quit your egotistical bitching and listen to music because it's good, not because of who likes it.

Monday, December 6, 2010


First, they said the Sox were definitely signing Adrian Gonzalez and were working on a preliminary deal and extensions and stuff. Then they said that everything was off 'cause something didn't work. And now they said that Gonzalez is definitely signed, traded for 4 minor league players, including outfielder Reymond Fuentes, right-handed pitcher Casey Kelly and first baseman Anthony Rizzo (player #4 has yet to be determined).

Welcome to the club, dude.

And in the "It's About Damn Time" Department, the federal hearing for overturning Proposition 8 in California starts today. I mean, it shouldn't've been an issue in the first place, because gender should not be a reason to prevent anyone from marrying who they want, but if it doesn't get overturned, something is seriously wrong.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

living proof

Proof that every decision I make is wrong: yesterday. I wasn't feeling all that hot yesterday (Sam had a stomach thing and I got it), but I still decided to do some Christmas shopping and go over the EGE's house for a while. All I'll say is that it didn't end well, they had to drive me home, and now he's probably gonna get the same bug I had.

And then I had to sleep on my floor (because a loft bed does not go well with a sick stomach), and I'm all stiff now from sleeping on the floor.

I feel a lot better now, though...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

first action of the season

Hot Stove season, that is. Those mysterious "they" people say that the Sox have agreed on a preliminary deal with the Padres for Adrian Gonzalez. I'm actually pretty surprised they were willing to give him up, since Gonzalez was pretty much the face of the Padres. Luckily, no major leaguers from our side will get sent to San Diego; names of the minor leaguers in question are still being thrown around, but the Sox are probably gonna trade their top pitching prospect, Casey Kelly, plus a few other guys.

The Sox are also looking at Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth (even though that would royally screw up our outfield), but no word on either of those talks.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Much to the dismay of some people whose opinions on this I don't care about, I'm falling victim to the masses of ridiculosity by participating in the Pokémon Profile Picture Month thing on Facebook. Mine is Umbreon, one of the seventy bajillion evolved forms of Eevee.
photo from the Pokémon Database
Afterwards, I realized that Umbreon looks vaguely similar to a creature from a movie I like a lot.
He really is :)  (photo from Bing Images)
The eyes, the ears, the coloring... just something to think about.

obligatory news post

This whole thing with NASA's discovery of arsenic-eating life forms, it's pretty cool. I mean, these bacteria use the poisonous element and use it to build their DNA instead of phosphorus. Not only does it give a possible way to clean up any arsenic spills, it also gives a look to other possible life forms not on Earth. Seems like a pretty big deal.

So why is it so hard to find info on it? This is science. This is important. More important than a face-sucking session between Twilight stars, than that Delaware senator candidate and her book deal, than whether the brunette chick on Glee will get replaced. (Though that last one might not be a bad idea, I can't stand her voice or her character.) But seriously. Extraterrestrial life > pop culture.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

the biggest thing

The biggest thing I miss about summer is not the weather, not the no school and not the free time, though those are all nice things. It's the gasoline. It's a triple-whammy for me paying for gas in the winter. I'm at school, so I don't have a job to pay for gas, my car being the little craptastic vehicle it is gets a lot worse gas mileage when it's cold, and gas is more expensive. So I spend more money on less gas to go not as far without money to replace it in my account. Grrr.

Plus, my car freezes before anyone else's, so I was greeted this morning by an iced-over car. My windshield wipers were stuck to my windshield and I had to climb through the passenger door to open the driver door.

And I got tailgated the entire way to the NHS meeting before school this morning. It's not like I was going 5 under the speed limit, I was 5, sometimes 10 (le gasp) over. But nope, tailgated the entire way. And it was brought up at the meeting 'cause the people who were tailgating me were there. Y'all suck, you really do.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Tired. Pissed about my calc homework. Took a nap, that didn't help. No real post.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

job hunting, take two

This time for a part time job. I'm planning on applying to a few places today. So if I get really irritable and my posting gets sporadic, it's because I got the job (and wasn't able to negotiate for weekend-only hours).

Also, there's a big story about Cranston, Rhode Island in the news today because there's a big town government scene about the stop signs. Really. Those magical "they" people say that 1/4 of the stop signs in the town, so just shy of 700, are illegal stop signs. A bit ironic, for something law-ish to be illegal itself. But this is why people need to be proactive and organize/communicate things.

That's all for now. I gotta finish my calc homework soon so I have time to go check out those jobs.

Monday, November 29, 2010

old news

As the title suggests, this is old news, but I finished a scholarship essay this weekend that pertained to it and I find it interesting. The Pew Forum did a survey a while back about world religions and what people knew about what. There were all sorts of questions, ranging from religious figures and celebrations to US laws pertaining to religion, from various branches of Christianity to eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. I couldn't find the official 32-question quiz, but I got 14 out of 15 (93%) on the one they had on the site. (The question I got wrong was one about how communion is considered in the Catholic church, because they consider the bread and wine to actually turn into the body of Jesus, and honestly that's kinda gross...)

Why is this so interesting? According to the study, atheists and agnostics scored the highest. I find it great that the very people who are flogged for not believing in stuff are the same people that know more about said stuff than the people that do believe in it and are doing the flogging. (That was a horribly written sentence.) No, seriously, atheists and agnostics scored an average of 20.9 of the 32 questions correctly; Jews and Mormons also scored in the 20s. Everyone else .... didn't do quite so hot.

So the next time I get flogged for being an atheist (which will probably be once the new issue of the school paper comes out, considering my article), at least I can say that I know about what I don't believe in.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

snakes alive

(photo from Wikipedia)
This was actually an article I saw a few days ago in the "Weird News" section of AOL, about this genus of gliding snakes. National Geographic did a thing on Chrysopelea snakes, trying to scientifically figure out how these snakes can basically launch themselves out of a tree and glide 800+ feet to the next one. Turns out they sorta flatten themselves out and do a funky little sidewinder-esque undulation thing, squiggling about in the air, which makes their entire body kinda like one big wing that propels them through the air. Obviously, they don't fly, they glide, but still. That's really cool.
(photo from
And they're cool-looking, too :)

Apparently the Pentagon is looking to these snakes for a future aircraft design. Though I'm not sure how that'd be at all efficient, particularly if there was a pilot that had to man the craft amidst all that squiggling...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

self-declared holiday

There probably already is a "National Obscure Instrument Day" because... well... there's a holiday for everything. I mean, my birthday is National Knife Day. Anyway, while I was procrastinating on a scholarship essay, I found myself on Wikipedia looking at their list of weird instruments. It's always been a fleeting goal of mine to learn how to play an obscure instrument, i.e. not something normal like piano (which I'm horrible at) or guitar. Even percussion, which basically includes everything you can touch, is getting a little boring. So Thanksgiving Day was dedicated to finding something obscure I could learn to play.

I was particularly intrigued by woodwind instruments, since I've found that brass instruments are just too tickly to play (you have to buzz your lips to make the sound and going "bbbbbb" all the time gets a little tickly). I've played friends' flutes and clarinets, so I started there, and I've always been fascinated by lower variations of common instruments. Here are a few of my favorites:
(pictures are from Wikipedia or Yahoo! Images)

Didgeridoos. They're technically woodwinds 'cause they're wooden, but they are extremely hard to play. At least I thought they were. Then again, being an asthmatic percussionist, pretty much any instrument that requires air is hard to play.

Various flutes, including the flûte d'amour (it has a cool name and it's lower than a normal flute) and the lower ones. Once you get past the standard concert flute and the flûte d'amour, they start bending in order to get the length they need to be that low, and the start looking really funky.

Same deal with the clarinets. One of the freshmen in band played the contralto clarinet in middle school, the instrument was taller than her. It was insane. Sounds wicked cool, though.

And a tromboon, just because it's silly. Makes a hideous sound, but it's just funny.

But considering that even an alto clarinet or something like that would cost me an arm and a leg, I settled for looking for the next best thing: a recorder. I'm not talking the lame-o, 4th grade, standard issue soprano recorder. I'm talking a real, high-quality recorder. Back in middle school, before I moved, our school chorus also had some recorder accompaniment; my friend played the alto recorder, and there were all the other kinds, from sopranino to bass, and it sounded really cool. So because I have a thing for low woodwinds, I set my sights on either a tenor or a bass recorder. I found them on Amazon and eBay, for pretty good prices (they can get pretty expensive). And Christmas is less than a month away... hint hint :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday

Whoever came up with the idea that going shopping at 4am is seriously smoking something. I realize y'all wanna get your Christmas generic winter get-together (I must say, I hate having to be politically correct) shopping done early, but I don't think that's quite what they mean by "early." It can't be the sales; that so called "biggest sale of the year" happens every other week between now and New Year's. And I'd rather avoid getting trampled by crazed shoppers 'cause I accidentally picked up the thing they want.

I've been Black Friday shopping once. I went with my stepmom, we needed a mini basketball hoop for my brother. We went to Toys 'R' Us, spent 2 minutes finding the hoop and then spent almost an hour waiting in line. And this was a pretty fast-moving line. I mean, the line was all the way past the registers, along the side where all the kids clothing is and was weaving through the baby crap. It was ridiculous. Somehow jumping a state and going shopping just over the border wasn't so crazy. (Then again, it might've been because we were shopping at, like, 10pm...)

The only reason why I'll leave the house today for commercial reasons is because my phone died this week and I either need to get it fixed (might just be the battery) or get a new one. You don't realize how important a cell phone is until you don't have it anymore. Using the house phone really sucks...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

more changes

Same crap, different day. I suffer some sort of inferiority-based breakdown, start fighting with the EGE and while he's enjoying his day, eating that stupid mid-afternoon Thanksgiving meal, I'm stuck here to drown in my lack of self-efficacy.

Yup, that's right. More changes to the blog. I actually started this yesterday, by adding a Creative Commons license to the site. It's at the bottom of the page, basically says that readers can share anything on here as long as they credit it to me, they not use it for money-ish things and that they do the same with their work. I also cleaned up my sidebar a bit, and added a link to the Facebook page for the site (sorry, I got bored).

I also scoped out some blog badges to fill the now-empty sidebar. I didn't want it to turn into one massive advertisement thing, that wouldn't be cool. It was more to figure out what I want to promote on here. Things like being an atheist and supporting journalistic rights under the First Amendment. I'll figure something out.

As for content, I'll try to stay on top of important trades, mostly if they relate to the Sox, any of my favorite players or anyone else who is important. But since baseball coverage only gives me so much to talk about, and I'm not a horribly interesting person in real life, I'm expanding the "divided loyalty" theme to pretty much anything with controversy. If there's anything I like about journalism, it's saying what I want about anything, without having to worry about getting flogged for it...ehhh...ok, so maybe I do worry about getting flogged for what I write (rightfully so: this coming issue of the school paper had me, a devout atheist, denouncing how religious fuzzy-wuzzies celebrate holidays), but I still like being able to say what I want.

This is my last-ditch attempt to improve this blog. If this doesn't work, I just might have to ... I don't know, do something bad. Like not tone down any religious editorials I write for the paper, or intentionally write them so people get pissed at me. You know, more than they already are.

And I don't have a label for this post. Go me.

happy turkey day

Not much going on today. And we're having dinner at actual dinner time, instead of 2pm. Seriously, who came up with that? You can't eat lunch 'cause then you won't be hungry, so by the time 2 rolls around, you're starving, but then you pig out on appetizers so then you're too full for the stupid mid-afternoon meal and dessert, then you're starving again around 8. It's a stupid system.

Anyway. Enjoy the day. And I'm thankful for the (however few) readers and views I get, so thanks to you guys for that.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

365 days too many

Basil had this as his status, and I couldn't've said it better. A year later and you're still in our hearts and thoughts. Hope you've got a good, fast Internet connection in the afterlife, 'cause otherwise it'd be clogged up with all the wall posts on Facebook :)

We promised we wouldn't forget you, Matty B. I don't think we ever will. Forever 23... or 3, depending on which sport you wanna look at.

Keep it real, dude

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Because my morning started out incredibly scarily, but turned better.

Ok so I was driving to school this morning, and I was coming up a hill to the intersection where the town post office is. We had a green light, but the oncoming traffic had a turn signal so we were waiting for them to finish turning. All of a sudden, a minivan and a truck collide in the intersection. I don't even really remember who was coming from where, from where I was it looked like the minivan hit the truck (though that obviously doesn't make sense 'cause a minivan wouldn't do much damage to a big box truck.)

So the big truck pulled off the road, everyone stopped, the people in the minivan (which had spun around in the intersection and was now facing the other direction, engine all smashed up) got out fine, AND THEN THE ENGINE BURST INTO FLAMES. IT WAS SO FREAKING SCARY. The box truck driver used his little mini fire extinguisher but that didn't really help.

I called the EGE, since he was on his way, and he yelled at me 'cause, well, 1, he thought I was driving while talking on the phone which is illegal, and 2, he thought that I was getting mad at him for not being to school yet. I tried to explain that, hey, there's an accident at that intersection, you might wanna go a different way to school. But apparently I was talking too fast 'cause I was still "HOLY CRAP I JUST SAW A CAR CRASH AND THE VAN IS IN FLAMES" so he was like "Ok, there's an accident, that's fine, I'll see you at school." I got to school fine, but I know that there were probably some people that got there late 'cause the intersection was blocked off.

Luckily, when I got into school, I saw my public speaking teacher in a turkey costume, which made me feel better. Long story, it's a sophomore class fundraiser, but it took my mind off the crash.

Hoo boy. That was not something I ever want to see again. It was... surreal.

On a lighter note, I have no calc homework over break! Yay! That'll give me more time to go through all the sports pictures for the yearbook (at least the ones we have so far), rehearse my speech for public speaking, start memorizing lines for a scene in drama class, start writing my gov paper since it's basically my speech but written down, and teach myself HTML. I went to the library on the way home today (I love going to the library, I get so inspired to do stuff when I go in there), and I picked up a book on HTML-ness so hopefully I can do jazzier stuff on here.

Oh, yeah, and have Thanksgiving.

And since I guess this is a baseball blog (sorta), I should probably mention that the Sox were too slow with resigning V-Mart so the Tigers signed him instead.

Monday, November 22, 2010

how convenient

So I'm preparing a speech for public speaking about press freedom for school newspapers, and I'm pretty excited since I have personal experiences to help prove my point. We also got the paper about our "thesis" papers in gov class today, and we could pick whatever topic we wanted, as long as it's controversial. So guess what topic I'm doing :)

Hey, my teacher said I could (one of the kids in her other class is also doing their public speaking speech for this). And I already have all the research done, I'm just reading a book on the case I'd be discussing in my paper.

Induction for NHS is tonight (oh right, not sure if I mentioned that, but I wasn't rejected this year). We had rehearsal after school. It was funny. Unfortunately we can't do anything stupid during the actual thing.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Two nights of production and a cast party later, I can now sleep assured that ... well, I can sleep now. It was a lot of fun but I am glad it's over because my grades started dropping from the sleep deprivation. Also, no one listened to me when I was yelling about keeping the Sharpies off the furniture when we were signing each other, and there's a huge splotch of silver Sharpie on the couch and I was livid.

Now, off to finishing my essay for band (yes, we have to write essays for that class, stupid as it is) and a scholarship essay.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

almost over

Last night actually went surprisingly well. I think there were only 3 or 4 dropped lines in the entire play. And the Q and A bit at the end was a lot of fun, especially 'cause I was the mean one. One person asked what kind of hardships we had and my bit was that last year's drama peeps dropped the ball on us and none of the crew knew what we were doing (plus the whole lightboard thing on Monday); someone else asked Laura and Tang how it was being lovers in the show and dating on the side, and of course I interjected with the water gun bit. (If I had it on me, I would've gotten them several times last night, but instead I got them with the handheld spotlight).

So. Senior Night. That went pretty well too. There were no epic fails (at least that I noticed), and the other seniors pulled off messing up the field show; our last song, the one I stole the quads for, we spell out our school initials, and the seniors intenionally did the S backwards. I even did good on the quads for that song... until I realized "Oh, crap. I don't know the cadence," so I kinda BSed that and just played random notes. I think that's what the rest of the section did too. What pissed me off, though, was the fact that our band teacher had told me basically that I wouldn't be able to play quads 'cause I'd be too stressed out, and he left before our field show for some family thing so I wasn't able to be all "hey I can play the quads thankyouverymuch." :P

And I was allowed to sleep in til 10:30. Which is, like, unheard of. I need to finish homework and college essays and get the lead out with NaNoWriMo 'cause I haven't written anything since before Production Week (hey, I was busy).

Friday, November 19, 2010

i want it to end

I just want this week to end. The play has been way too much stress on me, now I have a B+ in calc and I'm really quite pissed off about it. The stress frustrates me, which stresses me out, which makes my grades drop 'cause I can't focus, which makes me even more frustrated and stressed... it's a vicious cycle.

Opening Night is tonight. I'll be there til ... Idk, the play is at 7, takes about an hour and a half, then we gotta reset the set (that sounds more redundant than it should...), and then I get to come home and sleep. It seems like forever since I've done that. So I get to sleep in (theoretically) tomorrow, then I have to do it all again, then take the entire set apart, then host the cast party... too much to do and not enough time.

Oh, and I have homework too.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

collective opinions

I think this week is just Hell Week for everyone, not just people in the play. I mean, I'm pretty much perennially stressed out and this is making it a helluva lot worse, but I'm not the only one. Our math teacher is usually really good about getting our stuff graded and handing it back the day after we take a quiz or test or whatever, and even she was too swamped to finish our tests. And the EGE finally snapped from marine science and planning the NHS induction and other superior crap that I'm not going to into and went off on me when I told him he had missed the NHS yearbook picture (oh yeah, we also had to do all the club pictures for the yearbook. That was a lot of fun). Granted, it was about time, since whenever I'm pissed (and that's far too often), I always go off on him, so I guess it's only fair.

So yeah. I cannot wait for this week to end. I can't wait til Saturday and Sunday when I can sleep. Heck, today I actually got to come home after school and have it not be dark. That hasn't happened since... a while ago.

But no, I have band rehearsal at 5, then Senior Night to play at, then rehearsal til 10. So including the 7 hours I spent at school already, I'll have been there for a full 12 hours when all is said and done. Ugh.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i'm a horrible person

So. Production Week. It's our last chance to get everything down. Needless to say I've been getting a little annoyed when we're s'posed to be rehearsing and our two leads (Laura and Tang, actually) start sucking face. I even threatened them to stop or I'll get a squirt gun on them.

So what did I do when they went at it again yesterday? I waited for Laura to get in range, whipped the squirt gun out of my backpack and shot her in the face with it. She wasn't happy about it, but I can't back down on a threat like that. Especially when all I had to do was ask the EGE for a squirt gun and fill it up with water before Laura got to rehearsal.

It's still in my locker. Hopefully I won't have to use it today.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

one problem solved

We're getting a rental lightboard. Nice for a quick fix, but there's no way we'll get the money to buy a real new one. Unless we stole it from the football team (they certainly have some to spare...).

Roy Halladay won the NL Cy Young, so he's the 5th person to win one in both leagues.

Um... yeah, this week will still be hellish, considering I'm stressing out about grades on top of Production Week. If I don't post, I'll let the EGE know so he can cover my butt and do a guest post. Even though his guest posts are usually better than my real posts...

Monday, November 15, 2010

oh hey, that's cute

1, that yesterday's post was my 800th post and I totally missed it.

2, that the Sox picked up the waivers of pitcher Taylor Buchholz. Because having one pitcher by that almost impossible-to-spell last name wasn't enough.

3, we're only 1 day into Production Week and we've already suffered a major crisis 'cause the lightboard kinda blew up. I wish I was kidding. Our lighting person was trying to hook up a lamp so she can see what she's doing, but something happened when she turned it on, sparks flew (literally) and now the lightboard is fried. Oh, and did I mention that our show is on Friday? One of our cast members, who I'm friends with through journalism, said that if we don't get a new board by Friday, we should all just ditch and go see the 7th Harry Potter movie instead.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

it never ends

Sore throat is gone. But now I'm horribly stuffed up and sneezing up a storm. Ugh.

And everyone in my family decided to hate everyone else in my family and I'm stuck in the middle. Double ugh.

And apparently Alex almost got sent to the Marlins. I would not have been a happy camper if that happened.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I have a sore throat. I really hope it isn't strep. I can't afford to be in quarantine during Production Week. Oddly enough, Laura had the whole sore throat thing too. Le gasp! She's spreading it! Run for the hills!

Haha, jk, Laura. I know you're not spreading it with malicious intent. Though that would make for a really weird story...

Anyway. Hope this blows over. As it is, the rest of the crew never shows up when they're s'posed to anyway, so I kinda really need to be at all the rehearsals this week. Sleep deprivation, here we come.

Friday, November 12, 2010

one of my finer ideas

I'd have to say the highlight of my day was the Taco Bell run after the football game. It tasted soooo good.

Game was ok, it wasn't horribly cold or windy which was nice. We still kinda sucked though. Bass drums weren't together and they just suck at paying attention, I guess. And I accidentally knocked some drumsticks off the bleachers, so I had to go underneath to get them. I really hate going under the bleachers. They're really rickety (they've been condemned for forever) and I'm terrified that they're just gonna collapse with me on (or under) them.

Guess that's it. Ta ta for now :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

printers suck

Maybe it's the paper I used, I don't know, but I printed out some college scholarship stuff to mail in and the printer did weird things to the paper. The top of each page is crunkled in the same spot, and the type is all crooked and weird. And the paper is too long. Grrrr.

Hot Stove News! The Royals sent DeJesus to the A's for two pitchers. I'm not entirely sure that was a good thing, since he's kinda the only player anyone knows...

Also, my post yesterday was probably one of the deepest things I've said in... idk, a while. It's a little creepy how weird I get when I'm tired. I get kinda talkative and a little loopy and philosophical sometimes. The EGE will attest to this.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's funny how people change to the point where they become the people they once mocked.

That's all I have for you today. I'm tired and am going to bed. 4-day weekend starting tomorrow :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a minor pasta obsession

First it was the spaghetti tacos for anti-homecoming, now it's mac&cheese pizza for Spamalot. The pizza joint we went to had all these different kinds of pizza and that's what I ordered. No joke, it was noodles and cheese with a bèchamel sauce on top of a pizza crust. And it was delicious.

Spamalot was downright hilarious. It was basically a musical of Monty Python and the Holy Grail; some of the lines were verbatim from the movie. And then of course, there was "The Song That Goes Like This," which one of our choruses did two years ago, and all the other miscellaneous songs, like the one about how Broadway shows supposedly suck unless there's a Jewish person on the cast. Because of my asthma, I have a hard time breathing after I laugh too much, so needless to say I was definitely a hurting unit after watching it :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

lovely start to the week

New England weather FTW.

Well, sortof.

I could hear ice pellety things on my windows last night, didn't think much of it 'til my mom came in between snoozes to tell me it snowed last night. Yeah, I've seen snow in November, but usually just a little later in the month, like around or after Thanksgiving. Not on the 8th.

So anyway. 90-minute delay, which helped me make up for the fact that I didn't get to bed til 11:30 or so (show got over late, it was amazing but I'll tell all about it later). And then I realized, Oh crap, I have to drive to school in this. And I've never driven my car in the snow before. And I don't think it's unreasonable to think that a crappy little Tracer isn't going to do well in the snow, considering my road is extremely hilly and I have to floor it to get out of my road to get to school on a good day.

'Tis all for now. I'll probably post again this afternoon.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

need. sleep.

I had all intentions of going to bed early 'cause I knew today was gonna be late. But instead, we watched How to Train Your Dragon (my mom hadn't seen it yet), and then after my sister went to bed, we put in Jackass Number Two. I'm not sure which one I liked more. HTTYD is just epic and won't ever get old, and Jackass is full of the really bad physical humor that I find hilarious. Like one of the in-between clips where Bam Margera got on the top of a purple ramp with his skateboard, skated down it and went smack into the camera. It made me laugh every time I watched it. Sure, a lot of it was raunchy as all get-up, but we were laughing so hard it hurt.

Regardless, I didn't get to bed early, and I'm heading over to the EGE's house for a mini-NaNoWriMo conference, maybe a movie and then we're going with his parents and a bunch of other people to a local ritzy pizza joint and then we're going to see Spamalot at a nearby theater. I even had to go out to Kohl's today to buy a nice shirt for tonight, since I don't really own anything nice nice, other than my homecoming dress (and I was not wearing that). The show isn't til 7:30, so I won't be getting home til at least 10. On a school night. But hey, it's Spamalot.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

it's all your fault

I fully blame the EGE for jinxing me while I was painting set stuff this morning. He said that the tiger thing during drama yesterday made sense 'cause my hair is kinda orangeish, so of course this morning I had to get black paint in my hair. I also got it all over my pants, but I was wearing the ripped pants from my costume, and I'll never wear these in real life again, so it's ok that I got paint all over them.

Unfortunately, both knees are really bruised from my tiger thing so kneeling to paint was not fun at all.

I also have a bruise from percussion ensemble and playing the tambourine (you're s'posed to hit it with the meaty part of your hand/thumb-ish area, but I eventually started hitting it with my wrist so there's a big bruise there too.)

I'm gonna work on some homework, since I have quite a bit and the EGE is being a twit and going to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert today so he isn't available to talk.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Note to self: when having to act like a tiger and attack someone as such during drama, tackling them on the stage is probably not a good idea. My knees really hurt now. But improv is probably the best unit ever. It gets really silly and our teacher gets really into it, which is cool 'cause you rarely see teachers actually get into a unit.

Also, happy Guy Fawkes' Day. I watched V for Vendetta a month or so back, man was that a freaky movie.

Um... yeah, sorry, that's all I have for you today. I have percussion ensemble tonight, and I'm gonna try and get some more of my NaNoWriMo story written/caught-up.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

off to a fabulous start

Didn't have time to even start anything for NaNoWriMo last night. 2000 words tonight, here I come.

Luckily, I have most of my journalism stuff done so I should have time... at some point...

Yeah... so I guess the Hot Stove League starts, now that the Giants won the WS (was it just me or did it go almost completely unrecognized?). The Sox resigned Big Papi for... some insanely huge amount of money, and also got some dude from the Tigers, but I'll let you know if something big happens.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Since I dyed my hair on Saturday, I've been experiencing a lot of weird things. People are coming up to me, people that would normally never talk to me in a million years, and saying they really like my hair. I mean, hey, I'd rather them do that than point out that it's a little root-y along my forehead, but it's just weird to be getting compliments.

Also, I was driving home and saw one of the signs that I painted for the fall play. I felt special :)

Also also, November marks NaNoWriMo (a.k.a. National Novel Writing Month), so I'll copy the EGE and take a shot at it. Modified, of course. I don't have the time to write 50K words in a month that includes Production Week (a.k.a. the Week from Hell) and college crap. I think I'll shoot for 15K, that's 500 words a day (but 1500 today to catch up). Let's see how long that lasts.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

told you so

I'm only going to say one thing about last night.


pic from Yahoo!Sports

Monday, November 1, 2010

not this again...

As much as it sucks to wake up at 6 on a weekend, waking up at 3:45 on a weekday isn't exactly fun either. But hey, I get a day off from school to go to the Columbia Scholastic Press Conference in NYC.

So! I've been slacking majorly on recapping the World Series. Here goes.

Wednesday's game went to the Giants in a massive bullpen implosion. I started watching in about the 5th inning, score was tied at 2. When I stopped watching, after only about an inning 'cause I had stuff to do, the score was 8-2, Giants. They won the game 11-7. Not a good day for Cliff Lee or either bullpen (Timmy did fine).

Thursday's game also went to the Giants, a 9-0 rout. Again, that was a Rangers' bullpen implosion special.

Saturday's game went to the Rangers, final score was 4-2.

The Halloween game went to, naturally, the Black and Orange, putting them one win away from the World Series title with a 3-hit shutout from Madison Bumgarner. Score was 4-0.

Tonight's matchup is a repeat of last Wednesday, Lincecum vs. Cliff Lee. If the Rangers have any chance at regaining some ground, they better do it now. But really, it doesn't matter to me who wins. Makes up for last year's World Series from Hell, I guess.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Since apparently I'm a horrible person and didn't post about the Halloween shindig last night in my half-of-a-nothing post, I'll do it now. (I wanted to give it its own post, thank you)

So as I said, I went as Penny from Dr. Horrible, hence why I dyed my hair red. Except the henna crap took FOREVER to do, between the fact that I needed someone else to do it for me, mixing the stupid mud dye crap, putting said mud in my hair, letting it sit for forever and taking another forever to rinse it out in the shower. And in the end, it wasn't even the right shade, 'cause hers is a dark burgundy red and mine came out very strawberry blonde/gingerish.
(the EGE found this pic, obviously Penny is the girl in the ripped jeans)
(Laura felt compelled to take the picture of the back of my head)

Oh well, I really like the color anyway.

So the EGE went as Dr. Horrible himself (certainly has the paleness and skinniness down...), Laura was V from V for Vendetta, her boyfriend Tang was a vampire, our friend Tara was some character from Doctor Who, our friend (and my fellow percussionist and SM) Bodhi was a zombie musician of sorts and his girlfriend Jerrica was a cat. Definitely a weird assortment.

We had the most amazing bacon mac&cheese (well, honestly, how is bacon mac&cheese not amazing?) and pizza bread and Wife Soup (Firefly joke) that the EGE brought and a ginormous oatmeal cookie pizza thing that I brought. I even made the whipped cream myself (I had time to kill...) and put gummy bears on top... even though everyone just ate the gummy bears...

And we watched How to Train Your Dragon 'cause that was my present to Laura (the party was half-Halloween and half-birthday since her birthday was a few weeks ago). And it was still awesome the second time. Though I think it's just cooler in the theater 'cause the screen is so big.

There was a lot of poking and pushing and shoving and jumping on people and awkwardness and all-around abuse, but what's a little harassment among friends? :)

Overall, definitely a great way to spend Halloween-Eve.

And on that, happy Halloween/Samhain/pre-Day of the Dead!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

things i've learned today

Lighting design on-stage is complicated, but actually switching the lights is pretty easy.

A giant cookie doesn't cook quite the same as a bunch of smaller cookies.

Oatmeal cookie batter looks really weird.

Making whipped cream is a lot less fun than eating said whipped cream.

Henna hair dye gives a really cool result, but man does it suck to do. Mixing it sucks, putting it in sucks, having it sit for an hour sucks, washing it out and turning my shower that weird mud color really sucks...

Being a temporary ginger is fun :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

quick post

Football games in the wind still suck. Just saying.

I'm going to bed.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Gov meetings suck. Which is why I'm deciding not to go to tonight's zoning meeting. I went to a town council one last night and by George was it dull. Also I have journalism stuff to do. And a football game tomorrow night. And stage setup stuff and a birthday/Halloween party on Saturday. Gah! So much to do!

Speaking of Halloween and the party (hosted by dear Laura) my costume itself isn't that intensive, since I'm going as Penny from Dr. Horrible (which we watched at the anti-homecoming shindig). Just a tanktop, flats, ripped jeans and a hoodie that I have yet to find. But sometime in the chaos of Saturday, I have to find time to dye my hair, since Penny has dark red hair and I don't. I bought some henna stuff around the time school started, so luckily I don't have to waste more time buying it, but it takes at least an hour to set. It'll fade before it grows out, which is nice. I'm actually kinda excited to be a ginger for a few weeks, it'll be an interesting change.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I went to one of the local coffee shops today after the half-day 'cause I heard they had a part-time opening. Ha. "Part-time" my butt. They were looking for 2:30-7 on weekdays and probably all day on weekends. That's not part-time (at least for a high schooler). I really wish it was possible to find a part-time job that didn't take up all of my time.

Also, I wore my rainboots to school 'cause... well, it was raining.... and a bunch of people who normally never talk to me complimented my boots. It was a little weird.

And finally, just a random thought, but whose horrible idea was it to put celery/onion chunks in salads? I mean, the kind with mayo and meat or potatoes or egg. Seriously. The celery/onion ruins it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a no-good, horrible, very bad day

I'll go in random order (i.e. not chronologically).

It kinda started last night, 'cause I got into a huge fight with the EGE over stupid crap. We fight a lot, and we fight about stupid crap a lot, but not like this. It was horrible. (We resolved it, but that doesn't fit in with today's theme).

This afternoon, I was driving home from my dermotologist appointment, got almost all the way home and lo-and-behold the road is closed 'cause of an accident. Thank goodness I sorta know the backroads.

I almost hit a squirrel on my way home.

I did a scary tire woo-hoo thing on the pavement a few different times, between having to floor it around a corner to get on an on-ramp and the rain.

At drama rehearsal this afternoon, I was painting the triangly board things that go outside and say "Hey! Come see our play!" and I kinda sat in some of the paint that got on the floor so now I have white paint splotches on my butt.

I have to go to a town parks and rec meeting tonight for gov. Because that class isn't bad enough.

And probably the worst news I received all day, during homeroom. It was one of those announcements where you just know something horrible happened, just by the way our principal got on the PA. One of our math teachers, who was my precalc teacher last year and one of the cooler teachers I've had, wasn't in today or yesterday because he not only went missing sometime this weekend but took his own life in that span. It was a hee-uge shock to the entire school, and a little rough considering it was less than a year ago that Matty B passed away.

So, Mr. Conlon, I know I could probably do better, but I'm where I am in math because of you and all the funky activities we did in class, so thank you for all you've done. You'll be missed greatly.

Monday, October 25, 2010

i was doing good, too...

I had my softball yearbook article done, pictures and everything, all ready to be put on the page. Life was good. And then I remembered, "Oh right, I still need to do the baseball one." If it weren't for the fact that all the baseball players are jerks and won't respond to my interview emails, I'd have this one done too. Aaand, my third article got changed, but our editor-in-chief, who I'm not a huge fan of in the first place, decided not to tell me that my article got changed. And I was s'posed to have all my interviews by today. Ugh.

Too much to do. I have to interview the baseball coach tomorrow, maybe see if I can sneak into rehearsal before my dermotologist appointment, somehow find time to go to a town meeting for gov class... grrr... the weekend won't come soon enough.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

y'all can shut up right about now

Everyone thought I was crazy for predicting a Rangers/Giants World Series. They had no shot against the Evil Empire or the Phillies.

But wait. Who's playing on Wednesday? Oh, that's right, the Rangers and the Giants. Bronx superiority my butt. And I just don't like the Phillies. So skeptics of San Fran or Texas can...go die...or something...

Also, yesterday's post was the 777th post. See, it was good luck :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


(And that would be "For the win", not "Eff the world")

Anyway. Again, Yankees fans can go suck it, 'cause the Rangers are on their way to their first World Series in franchise history. And A-Roid struck out to end the game, which the Rangers won 6-1.

Giants and Phillies are playing now.

Also, today and yesterday had some rough moments.

I was at percussion ensemble last night, and we were gonna try some things with trash can percussion, which we've done before. I found two small plastic buckets that we could use, except they were stuck together and I had to have one of the guys pull on one as I pulled on the other to separate them.
You can probably see where this went. The buckets separated, I went flying, landed hard on my derrière and whacked myself hard in the head with the bucket. And as if doing that wasn't bad enough, the bucket hit my eyebrow just right that it not only cut it, it broke my glasses too. So I had to spend the next 10 minutes fixing my glasses while everyone else was actually doing percussion things, and the leader (the kid on quads) was getting mad 'cause he thought I was just stalling from having to play.
In the end, my glasses are fine (the lens just popped out and they're a little bent, but not much more than before), my eyebrow is fine though it still hurts to touch, and my butt really hurts from landing so hard on it. As in, I took ibuprofen for it. The EGE knows how much of a shocker that is.

Earlier today, I was working online on my laptop when the internet freaked out. I restarted it, reconnected the wi-fi, turned it on and off a few times and it still wouldn't work. I plugged it into the computer jack thing, still wouldn't work. I came to my aunt's to watch my cousins, I jump on the computer, the wi-fi here is doing the same thing. I connected to the wi-fi fine but it won't connect to the internet. My uncle, who is a computer person, has no clue why it's freaking out. Blarg.
And that's my story. Hopefully the Wi-fi Fairy will come and magically repair the connection to my laptop so I can watch the game and do computery things at the same time.

Friday, October 22, 2010


There's all sorts of rules, at least in our area, about what conditions are acceptable for sporting events. Things like stopping play if it is thundering and lightninging out, not having practice if it's ungodly hot out, that sorta stuff. But nowhere is there anything about being outside when it's cold. We had our pep rally today (rescheduled from when it was s'posed to rain last week and it didn't), and it was so flipping cold that all I did was huddle into a little ball and try to not freeze under my 2 sweatshirts and 2 shirts. It's a good thing I didn't care what happened during the pep rally, 'cause I couldn't see in my state of rolled-ball-ness.

Giants lost last night :( but they're still leading the series 3-2. Rangers go for the series win and the WS trip tonight against the Yankees.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

take two

Ok so the Rangers lost last night. But they're still ahead in the series 3-2. Which means that as long as they win tomorrow night, it's all good.

Giants won again last night, so now they lead the series 3-1. Lincecum is pitching tonight and I am ready to see him send those Phillies home packing.

And I still feel like a jerk about yesterday :P

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i need a life

I'll start you off with a quote from me earlier today, before rehearsal. I'll give background after.
"Yeah, I'm sure that'll go over real well. 'Why are you late?' 'Oh, I just had a minor existential crisis in the parking lot, but I'm all good now.'"

Today was going pretty well (I only partially screwed up my monologue) until I decided to be a self-deprecating jerk (you know, my usual self) just because the Red Cross came to school today for a blood drive, which they do a few times a year, and the EGE donated and I didn't.

I know, really stupid reason to get all depressed and angsty. But considering that at every. stinking. turn., he does something to outdo me or otherwise make me feel like an unworthy loser, I felt that I had every right to. It gets old after a while. Also, it was kindof a slap in the face for me seeing the booth but not having time to schedule an appointment.

(Though, according to the site, I might not be able to donate anyway 'cause I'm too short. By a flippin' half-inch.)

Anyway. I went on my whole self-deprecating rant and then was late to rehearsal. Luckily our director didn't care, 'cause I think our stage manager (who was there for at least the beginning of my rant) told her, and then he tried to make me feel better and it helped a little. I'm still a little mad though.

Also, I was a big girl and submitted all my Common App stuff last night (yay!) and then the teachers who are writing my letters of recommendation decide to tell me that my entire college application system thing is screwed up. Turns out they had the wrong username and password. Fail.

On a lighter note, Rangers are a win away from the World Series after a 10-3 win last night. Woot!
Unfortunately they're losing 5-1 right now, but that can change.
Giants, who lead the series 2-1, host the Phillies at 7:57 (what kind of time is that?!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

so suck it

2-1 series lead. 8-0 win last night. 2-hit gem against (supposedly, though I beg to differ) the best team in the league. And yet everyone is still bent on the Stankees winning the World Series. My question to you: what kind of crack are you smoking?!

I'm really thinking that the picks Andrew made on The 'Ropolitans are gonna happen. I'd love to see the Rangers go all the way. Granted, it'd be nice if the Giants made it to the World Series too, but you can't have everything.

Monday, October 18, 2010

i give up

Not exactly in a stellar mood, between having a bunch of horribly long calc problems for homework and having spent a good portion of my afternoon fighting with people about college stuff.

Phillies won 6-1 last night to even the series at 1 and 1. Rangers face the Yankees tonight, their series is also tied at 1.

Ugh. Off to work on more calc. It's not hard, just long. And drawn out. And repetitive.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


(The Giants did win 4-3 to take 1-0 series lead against the Phillies, but that's not what I was going to talk about.)

I'll start with yesterday morning. I had to be in 2 places in school at the same time (yes, on a Saturday), 'cause we were going to start working on set stuff for the fall play and I volunteered to help set up for homecoming. Why, I'm not sure, since I didn't even go, but it was kinda cool to be involved anyway. I was actually bad and didn't help out with set stuff at all 'cause we had so much to do for homecoming. 300 balloons is a lot to blow up. But luckily the freshman advisor (who was my Current Issues teacher last year) bought us all pizza, which was cool.

I ran to the store on the way home to get some stuff for my contribution to dinner, went home, took a shower real quick and was a horrible person 'cause I got to the flan party almost an hour late. But everyone knew I was going to be late 'cause I had stuff to do. And I wasn't exactly a happy camper 'cause I had to dress up, and dresses and heels just suck.

Our massive TV-watching escapade involved watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which was really funny. It had kindof an anticlimactic ending but then we made it better by watching it with subtitles in Wiccan. They weren't real subtitles, it was a joke the producers put in for the first minute of the DVD, but they were silly. And then we watched a few episodes of Firefly, but only two since they're the hour-long ones (or 40-minute, whatever).

For dinner, we had this yummy chicken pasta thing that the EGE's mom made, plus my spaghetti tacos. They weren't anything special, just spaghetti with either pesto or kicked-up spaghetti sauce in a hard or soft taco shell/tortilla whateverness. I thought they were pretty good, but they didn't go over quite as well as I had hoped since the tortillas were a little small and I didn't break the noodles before I cooked them, and the sauces were partially storebought, but oh well.

We continued the homecoming evasion with 2 rounds of Apples to Apples, and the joke was that we were whatever green cards we won. For example, Laura's boyfriend Tang was cruel, unusual and some other third thing that I don't remember, our friend Tara was meek and something else, and the EGE was dysfunctional. My cards were sexy and ridiculous, and I wasn't sure whether to take that as a compliment or not...

And then we concluded the evening with a round of Never Have I Ever, or NHIE for short. It was pretty nice at the beginning, and then we resorted to targeting individual people and asking really dirty questions, but every game reduces itself to that eventually. It was much fun.

In whole, flan party > homecoming. Definitely.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

flan party: successful

More details tomorrow. I'll just provide you with game recap stuff and then I'm going to bed.

I didn't realize the Rangers/Yankees had a game yesterday and today, but the Yankees won 6-5 yesterday and the Rangers won 7-2 today. And the Giants are currently winning 4-3 against the Phillies. Unfortunately I didn't get to see any of the Halladay/Lincecum matchup :(

Oh well. Hasta mañana.

Friday, October 15, 2010

todavía no puedo sentirlos mis dedos de pies

It'll only get worse from here. Great gorram was it cold out there. It wouldn't've been so bad if it wasn't windy (or sprinkling...). We weren't even really s'posed to play because it was raining (rain=bad for instruments), but noooo, we had to go out in the freezingness and play 'cause a local news station was filming us. We left after the halftime show, around 8, and as the title of the post says, I still can't feel my toes.

The ALCS kicks off tonight with the Rangers/Yankees. As of right now, the Rangers are up 3-0 thanks to a 3-run shot by Josh Hamilton off CC Sabathia.

NLCS is tomorrow night, in a helluva pitching duel. Halladay vs. Lincecum. That'll be fun to watch.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

i knew this was a bad idea

No news on the postseason. Instead I have school stuff to share.

This week is Spirit Week, and today was Opposite Day. Though it wasn't advertised as Opposite Day but instead as Cross-Dressing Day, essentially.

This in itself was a problem for me because, while I'm certainly not a cross-dresser, I tend to wear a lot of jeans and t-shirts, which is pretty gender neutral. So I couldn't go in a dress, 'cause even though it would be strikingly different, I'm still a girl, and I couldn't go in a collared shirt and tie, 'cause even though it'd be the right gender, I've worn collared shirts to school before for presentations and such.

I eventually said "Screw it, I'm wearing the collared shirt" and asked the EGE for a tie. I also had a pair of his old shorts that he outgrew and gave to me (my collared shirts are also EGE hand-me-downs), so really I went around school dressed as him. Minus the long hair and stuff.

But everyone else. Oh, dear. Not a lot of people dressed up, there were more girls participating than guys, but the guys who did participate went all-out. There were several people that showed up in skin-tight shirts and jeans, tanktops and skirts and leggings, even teeny little dresses. By George was it horrible. I saw waaaaay too much of several people.

I figure that they'll probably ban Cross-Dressing Day next year, but at least we have some funny pictures for the yearbook to immortalize it and all its brain-melting glory.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

rangers it is

5-1 was the final score. They face the Stankees on Friday at 8pm.

So there you have it. Round 1 is over. The Reds, Braves, Twins and Rays have been eliminated. Now it's down to the Rangers, Phillies and Giants to beat the Yankees however way it pans out. I'm really looking forward to a Rangers/Giants World Series. That'd be great. I wouldn't care who won :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

down to two

In the NL at least. Giants beat the Braves 3-2 again (though without the errors dude to help them), winning the series 3-1. They play the Phillies on Saturday night.

Rays and Rangers have their deciding game tonight at 8:07. I don't care who wins this game and goes onto the ALCS, just as long as whoever it is beats the Yankees.

Monday, October 11, 2010

another one bites the dust

Phillies had a 3-game sweep of the Reds, winning 2-0 last night.

Giants won 3-2 last night, the last run being on the last of 3 errors by the same guy on the Braves. Needless to say he's not playing tonight. Giants lead the series 2-1 going into tonight's game.

Rays forced a death match tomorrow night by winning 5-2 over the Rangers.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

the weakest link

Twins fell through AGAIN. 10th consecutive postseason loss, 6-1 to the Stankees. 3-game sweep. Fail.

Rays stayed alive with a 2-run 8th and 3-run 9th to beat the Rangers 6-3. Rangers lead the series 2-1.

For today's games: Rays @ Rangers at 1:07, Giants @ Braves at 4:37 (series tied at 1), Phillies @ Reds at 8:07 (Phillies lead series 2-0).

And finally, happy 10/10/10, everyone :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010


That's the last time I'm waking up early on a Saturday to take some dumb college test. I even said "Screw it, I've been to 3 of these already, I'm not getting dressed" and went in my pajamas. Glad that's over.

Anyway, Reds lost to the Phillies 7-4 with their 4 errors (yikes), so the Phillies are leading the series 2-0 right now. Braves beat the Giants 5-4 in 11 last night, series is tied at 1.

Today's an AL day, with the Rays @ Rangers at 5:07pm and the Twins in the Bronx at 8:37pm. Currently both the Rangers and that team we're not gonna talk about have 2-0 series leads.

Friday, October 8, 2010

do or die

The Twins have one last chance at getting rid of the Stankees (unless they win tonight, in which case they have an additional one). Let's not ruin this one. You already lost 5-2 last night.

Rangers beat the Rays again, this time 6-0. Also in Shut-out-land, Timmy pitched a 2-hit shutout as the Giants beat the Braves 1-0. Yay for the win and his 14 Ks but way to fail in the Run Support Dept.

Just an NL tonight, Reds @ Phillies 6:07pm, Braves @ Giants 9:37pm.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

round 1

Rangers beat the Rays 5-1 last night, and Roy Halladay pitched another no-no to blank the Reds 4-0. That's the second-ever postseason no-no, so yay for him. And the Twins lost but that's ok, they'll win the next 3.

Right now (4:53pm) the Rangers are beating the Rays 6-0, Twins vs. Yanks at 6:07, Giants vs. Braves at 9:37. Phillies vs. Reds at 6:07pm tomorrow night.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

está aquí

The postseason is here. Dun dun DUUUUNNNN!

I didn't really make much of a bracket since I don't really care who wins, as long as it's not them. So as long as the Twins win tonight (and the two games after that), I'll be fine.

Also, I screwed up, the Giants/Braves game isn't til 9:37pm tomorrow night. Sorry.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Tomorrow starts Postseason Chaos. Not today. Today I'm working on my drama monologue, freaking out about my AP-problem quiz in calc and wishing I hadn't left my calc book at school 'cause I have other homework to do. Go me.

And the guy who failed at bombing Times Square back in May (you know, the day after I was in NYC) got life in prison. Good.

Monday, October 4, 2010

the official breakdown

Since baseball will be easier to track now that it's down to 8 teams instead of 30, I'll actually try to stay up-to date on it.

For the American League...
EAST: Tampa Bay Rays
CENTRAL: Minnesota Twins
WEST: Texas Rangers
WILD CARD: That team we're not going to talk about

And for the National League...
EAST: Philadelphia Phillies
CENTRAL: Cincinnati Reds
WEST: San Francisco Giants
WILD CARD: Atlanta Braves

This doesn't apply quite yet, but home field advantage for the World Series games is with the National League (for the first time in forever).

My picks? Obviously, when push comes to shove, I'm rooting for anyone that isn't the AL Wild Card. But my four favorites are the Twins, Rangers, Rays and Giants (in no particular order).

Let the games begin! Tomorrow. Rangers @ Rays 1:37pm, Reds @ Phillies 5:07, Stankees @ Twins 8:37, and Braves @ Giants 9:37.
(what's with all these 7s? Can't we just make them nice times, like 5:00 or 9:30?)

Anyway. Stay tuned, folks.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the end.

No more 2010 season. Luckily the Sox ended on a good note, beating the Stankees 8-4. And the Rays have the AL East, which is also good (they beat the Royals 3-2 today. Alex had the 2 RBIs in a 2-run homer in the 4th.)

Sayonara, 2010 season. Hello, postseason. Give me the Twins, Rangers, Rays or Giants.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

something new

Good song.

Anyway. You know that old saying, "you learn something new every day"? Today I learned that when my dad was growing up in Aberdeen, Washington, his neighbor was the school bully, a young chap named Kurt Cobain.

Yeah. That Kurt Cobain.

I knew that they went to the same school, and that he was 2 years older than my dad, but I didn't realize they were that close.

Just some food for thought.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Forgot to do the obligatory End of September tradition yesterday. Darnit.

On a related note, Billie Joe really needs to ditch the blond hair. It looks really bad.

Sox are officially eliminated from playoff contention, have been for a good portion of the week but I kept forgetting. Rays and Stankees are tied at the top of the AL East. I'm looking for a Sox win over the Stankees tonight, and as horrible as it is, a loss from the Royals ('cause that'd be a Rays' win).

And I have to write a bunch of essays this weekend. I need to finish my last one for the Common App, then one for one of the honors programs and one for a scholarship.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

not a good day

Today's sucky day started last night, when my dog got skunked. Because apparently she didn't learn the first time (which was roughly 4 years ago). So our house reeked of skunkiness and it sucked majorly. This morning, I figured I wouldn't last long, since last time Sage got skunked, I got kicked out of school (true story), so I didn't even bother to go to first block and instead went to the nurse. Luckily, the school nurse is part of the drama program, and she's a lot nicer than the middle school nurse was, so she helped me out and let me raid the clothes closet for something I could wear for the day, even though she didn't think I was skunky.

Unfortunately, the only shirt I found in there that fit me was a Shane Victorino shirt. So I went around school as an honorary Phillies "phan" for the day. And I was not happy.

I ended up staying at school all day, and people didn't say anything about the skunk ordeal unless I said something first, which is good. I could still smell it on me occasionally (especially in my backpack), but maybe I'm just super-sensitive to the smell.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

numbers galore

3 times writing my Common App essay (luckily the 3rd one was a keeper), twice having to cook myself dinner (the pot pie I heated up originally tasted really weird so I threw it away and made some ramen noodles instead), twice pulling a "That's what she said" joke during rehearsal...

Oh, and I also have the list of phone numbers of everyone in the cast, so I can be a stalker if I really wanted to.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this is what i do

Our next drama unit involves creating a character and writing a monologue from that character, so in order to make our character "come alive" we have to fill out this ginormous questionnaire about the character. This is exactly what I do when I write a story and need to think of characters.

So why is this taking me so long to fill out?!

Monday, September 27, 2010


As horrible as this is to say, I'm glad that the drunk driver who killed Nick Adenhart and two of his buddies is getting sentenced to 50 years in prison on "three counts of second-degree murder and single counts of drunken driving, hit-and-run driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol and causing great bodily injury." And I'm not just saying this 'cause Nick could've been a helluva pitcher. I'm saying this because this bozo already had a DUI charge and was dumb enough to pull the stunt again, in addition to getting busted last week for driving without a license.

And the British dude who owned Segway died 'cause he was testing out an off-road version of the Segway and fell off a cliff. Lovely day for news, huh?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

a nap would be nice

No sleeping in at all this weekend. Booooo.

I really need to finish my Common App stuff so unfortunately that means no real post today.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

4 out of 5

Just need to go visit BU, then I'm done with college visits. I know, I should've done this already, but I was working all summer, dangit.

Anyway. We made the trek to Quinnipiac today, though it wasn't that much of a trek, it was only a little over an hour. At first I wasn't too keen on it (no idea why), but the campus tour made things better, and I really liked the facilities they had. And then I started flipping through the coursebook.

Yes, the coursebook was the kicker for me. Why? Because they have an entire class dedicated to sabermetrics.

For those of you not in the know, sabermetrics (or SABRmetrics, which is the real term) is just a fancy word for baseball stats. Cue the Hallelujah chorus.

Luckily, the journalism program at Quinnipiac requires students to have a minor outside the School of Communications, and many people wind up doing their minor in Sport Studies, so I could very well do that minor and take that class and be awesome and stuff. I really liked the minor, as opposed to other sport studies minors I'd seen, because it was more geared towards sport communication and stats and all that cool stuff rather than history and crap. Though they did have a class on the history/impact of baseball on society, which was basically what I wrote my thesis paper on last year.

Overall, definitely going on my 1st tier of schools (since I can't bring myself to rank the schools I've visited, I've made two tiers of program awesomeness).

Friday, September 24, 2010


Figured out how to use the backstop net thing we got so I can throw myself grounders, in a sense. Except I got tired real quick 'cause it was really fast coming off the net and I was tired to begin with.

Didn't make jazz band. If, by some act of the FSM, I did, I would've given up my position to someone else 'cause even though our band teacher is a firm believer in seniority, there's no way it would've been fair for me to play. For me and the band.

Oh well. Now I don't have to worry about having more rehearsals :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

subtle, yet distinct differences

Like me and my jazz band dilemma. I refused to try out for piano the past few years 'cause I didn't think my piano skills were up to par. This might sound similar to why I won't try out for drumset this year, but the SYDD here is that with piano, I don't have confidence in my abilities. (Also because there is one freshman in particular who I know is trying out and who can kick my derriére from here to the moon on piano.) With drumset, I just flat-out can't play. Subtle, yet distinct difference.

Another example of how small differences can make a big difference (if that makes any sense) is in today's comic on Surviving the World. The posted comic looks like this, and it made me laugh.

Now, the alternate version is only slightly different, yet a lot funnier.
Ah, Surviving the World. Such hilarity in such simplicity.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

tryouts are the end of me

They usually are. Especially when I'm going into jazz band tryouts tomorrow night knowing that I am going to get smoked. And no one seems to understand that even though failing at tryouts will put me exactly where I started, it's still embarrassing as all get-up to completely bomb.

And I'm still hungry. Grrrr.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

assistant spaghetti monster

That's my title, since ASM is awfully close to FSM :)

First read-thru was today. There were parts where we all burst out laughing and couldn't stop. It went pretty well though. Lots of work I'm gonna have to do.

Also, I officially believe that my band teacher is on some kind of drug 'cause he seems to think that I could handle playing the drum set in jazz band. Note that this is the same guy who wouldn't let me play quads. He even specifically asked if I play drum set and I specifically said no because, well, I can't. I've tried. It isn't pretty. And I know that tryouts would only be an embarrassment because the two other guys who I know are trying out are a LOT better at it than me. Seniority or not, when you have someone this bad as your drummer, it's just not gonna work. And piano? Forget about it. There are freshmen that can blow me out of the water with one hand tied behind their back.

Sox have 5 losses (and Stankee wins) until they're eliminated. Let's face it, the Wild Card is going to the Rays. Oh well. I can root for them and the Twins and the Rangers in the playoffs.