Tuesday, April 28, 2009


good news of today's game: we scored 4 runs in one inning.
bad news: that was all we scored, none of those had to do with me and the other team scored more than 4 runs. a lot more than 4 runs. as in 4.25x more runs. wow. and it wasn't our pitching, we were just having a bad fielding day. it didn't help that the infield was sand and it was windy and excessively buggy. whatever. i kept score and played the bottom of the 6th before they called it on mercy rule (we had been mercied in the beginning of the game but we sorta played it out...)

sox beat the indians and cliff lee last night 3-1 (both ellsbury and grady sizemore had amazingly amazing diving catches), sox currently up 7-3.
in the national league, dan haren pitched a 3-hit CG with 1 earned run and 10 Ks! and he hit a 2-run double! yay!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


nice game last night, btw. 16-11, a 'tek grand salami and a lowell 3-5un homie :)

and now for some attractive pictures from the series:

pedroia after flying out to right

bay and a diving catch

burnett's reaction to varitek's grand salami

another game tonight, 8:05pm

Saturday, April 25, 2009


we lost. miserably. and i struck out in my only at bat. and my glove is missing. not a good day for yours truly.

however, yay for lincecum's awesomeness in last night's 5-1 win over the d-backs, yay for bay and youk for their homerun awesomeness in the 5-4 in 11 win over the yankees, yay for greinke for his perfect ERA and 6-1 win over the tigers, and yay for salty's 3-4 awesomeness in the 5-4 win over the orioles.

Friday, April 24, 2009


i have had enough of these softball-induced injuries! the shin splints, the sore arm/shoulder, the asthma (well i can't really do much about that other than use my inhaler), the tweaked neck... i am seriously sick of this! it's screwing up my throwing which really irks me.

so anyway. we won our game yesterday 6-5 in 8 innings even though we technically had a walk-off win in the 7th (someone screwed up the score). so jv is 5 and 0 (varsity is 4 and 1) but we're playing a totally beastly team tomorrow that apparently beat our jv team last year like 40something to 1 (uh hello mercy rule anyone?!?!) so i'm a little worried but i'll take what i can get. i just need to get on base.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


sorry, i was desperate for a title again.

coupla things for y'all today. first is that lowrie is most likely going the surgery route for his wrist. bummer. the good thing is that he might be back and ready as early as the all-star break. that must be the deciding time, the all-star break, 'cause alex will be back from hip surgeryness around then too. let's hope it's earlier for the both of them.

the second thing is that obviously today's game got postponed and practice got nixed for jv, otherwise i'd be on the bus or at practice and not posting. i'll probably spend the afternoon working on miscellaneous stories.

finally, i swear, i can't go through one day of practice without hurting myself. you already know that from last year, but i'm serious. i got hit in the arm with a 57mph pitch during practice on saturday, i got hit in the leg with a line drive later that afternoon (i have a lovely bluish green bruise from it), and i scratched the crap out of my kneecap yesterday. with my pinky nail. i don't even know how i did it, it must've been on my follow-thru with the throw or something. at least the throw was decent (left field to almost home, which is good for me).

Sunday, April 19, 2009


yesterday was AMAZING baseball-wise:
  • lincecum had a really good outing (it's about time), giving up 5 hits over 8 innings and striking out 13. the giants lost 2-0 though (their closer blew it), so that's yet another CUG for lincecum. dang.
  • the sox beat the orioles 6-4. nothing much aside from the win and youk's awesomeness.
  • greinke pitched a complete game shutout against the rangers and won 2-0. (the sucky part is that obviously alex didn't play and he won't be until probably after the all-star break. and OF COURSE the red sox/royals series is the weekend before the all-star break)
  • the indians beat the yankees last night 22-4. the indians. beat the yankees. 22-4. all i can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


check out this and this.

not good. not good at all. come on boys! get better soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


my hopes and dreams of seeing alex in one of the red sox/royals games this season are now shattered.

yesterday recap

yesterday went really well in several ways:
  • red sox @ athletics: wakefield had a no-no going into the 8th as the red sox won 8-2 (wake ended up pitching a CG while only giving up 4 hits, so yay for that)
  • rangers vs. orioles: the orioles got CREAMED. 19-6. kinsler hit for the cycle in his 6-for-6 outing and i can assume that yesterday was not the day to be an oriole
  • royals vs. indians: ponson had a really nice start (6 innings, 2 earned runs) but the royals lost 5-4 (ok, that's not that great but again, at least it's close)
  • HS softball: jv won 19-9, i went 0 for 2 which kinda sucks seeing as they were both strikeouts (one swinging and one looking but the one looking was on a really outside pitch towards the end of the game and anything reachable was called a strike), but i did get walked twice and scored twice
oh, and i found a photo gallery on the website for the kansas city star that was dedicated entirely to alex and billy butler, so here's some of my favorites:

again, people, that is NOT a mohawk! that's not even a fo'hawk!

ah, the billy butler bubble picture from last season. try saying that three times fast.

so. home game for us @ 4pm. and apparently half of the AL has today off so no mlb games for me to watch.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

good news/bad news

'cause i feel like it

good news: alex played last night!
bad news: he sucked. 0 for 3 with a walk and 3 strikeouts. all i can say is that i had a better batting average last year than he does right now.

good news: the royals beat the indians 9-3, and yesterday was buck's day, hitting a grand salami and a solo home run. they're 5-3 and at the top of the AL central!
bad news: the red sox lost AGAIN, this time 6-5 in 12 to the a's so it's not quite as embarassing as some of the other losses (at least it was close). they're 2-6 and at the bottom of the AL east. ugh.

good news: i got 6 views yesterday!
bad news: 2 of them were me (one on my laptop, one on the desktop)

good news: our softball team is undefeated! 2 and 0! woo! first game 14-8, second game 7-3
bad news: those two wins were both against a kinda crappy team.

good news: i actually got to play in the game on monday and i went 0 for 0 with a walk and a run :)
bad news: i was only out in the field for an inning and a half, it was against the not-so-great team and we were already winning 6-3 before i scored

good news: we have a game today!
bad news: i don't know if the team we're playing today is any good or not

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

dividedloyalty goes mobile!

of course, this isn't the first time i've posted away from my desktop or from someone else's laptop, but this is the inaugural posting from my laptop. i don't have wi-fi at my house yet (my stepdad is in charge of that) but i have wi-fi access right now so... yeah.

guh. april = not so hot for anyone i pay attention to. sox lost 8-2 to the a's, randy johnson got creamed 11-1 by the dodgers, royals beat the indians 4-2 but alex sat out again 'cause of the bum right hip... but it did make me laugh to see that the rays kicked the yankees' butts 15-5 :)

Monday, April 13, 2009


dare i say it? baseball has kinda been pissing me off lately. or maybe the baseball gods are just trying to mess with me 'cause i've been waiting so long for the season to start and still don't have much of a life beyond the season.

so. why i'm irked:
  • someone out there must be after both of my pitchers. in both of their starts, neither lincecum (0-1, 7.56) or dan haren (0-2, 2.08) have gotten a win... or any team support, for that matter (i mean, haren has actually been doing pretty good but he keeps getting the loss 'cause the games are CUGs). and it looks here like one of the padres tried to write poor lincecum off by shooting a liner at his head:
  • the red sox are at the bottom of the AL east. seriously. i mean, i kinda can't sympathize with them in the angels series seeing as it took los angeles a heck of a lot of courage to go out there and win the series after losing one of their top pitching prospects (r.i.p. nick adenhart), but come on guys! we get people on base and then we flop!
  • the coronation of the "new" big k didn't go quite as planned for the royals with the yankees taking two of three, but what makes me more concerned is that alex missed the start yesterday against his old college buddy joba chamberlain because of a bum right hip. is this a potential "august '08, take two"? ironically enough, guillen got put on the 15-day DL for what else? he did something to his right hip too. WHAT IS IT WITH YOU GUYS AND SCREWING UP YOUR RIGHT HIP?!?! (although i guess it's not any better than our jv softball team and ankle issues)
aside from that... home game for me today at 4 :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


not surprised at all. it's been raining since last night. oh well. next game monday at home :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

recap and other nonsense

we won our game on wednesday 14-8 which is cool except for a few things:
  1. we only played 5 innings 'cause the game was taking too freaking long
  2. i was supposed to sub in after the 5th so obviously i didn't play
  3. it was cold
  4. the ump felt bad for the opposing pitcher and her lack of control so anything from shoulders to ankles was a strike
  5. it started SNOWING during our pregame meeting
i got to be stats monkey for most of the game so yay for that. next game tomorrow at home.

as for baseball, i was fooling around and found a bunch of funny pictures:

nom nom nom i love batting gloves (red sox vs. rays game a few days ago)

uh... alex, you might want to fix your helmet... (opening day at the big k last year)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

not a very good start

it seems that the only "boyfriend" of mine who did good yesterday was alex, who, in his 1 for 4 outing in the 4-2 loss to the white sox, hit a solo homerun (he also got a ribbie for grounding into a fielders choice and guillen scored). salty and ellsbury both had 0-fers (red sox won 6-5 though), lincecum only lasted 3 innings and gave up 3 runs on 4 hits, and i don't really know exactly how dan haren did but he got the loss so obviously he didn't do so hot. oh well.

first official game today! 'cause it's a half day, i'm hanging out at the library in town and walking back to school to catch the bus at 2. i was deemed stats monkey by my coach because he knows i'm all into stats and stuff and we need a scorekeeper, but i'll also probably start in right seeing as our left fielder is injured and our normal starting right fielder will most likely cover in left. *crosses fingers* hope we do ok (i wouldn't mind if we had a slug/walkfest like in the scrimmage on saturday, as long as it's the other team who's not doing the slugging or getting walked)

Monday, April 6, 2009

oh for cryin' out loud

yay opening day, but OF COURSE there's like two hugeoid storms going through the states and OF COURSE the only two games i was really going to pay attention to are postponed because of it. it has been downpouring in boston for a good chunk of the day so the sox/rays game is out, and it's apparently going to snow in chicago for the royals/white sox game. snow. SNOW. IN APRIL. aaugh! the good news is that the rangers beat cleveland and cliff lee 9-1 and salty went 2 for 4 with 2 runs, 3 RBIs and a homerun :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

first scrimmage results

so yeah. first scrimmage today. omg i hate the wind. it was so cold! we were s'posed to have a doubleheader (game one from 10:30-12, game two from 12-1:30), but it took us so long to get through game one, we nixed the 2nd game and did a little baby 3-inning exhibition against the team that varsity had scrimmaged. overall we did pretty good. the ground was still wet from the torrential downpour yesterday so moving to the ball was a little difficult (one of our players rolled her ankle on the way to first on a hit that would've been at least a standing double), but for the most part we did ok.
as for me, there isn't usually much action in right field, but i did decent at the plate. i went 1 for 3 with a bloop single over the shortstop, a strikeout (that i personally don't think was a strikeout), a mini flyout to the second baseman that would've been probably a double if i hadn't hit it off the handle, 5+ walks and 3+ runs (i lost count after a while).
season stats: .333 AVG (1 for 3), ≈ .675 OBP (something around 5 for 8)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

braceface no more!

finally. i'm sick of braces. food gets stuck too easily, and i can't eat half of the candy i get at halloween, not to mention raw apples, corn on the cob...

so. mini baseball update. buchholz is probably headed to triple-A, the royals sent ross gload to the marlins (that's what you get, you #7 taker you), and the giants signed *gag!* barry bonds. NO! BAD GIANTS! BAD GIANTS! *flick on the nose* no signing steroid takers! i realize that you need hitters to preserve the wins when lincecum and randy johnson are pitching but what were you thinking?!?!

k. no more rants. off to eat my chicken cutlet grinder and tostitos and working on english homework.