Wednesday, December 16, 2009

you people are dumb.

I was on Facebook and saw that the Royals MLBlog posted pix from a holiday party, and all the comments were poking fun at Alex. Grrr. But what makes me more mad is that whenever I see that MLBlog post stuff, people only say crap, like how the trades all suck and the players suck and the managers suck and the team sucks. If they "suck" so bad, why do you root for them? Why are you their fan on Facebook? And you would think they would know how to spell their team players' names right, but apparently not. Before and after Teahen got traded, I kept seeing everyone spell it "Teahan." Know your team! Or at least sound it out! Even if you pronounce it "tea-in", as in without the H, there's still no second A!

K. That's my rant for the day. I'll be busy doing homework (half day) and being a percussion geek and selling food at the basketball game tonight.

Oh, and PS: I have decided that all the world's problems are caused by people being stupid. They are not caused by cows. They are caused by people being stupid.

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Ellie said...

on his twitter account, ESPY Teahen said something about how it's tea, like the drink, and hen, like the animal. I havn't forgotten how to spell it since then.