Wednesday, December 30, 2009

we interrupt this broadcast...

... to give you an out-of-place and otherwise girly post.

Is it bad that I get excited over post-Christmas shopping? I mean, yeah, I'm a tomboy but that shouldn't mean I'm not allowed to like perusing around the mall. It's not like I go hog-wild anyway, I usually hit Borders, FYE, and maybe stores like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe if I'm feeling extra girly or ambitious (side note: CR has the best jeans ever, even though they are $30 a pair. Hence why I wait for the sales. Those jeans are worth waiting for.)
But back to post-Christmas shopping. Since I'm such a hard-to-buy-for person, I get a lot of gift certificates to these places so then I get to pick out what I want. It's kinda lame, but if someone goes out and buys me something, it's usually not something I'd like or it might be the wrong size. Besides, gift cards are a little easier than taking me to the store and being all like "Here, pick out what you want for Christmas/birthday/whatever" since that ruins the surprise and if I get thrown into a store and told to pick stuff out, I get all sheepish and stuff and pick out like one thing 'cause I don't want to run anyone dry. Either that, or I spend all day in that store trying to decide what to pick out 'cause I have a bad habit of regretting my purchases so instead I spend the day contemplating what to buy so I don't have to suffer through regretting it later.

I should probably stop rambling now, seeing as I still have to finish breakfast, brush my teeth, etc. etc. and the EGE and his sister are picking me up in a half hour. Shopping trips with the EGE don't happen very often if at all and I am taking this opportunity and running with it; if it weren't for the fact that my awesome camera is big and clunky and not pocket-sized, I would so totally document the expedition and possibly put it on Facebook. Mwahahahahaha >:)

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