Thursday, December 3, 2009

"things i need to know" for 100?

So. Salty's been playing in the Dominican Winter League. How 'bout that? I didn't know that. No one told me. But whatever. What worries me is that apparently he got taken out of a game yesterday after taking too hard of a swing and numbing up his arm again. Sigh. I thought the TOS surgery was s'posed to fix/prevent this. Hope your arm feels better soon, Salty.

I actually have a doctor's visit of my own today 'cause my foot has been killing me the past week or so, so I finally broke down and had an appointment scheduled. I'm sick of walking on the side of my foot (it hurts on the ball of my foot).

7:34pm- Oh for crying out loud. Now he got sent home because of his arm. Come on, Salty! Get better now!

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