Sunday, December 20, 2009


I was kinda really swamped this week. Thursday... well I don't really remember what kept me from posting on Thursday but it was probably lack of content, I didn't get home on Friday til midnight, and I had to sell concessions and do other stuff yesterday so sorry I didn't get to posting til now.

Baseball news! The Lowell/Ramirez deal is dead. Dearest Mike needs thumb surgery. My mom is glad he's not getting sent to Texas.

It's a good thing today is Sunday, otherwise everyone having to go to work would've been screwed. Snow here is up to my dog's neck, or as my mom described it before she got out the yardstick, "a beer bottle plus 3 inches." The official measurement was 16 inches. Yikes.

And as a parting note, Happy Triple David Birthday Awesomeness Day! I would get pictures of Davids DeJesus, Cook and Wright but I don't really feel like applying the effort and stealing them from Ellie's posts would be mean.


Ellie said...

thanks for the shout out!

it was amusing confusing my family with all of the david birthdays. they had no idea which one i was talking about at any given time.

mandachan said...

no prob. your massive birthday posts are always worth linking to :)