Saturday, December 5, 2009

more offseason fun

This will be an actual bits-and-pieces post since I have more than one thing to talk about.

The Braves strike again: First they sign Wagner, now they sign Saito. I guess it's a good thing we had an excess of pitchers last year, 'cause now they're all getting signed or traded elsewhere.

Houston, we have a shortstop: The Sox signed Toronto SS Marco Scutaro for 2 years and somewhere around $12.5mil. Scutaro apparently signed with the Sox 'cause he wanted a better chance to win a World Series, and he was willing to accept a slightly smaller salary to get that.

Not again: Poor Salty. Now he's been stopped from doing anything baseball-related until after the new year 'cause of his shoulder. His doctor said that his pain is typical of post-surgery whateverness, but the team isn't sure if he'll be 100% for Spring Training. Let's hope that he's ok for spring or Teagarden will get the starting spot since Pudge is unlikely to come back.

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