Monday, December 14, 2009

i am bored.

My friends are all at SOS practice, I don't feel like doing my homework and I have various parts of Potter Puppet Pal scenes running through my head so I'm in a bit of a weird mood.

Anyway. Baseball.
  • the Rangers are holding off finalizing the Lowell-Ramirez deal on the premise of Lowell's thumb injuries in the past, and they want a physical first. They might be a little hesitant as well seeing as Ramirez is a catcher and the whole deal with Salty's arm not being in great shape and they don't want to throw Teagarden in there full time.
  • Unfortunately, the Rangers couldn't sign Royals free-agent John Buck 'cause the Jays picked him up for a year. You snooze, you lose.
  • A bit of good news: the Sox are apparently really close to signing Angels pitcher John Lackey 'cause he's getting a physical for them, but we all know how quickly trades can fall through so I won't swear by it until I see it officially.
Off to do a history section outline and study for my bio test and write an article for the school newspaper about blogging.

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