Saturday, December 12, 2009

good time wasters

Hooray for procrastination! I have band homework and a buttload of AP bio homework so this is how I'm delaying that. Here are a few sites that are good timewasters:
  • Facebook. Obviously. Especially those stupid quizzes.
  • Blogthings. Again, because it is a site of all quizzes.
  • Any webcomic's archives. My personal favorites are Questionable Content, xkcd and Girls with Slingshots.
  • MLIA. They're mad entertaining to read.
  • blooper reels. Watching players fail epically never gets old.
  • YouTube. You can find anything on there.
  • Various blogs. But only if you have a blog and something to blog about, or if you have a list of blogs you like to visit.
  • Google/Facebook chat. But only if someone else is on. I prefer Google chat (it's through Gmail)
  • Potter Puppet Pals. My friend showed me this a few years ago and I just revisited it. They are immature and hilarious.

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