Tuesday, December 1, 2009

bits and pieces

Le gasp! I have gone two straight posts without mentioning any baseball! What has come over me? I like to call it "the offseason".

Anyway, this will be a bit of a mishmash post. And I'll try to keep it brief unlike the last two.

Since it appears that the Sox are headed full-force into the winter without a definite shortstop, a bit of speculation has come up about Pedroia possibly switching from 2B to SS. I guess I'd be cool with it (not that my opinion matters in big-wig baseball decisions) 'cause the two positions are similar, just as long as they have someone at 2B. It's still early in the Hot Stove League, so I can't really make any forecasts until I see some more trades. Besides, we still have Green and Lowrie, and who knows what the minor leagues will look like?

...aaand I just now realize that that's just about all I have to say. So much for a "bits and pieces" post.

Oh, and happy December, btw.

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