Friday, December 11, 2009

accomplishment of the week

I feel special. A story of mine made MLIA. You can read it here. Just ignore the idiot comments. And unlike the idiot comments like to think, this did actually happen.

8:43pm- I guess I should give the EGE some credit for pointing out my accomplishment of the week 'cause otherwise I never would've seen it. Thanks, dude. That's what you're here for ;)

Nothing much on the baseball front. Yesterday was your big news day. More to come. Eventually.


Ellie said...

haha. i actually read that mlia. and now i know the source!

The EGE said...

I think I should get props for noticing it and pointing it out to you :)

mandachan said...

a few people were all like "OMG that was you?"

and yes, david, i guess i should give you some credit :)