Saturday, November 7, 2009


News on the Timmy fiasco: apparently he worked out a deal with the prosecutor so that he wouldn't get the misdemeanor fine for the pot but he would get one for the pipe. And also the speeding ticket. Now before you all jump to conclusions and be all like "Hey that's cheap he's getting of easy 'cause he's famous and he's a native of where he got busted," that's not the case. The prosecutor dude said that that's just how they handle first-time offenses in the county, regardless of who they are. In the end, he's facing the $250 pipe charge, the $122 speeding ticket (that's $372 for those of you who are mathematically challenged) and a slap upside the head for being an idiot.

And as for a minor continuation of my sucky week, our football team lost 31-12 last night. Then again, I wasn't that concerned about it, especially 'cause I saw it coming after the other team scored in the first minute and a half. That's usually a pretty good indication of how the game is going to go. It was also kinda cold but I had layers and I hung out with friends after our band gig was done so it wasn't all that bad.


Caroline said...

Glad you had some fun at your school football game...if I was Lincecum I'd just pay what they asked the first time cause I could afford it and the government needs all the money it can get. But maybe that's just me.

mandachan said...

yeah, i'm mad at him but i'm not too horribly worried about it. unless it becomes a regular thing or if he starts using other drugs.

as for the game, because we lost last night, we won't make the playoffs but that means less games i have to sit through and freeze at.