Thursday, November 5, 2009

mishmash post

Part One: The World Series. For everyone who was worried about it: it's just a game. It doesn't mean anything. The Yankees buy their World Series (what do you expect from a team whose third baseman is paid more than twice as much annually as the entire Connecticut Defenders team?). Everyone else earns their trophy. And that should be the end of my rant on this subject.

Part Two: Hot Stove League. I realize baseball season is technically over since last night sometime but sheesh, could the Royals have been any more on-the-ball? The Hot Stove League just started and already they sent Teahen to the White Sox for 2B Chris Getz and 3B Josh Fields.
Now supposedly this is just a rumor, and Teahen said it himself that he hadn't heard much, and that what he heard was that the rumor "was the Red Sox first thing this morning but maybe they just had the wrong Sox." But I highly doubt that this "rumor" would've been said to be true in 3 places (three links there), so I'm thinking Teahen got the boot.
I would've been fine with him coming up here but I'd rather see him down at the Big K to be Alex's backup and to be the awesome, multi-faceted player he is (seeing as he played 5 positions in various points of last year). And I also don't want to see this Fields kid replacing Alex but that's aside the point.

Part Three: QC Music Tour. I promised you yesterday. Here's "Seven" by Sunny Day Real Estate (band was mentioned in comic #27)

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