Wednesday, November 4, 2009

mayday! mayday!

The Mandachan has been spotted driving a red, 2007 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed around the high school campus in town. She did not leave the campus. She did not go over 10 mph. She found out how sensitive the gas and brake pedals are (the hard way). She realized that the truck does not have the same handling as, say, a go-kart or the ride-on lawnmower. But she did not crash into anything. She almost did, but she did not.

And aside from that and the minor (and by "minor" I mean "Chernobyl-style") meltdown I had yesterday after I received a letter from the NHS chapter at the school saying that I was basically a big loser 'cause I wasn't able to drop everything and volunteer all the time, nothing much has happened. I still won't have time to do a Drowning in Turtles comic this week because I don't have a final copy ready to scan and tweak, though. Sowwy. I should have the next installment of the QC Music Tour for you tomorrow.

8:04pm - yay the font is back to normal! thanks to the EGE for pointing out that half the post was in webdings.

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