Friday, November 13, 2009

i've had worse

Much better today. Headache's gone, fever's mostly gone and now the only remnants are the sneezy/coughyness.

And despite it being Friday the 13th, nothing bad has happened to me (yet), aside from me completely guessing on one of my AP bio multiple-choice questions.

Tonight's our last marching band gig for football, and by the looks of it we're not gonna be playing. Hopefully if it does get canceled, it rains so hard that my stepdad won't want to stay at the game and then we can go home 'cause I either want to play at the game and have it be nice or to not be there at all (since sitting through a football game in the rain is not fun). Luckily, the powderpuff game also got canceled but that's 'cause the seniors were dumb and didn't sign up and you kinda can't have a junior/senior game without the seniors...

And with that, I should probably go do homework now.

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