Wednesday, November 25, 2009

feeling a little better

I know yesterday's post was definitely out of the norm, and I really hope I never have to do another one like it. That was by far the hardest post I have ever had to type. It took me a good hour to not only think of what to write and not sound like an idiot but more to compose myself to the point of where I could actually type what I needed to. Of course, seeing the EGE's post this morning was rough, too, especially in how formal and factual it was in comparison to mine, but then again, he's always been more formal and factual, whereas I'm more emotional with things like that. Screw the 5 steps of grieving, everybody does it differently. Besides, "anger" and "bargaining" didn't really work in this case.

Oh well. This just shows how fragile life is. And also that I've seen way too many episodes of House because I honestly thought he'd pull through.

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