Wednesday, November 11, 2009

awards time!

The Gold Glove awards came out yesterday for the American League, which reminded me that hey, the other awards are coming soon! Congrats to Longoria and Mauer for their Gold Gloves, as well as to Torii Hunter and Ichiro for their 9th consecutive award (now that's skill). And might I add that being on the *gag* World Series-winning team does NOT guarantee a Gold Glove? I realize I'm an anti-Yankees fan but I can think of other people that are better at 1B and SS than them.

NL Gold Gloves to be awarded today, followed by the Silver Sluggers on Thursday, Rookies of the Year on the 16th, Cy Youngs on the 17th (go Zack Greinke!) and league MVPs on the 23rd.

Comments? Thoughts? I'll try to keep ya posted.

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