Monday, November 16, 2009

4! :D

(this is my 444th post. And most of you should know that 4 is my favorite number.)
6:32pm- ok, apparently I lied. This is only my 442nd post 'cause I had 2 unposted drafts that counted towards my post total but not my posted posts. Oh well. Sorry for the psych-out.

Anyway, posting shall be sparse this week because i have a thesis paper rough draft due on Monday! Yippee! I promise to keep you posted about the awards and such, though. And as usual, I'll have a Drowning in Turtles comic for you tomorrow.

Muchas gracias para su cooperacion. (and yes I realize there's s'posed to be an accent there but it won't let me do it)

Oh, and PS: I realize that Christmas is only a little over a month away and everyone wants to be in the holiday spirit and whatnot but is it really necessary to be playing Christmas music already? We haven't even gotten past Thanksgiving yet! I'm not against the music or anything but mix it up a little! Intersperse it with normal music! There's only so many times I can hear various renditions of the same songs over and over again!


Ellie said...

i dislike hearing christmas music before thanksgiving. it gives me false hope that school break is coming up. and would it really kill anybody if the radio stations played adam sandler's Chanukah song once in a while. (chanukah's less than a month away!)

mandachan said...

yeah, constant christmas music just gets obnoxious after a while.
and i love adam sandler songs! i usually hear that one about once or twice a season and it's like one of the best holiday songs ever, after the trans-siberian orchestra's "wizards in winter" and straight no chaser's "12 days of christmas"