Monday, November 30, 2009

that's what she said

I know, these jokes are like the epitome of lame but I pulled a few on myself and other people today so I feel compelled to post about them. It doesn't help that I have nothing else to write about.

First one: I was talking to the EGE on the way to class this morning and he got tripped up on a really easy word that shouldn't've been a tongue twister but apparently it was (I don't even remember what the word was). It reminded me of a running joke we have that he has no dexterity in his hands because at every marching band gig, his hands are so cold that he can't fold his marching band pants or button his jacket or whatever, so I have to do it for him. I was then prompted by my own snarkiness to say "Sheesh, you don't have any dexterity in your hands, you don't have any dexterity in your tongue either..." and then I cut myself off and thought about what I said.

Another one: Again, walking with the EGE but after school, and his hand started twitching really violently, so I asked what was up. He hadn't noticed, and I said, "Dude, your hand is all over the place," and again I cut myself off and thought about what I said.

Another another one: This one I sort of pulled on my friend Dan, except it was more like someone else said it and I laughed and then the other person realized what they said. We were waiting for drivers' ed to start (took my final exam today yay only 1 more fluff class to go!), and he was restringing his guitar so I was watching him, and one of the other guys in our class noticed that one of the strings was really loose/broken. Being a guitar string buff, he pointed it out to Dan and said, "Hey, your G string is broken." Cue the Mandachan laughing.

Oh, come on, you know you read this for the maturity level. Or the lack thereof, rather.

And I apologize for my wordiness lately. I guess I'm just trying to make up for the lack of topics with excessive wordiness about the things I do come across to talk about.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

random stories

I was s'posed to be working on my AP bio essay questions for the test on Thursday (which I'm s'posed to be doing now), and then I got a bit sidetracked with my laptop and started reading some of my old stories. I'm notorious for starting stories, getting like 12 or 13 chapters done and then hitting the ever-popular "writer's block"... ha, more like "writer's brick wall". So then I leave them there for a month or two or a year and then I go back and laugh at them. Sometimes the scenes are funny, sometime the horribleness of my writing is funny. But it's always fun to go digging for those old gems.

The one I'm writing now is about these two friends who go to intern for a minor-league baseball team in the middle of nowhere in the Great Plains and then they find out it's a co-ed team. I honestly don't know where my plot is going but I can tell you I am having a lot of fun with character descriptions. Naming everyone and deciding what they look like and what kind of person they are is always the best part.

It's bad, but I always have a general type of character that shows up: I always base the main character off a better version of myself, her best friend is always based off either my idea of a perfect guy or one of my good guy friends (sometimes a combination of both), and then the rest are off people I know. A few baseball players make cameos in this one. There's always recurring plot chunks in my stories too, like how the main character has a really scary dream and wakes up screaming (dream sequences are way too much fun to write), and how she always gets into a fistfight with her best guy friend (those are also fun), and so on and so forth.

If anyone was interested in reading the jumble of words that I like to call a story, feel free to drop me a line. My email is in my profile. Or you can comment with your email address and I'll email it to you.

Friday, November 27, 2009

hot stove reports 11/09

The Sox have an arrival and a departure, but not necessarily in that order since I haven't been on-the-ball lately with trades. Royals' utility infielder Tug Hulett was claimed for either $ or the infamous "player to be named later", and shortstop Alex Gonzalez signed with the Jays (I'm not sure what prompted me to say he signed with the White Sox but I'm glad I doublechecked)

No news on whether any of my boys are going anywhere yet. Hopefully they don't. Unless they all come up to Boston, which would be amazing, but I know better than that :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

turkey day!

I knew I shouldn't've stayed up til 1 last night... rather, this morning. Especially since I'm at my aunt and uncle's house and my cousins are definitely early birds, just like my sister. But I did, and I'm a little tired.

Lack of sleep or not, happy thanksgiving to all. Enjoy all the food and the football (as of right now, our school team is up 14-0, and the game dedication was on the news, for those of you who get WFSB on channel 3 in CT)

1:52pm- We won 35-6. Way to get the win for Matt, guys.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

feeling a little better

I know yesterday's post was definitely out of the norm, and I really hope I never have to do another one like it. That was by far the hardest post I have ever had to type. It took me a good hour to not only think of what to write and not sound like an idiot but more to compose myself to the point of where I could actually type what I needed to. Of course, seeing the EGE's post this morning was rough, too, especially in how formal and factual it was in comparison to mine, but then again, he's always been more formal and factual, whereas I'm more emotional with things like that. Screw the 5 steps of grieving, everybody does it differently. Besides, "anger" and "bargaining" didn't really work in this case.

Oh well. This just shows how fragile life is. And also that I've seen way too many episodes of House because I honestly thought he'd pull through.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


"You don't know what you got 'til it's gone." I never thought those Counting Crows lyrics would ever apply to me. But they do. We really didn't know what we had until we lost it. You truly were one of Ledyard's finest. My only regrets to having met you were that I primarly talked with you only to quibble over baseball, and that you never got to see how much you meant to us, our school and our town.

This is for you, Matty B. We will never forget you

Monday, November 23, 2009

actual minipost

Since Saturday's "little post" wasn't so little.

Anyway, this is just to report that Joe Mauer won the AL MVP almost unanimously (27 of 28 first place votes). I'm glad the world doesn't have their Yankees-goggles on and voted one of their bums to the award just because they *gag* won the Fall Classic.

And that shall be it because I feel bad for breaking the quiet that consumed the school and entire town this week, so out of respect and hopes for a swift recovery, posting shall be light.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

haha wow

I spent the last 5 minutes or so trying to think of something to blog about and then I realized "hey! I have a music tour that I should be posting about!" I was kinda sidetracked this week with the Cy Youngs so I didn't get to the newest installment of the QC Music Tour. Bad me.

I don't remember which strip number Jimmy Eat World was mentioned in, but I do know that it was the one where Raven showed up in her new non-goth get-up and the girls of Coffee of Doom asked if a Jimmy Eat World video threw up on her. I know, gotta love my sense of priorities and what I remember. Anyway, this is a classic for those of you who weren't living under a rock the past decade+.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

little post today

I figured that it was ok for me to break my posting-every-day because I posted twice on Thursday which covered me for Friday. And I love how the title is "little post today" yet it's longer than the past few posts.

I went to one of the EGE's rocket launches today 'cause today was the launch where they would put pumpkins in some of the rockets and see how long they would stay up in the air. Not quite as cool as the pumpkin-launching catapults I saw in the news, but one of the pumpkins was on a 7-foot parachute so with the wind it probably flew for a good 10-15 minutes after it went out of sight. I was put in charge of picture taking, and I apparently took a few good shots. I was more happy that I figured out how to use one of the fancy digital SLRs.

And this has nothing to do with anything but anyone who goes to my school will know what happened to one of the football players today so I'm sending out my best wishes to him and his family.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yay! 2000 visits! You guys rock. As pathetic as it is that it took me this long to get to 2000 visits, I appreciate them all. Except for whatever rather large % is me.

And that offer of a cookie is still up for whoever was the 2000th visitor.



Did NOT see this one coming:
San Francisco Giants' Tim Lincecum wins second consecutive Cy Young

Not that I'm at all disappointed. I'm quite happy. It got me out of my pissy mood for about 5 minutes. I'm just surprised that he won it. I mean, I could've put money on one of those Cardinals pitchers winning it. And also that ahem little run-in with the Washington state police... But I'm happy he won.

That's all I feel like posting for right now. Off to do homework and wallow in my for-no-apparent-reason misery.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

now it's 444.

Again, my apologies for the psychout on Monday.

So! I feel special. I brought my laptop to school today 'cause I needed it after school to work on my thesis paper at the library. So here I am, being all cool and stuff with my own handy-dandy little laptop. I used it during bio for an assignment and it was so fast compared to the other laptops!

I guess I should start working on my paper instead of messing around on the computer. Or maybe I'll work on another story I'm writing. I'm not sure yet :)

Anyway, I'll be around. NL Cy Youngs get announced tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hooray for zack!

I am really glad he won the Cy Young. I mean, I don't have anything against King Felix or Verlander or anything but Zack had to bust his butt to do good this season, seeing as he pitches for a team that ah-hem has a history of being a little lacking in the run-scoring department. Apparently he had the lowest ERA (2.16) since Pedro Martinez's 1.74 in 2000, and his Cy Young is particularly interesting because he was tied for the lowest win count ever and no other AL Cy Young recipient has ever played for a team that bad (65-97 last year, the worst record for an AL team carrying the award. Sorry, Royals, but it's true.)

Yay Zack Greinke!

And since there's like no chance that Lincecum will win the NL Cy Young this year, I can just sit back, watch the Hot Stove League heat up and relax until April. Cheers!

Monday, November 16, 2009

4! :D

(this is my 444th post. And most of you should know that 4 is my favorite number.)
6:32pm- ok, apparently I lied. This is only my 442nd post 'cause I had 2 unposted drafts that counted towards my post total but not my posted posts. Oh well. Sorry for the psych-out.

Anyway, posting shall be sparse this week because i have a thesis paper rough draft due on Monday! Yippee! I promise to keep you posted about the awards and such, though. And as usual, I'll have a Drowning in Turtles comic for you tomorrow.

Muchas gracias para su cooperacion. (and yes I realize there's s'posed to be an accent there but it won't let me do it)

Oh, and PS: I realize that Christmas is only a little over a month away and everyone wants to be in the holiday spirit and whatnot but is it really necessary to be playing Christmas music already? We haven't even gotten past Thanksgiving yet! I'm not against the music or anything but mix it up a little! Intersperse it with normal music! There's only so many times I can hear various renditions of the same songs over and over again!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

information overload

Lots of things running through the Mandachan's mind lately. Driver's ed and how I'm ever going to manage leaving the comfort and safety of the parking lot. My thesis paper for US history that has a rough draft due next monday that I have yet to start. AP bio and classes in general. The fact that the 2-year anniversary of the blog is in January and somehow I need to think of a better summarizing post than last year. The combination of a power outage this morning, my laptop being fixed and the desktop being occupied preventing me from getting to my homework until now. Baseball awards, offseason trades, hoping my boys will stay where they are, still getting over the fact that the Defenders left and GOSH DANGIT WHY CAN'T WE JUST SKIP AHEAD TO SPRING TRAINING?!

Blah. Off to do homework :P

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I don't know if last night's game ended early because of rain or because of the score or because it was just a fast game or what (we got sent home 'cause it was raining too hard for us to play), but sheesh our football team was on a roll. This wasn't quite as bad as the 48-0 blowout in the first home game but still, 37-0 is still kinda sad. At least for the other team. I'm kinda bummed we didn't make it to states but I'm also glad because then I don't have to sit through December games which really suck.

...yeah, sorry, this isn't much of a post but I'm mostly just trying to keep up with the "posting every day" thing. Next week should be more interesting.

Friday, November 13, 2009

i've had worse

Much better today. Headache's gone, fever's mostly gone and now the only remnants are the sneezy/coughyness.

And despite it being Friday the 13th, nothing bad has happened to me (yet), aside from me completely guessing on one of my AP bio multiple-choice questions.

Tonight's our last marching band gig for football, and by the looks of it we're not gonna be playing. Hopefully if it does get canceled, it rains so hard that my stepdad won't want to stay at the game and then we can go home 'cause I either want to play at the game and have it be nice or to not be there at all (since sitting through a football game in the rain is not fun). Luckily, the powderpuff game also got canceled but that's 'cause the seniors were dumb and didn't sign up and you kinda can't have a junior/senior game without the seniors...

And with that, I should probably go do homework now.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I really hate being sick. I also hate missing school only because then I'm behind and then I feel like an idiot when I come back. I just really hope this blows over so I don't have to miss tomorrow too and then have to make up not one but two tests. 'Cause that would really suck.

Red Sox, This is Your Captain Speaking: 'Tek is back with the Sox, which I'm glad about. Yeah, he's had a bit of a sucky past two years, and yeah, I know we also have V-Mart, but 'Tek is like the team dad and he helps bring the team together. (ps: I don't know if he's still captain but I wanted to put that headline up anyway)

I guess that's it. Hang in there if you're sick, too (and that goes for computers as well, since I know there's a nasty computer virus going around).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

awards time!

The Gold Glove awards came out yesterday for the American League, which reminded me that hey, the other awards are coming soon! Congrats to Longoria and Mauer for their Gold Gloves, as well as to Torii Hunter and Ichiro for their 9th consecutive award (now that's skill). And might I add that being on the *gag* World Series-winning team does NOT guarantee a Gold Glove? I realize I'm an anti-Yankees fan but I can think of other people that are better at 1B and SS than them.

NL Gold Gloves to be awarded today, followed by the Silver Sluggers on Thursday, Rookies of the Year on the 16th, Cy Youngs on the 17th (go Zack Greinke!) and league MVPs on the 23rd.

Comments? Thoughts? I'll try to keep ya posted.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

here's the part where i think of a decent title.

...Apparently not.

Well hooray for me for posting every day for the past week. I know, lame accomplishment, but I tried.

Now for that QC Music Tour segment I promised you. Bright Eyes was also mentioned in comic #27, and this is actually a sweet song (sweet as in cute, adorable, that kind of sweet).

Monday, November 9, 2009

random thoughts for today

  • Hot Stove League news: the Sox agreed to a 2-year, $7mil deal with Wakefield, along with taking V-Mart's $7.1mil option through 2010 and trading 2 minor league pitchers to the Marlins for outfielder Jeremy Hermida. Unfortunately, 'Tek didn't get his $5mil club option exercised so he has until the end of the week to take advantage of his $3mil player option, and Gonzalez also didn't get his club option either, so he's technically a free agent now.
  • School fun: Everyone knows that this Friday is the 13th. I'm not superstitious or anything but I do find it a little strange that I have 2 tests and an article due that day, not to mention that Friday is our last marching band football game gig AND I have to stay after the game to manage the junior girls in the powderpuff game.
  • Driving Escapades #2 and 3: On Sunday, Mom took me down to the middle school to drive in the Escape... little did we know there was a munchkin football game there so not only did I have to work on parking in only my second time behind the wheel, I had to worry about other cars. It went mostly ok, except when she freaked out 'cause she thought I was gonna drive headfirst into the side of the school (my foot was on the brake, thankyouverymuch!). Today after driver's ed, which was boring as usual, my stepdad had me toodle around in the parking lot in the truck. Fine, whatever. And then he had me park. In the truck. Into a parking spot I couldn't just drive straight into. Needless to say, I am very glad that there were only imaginary cars there for me to crash into because I crashed into a few imaginary cars. But not too shabby for having to drive an insanely long truck. It'll still be a while 'til I get up the guts to leave the parking lot.
I also have a post idea but I need to plan it out so it'll be a few days 'til I have that ready. And I'll have a Drowning in Turtles comic tomorrow as well as another installment of the QC Music Tour.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

the counter lied

I don't know if it's set up to update from another time zone but I swear I saw at least 5 hits yesterday while I was online throughout the day. The mappy thing says I only got 3. Liar.

Hopefully I'll get out driving today. I'll be happy if I go over 10mph and leave the parking lot. Or if I learn the controls in the Escape seeing as driving escapade #1 occurred with the truck.

Sorry, this was mostly an excuse for me to say I've posted every day for almost a week. I feel special :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


News on the Timmy fiasco: apparently he worked out a deal with the prosecutor so that he wouldn't get the misdemeanor fine for the pot but he would get one for the pipe. And also the speeding ticket. Now before you all jump to conclusions and be all like "Hey that's cheap he's getting of easy 'cause he's famous and he's a native of where he got busted," that's not the case. The prosecutor dude said that that's just how they handle first-time offenses in the county, regardless of who they are. In the end, he's facing the $250 pipe charge, the $122 speeding ticket (that's $372 for those of you who are mathematically challenged) and a slap upside the head for being an idiot.

And as for a minor continuation of my sucky week, our football team lost 31-12 last night. Then again, I wasn't that concerned about it, especially 'cause I saw it coming after the other team scored in the first minute and a half. That's usually a pretty good indication of how the game is going to go. It was also kinda cold but I had layers and I hung out with friends after our band gig was done so it wasn't all that bad.

Friday, November 6, 2009

i'm having a bad week.

I swear, this week could not get any worse. And of course, now that I said that, it will. Somehow.
So. A breakdown of my week:
  • Tuesday: I got rejected from the school's NHS chapter while most of my friends got in. Hence the Chernobyl-style meltdown.
  • Wednesday: The Yankees won the World Series. I know, I didn't want the Phillies to win either but I REALLY didn't want the Yankees to win it.
  • Thursday: I found out about the World Series and also that one of my boys may or may not be a pothead. That's right. I was THIS close to taking my Lincecum shirt out of my closet and ripping it to shreds, I was so mad. Yeah, him speeding down I-5 wasn't good either, but this marijuana thing better be a one-time, fluke thing. 'Cause if it gets worse, he's getting the boot. And I will not be a happy camper.
  • Today: Realizing that this week has kinda sucked, I joked around, saying that "this week couldn't get any worse." I then proceeded to bite my lip to the point of bleeding not once but twice during history, I shut my thumb in the piano keyboard cover thing in band, get water splooshed in my face by my own water bottle during lunch and I'm just waiting for something else to happen. Ugh.

Now that I think of it, this would make a good Drowning in Turtles comic, with me going through the week and my little black storm cloud growing each day.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

mishmash post

Part One: The World Series. For everyone who was worried about it: it's just a game. It doesn't mean anything. The Yankees buy their World Series (what do you expect from a team whose third baseman is paid more than twice as much annually as the entire Connecticut Defenders team?). Everyone else earns their trophy. And that should be the end of my rant on this subject.

Part Two: Hot Stove League. I realize baseball season is technically over since last night sometime but sheesh, could the Royals have been any more on-the-ball? The Hot Stove League just started and already they sent Teahen to the White Sox for 2B Chris Getz and 3B Josh Fields.
Now supposedly this is just a rumor, and Teahen said it himself that he hadn't heard much, and that what he heard was that the rumor "was the Red Sox first thing this morning but maybe they just had the wrong Sox." But I highly doubt that this "rumor" would've been said to be true in 3 places (three links there), so I'm thinking Teahen got the boot.
I would've been fine with him coming up here but I'd rather see him down at the Big K to be Alex's backup and to be the awesome, multi-faceted player he is (seeing as he played 5 positions in various points of last year). And I also don't want to see this Fields kid replacing Alex but that's aside the point.

Part Three: QC Music Tour. I promised you yesterday. Here's "Seven" by Sunny Day Real Estate (band was mentioned in comic #27)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

mayday! mayday!

The Mandachan has been spotted driving a red, 2007 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed around the high school campus in town. She did not leave the campus. She did not go over 10 mph. She found out how sensitive the gas and brake pedals are (the hard way). She realized that the truck does not have the same handling as, say, a go-kart or the ride-on lawnmower. But she did not crash into anything. She almost did, but she did not.

And aside from that and the minor (and by "minor" I mean "Chernobyl-style") meltdown I had yesterday after I received a letter from the NHS chapter at the school saying that I was basically a big loser 'cause I wasn't able to drop everything and volunteer all the time, nothing much has happened. I still won't have time to do a Drowning in Turtles comic this week because I don't have a final copy ready to scan and tweak, though. Sowwy. I should have the next installment of the QC Music Tour for you tomorrow.

8:04pm - yay the font is back to normal! thanks to the EGE for pointing out that half the post was in webdings.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my bad.

Look, I had a Halloween party to go to, a lazy day where I only left the house once 'cause I was doing homework, and a journalism conference in which I was gone from like 5 this morning til about 7:30ish last night, so I haven't really had a lot of time to post.
Plus, I have more homework today, a webcomic to post and a link to a video to post that doesn't have anything to do with the QC Music Tour but it's still important. So please watch the video. You'll probably recognize the song, unless you were living under a rock in 2000. What's so important about this video that I HAD to interrupt the QC Music Tour with it? You see that guy there in the first few seconds? The lead singer of Nine Days, John Hampson? Yeah, that guy? I met him yesterday. It was awesome. He was a speaker during the conference and he sang for us and it was so cool.

So yeah. I guess that's it.