Friday, October 30, 2009

so yeah.

Sorry, nothing much to talk about today. Except that tomorrow is Halloween which is awesome. I shall be going as an agent from the USDKYA (for those of you who do not get the joke, look here). It should be easy. Black pants, black tanktop, black shoes, black trenchcoat borrowed from a friend, black fedora borrowed from same friend, sunglasses again borrowed from same friend...
A guy on my bus this morning had a costume of a pun so bad it was good, though. He came on the bus dressed in a suit and a Santa hat. His costume? A "business claus(e)."

Oh, and for probably your last bit of Defenders news ever, their move to Richmond has been complete with the finalization of their new name, the Richmond Flying Squirrels. Yes. The Flying Squirrels. What is this, little league? Apparently a bunch of T-ballers must've submitted the names, as the runners-up were the "Flatheads" (No. No naming teams after songs.), the "Rock Hoppers" (Penguins? Really?), the "Rhinos" (Great. Big, smelly, wrinkly things.) and the "Hush Puppies" (Shoes? Fried food? Either way, not cool.) But come on. The Flying Squirrels? Ooh, I'm really scared.


Ellie said...

the flying squirrels are up there with the casper ghosts for really awesome team names.

mandachan said...

the casper ghosts is at least a pun. the flying squirrels is a little league name.