Thursday, October 8, 2009

shake it off

even though one game in a best-of-5 series could mean the difference, the first one really doesn't. the twins can still pull it off. i mean, the red sox have gotten themselves out of a 3 and 0 hole before.

speaking of the red sox, the sox and the angels face off in anaheim at 9:40something tonight, which means i probably won't catch the game but i'll get the score tomorrow so it's not a big deal.

i'm hoping for a twins/sox ALCS showdown sometime late next week :)

and for a general question for anyone that reads this, does anyone have any good blogs or webcomics i can read? i have a pretty decent lineup but i'm looking for more. any suggestions are welcome. muchas gracias.

in the mean time, enjoy this video of miscellaneous bloopers from the first half.


Anonymous said...

Hey mandachan! Thanks for checking out my blog. I like yours also. Sounds like we are both baseball fans. I am rooting for the Yankees in the postseason. They have gotten off to a good start against Minnesota.

mandachan said...

aw thanks :)
obviously i'm rooting for the red sox, but if they can't pull it off against the angels this series, i'll side with the twins. mostly 'cause of joe mauer.